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Volkswagen RNS 510 Versions

The RNS 510 was released around July 2007 in very limited supply.  Generally CANBUS 2 cars with a build date of Week 22/2005 or later can have a RNS510 fitted, those cars/vans with CANBUS 1.6 require an adapter. There are two shapes of bezel one for for the Touareg and one for the other models.

RNS 510 Specifications

  • Touch Screen Operation
  • High Quality Sunlight Readable TFT display
  • 400 mHz CPU
  • Standard map display, or 2D or 3D
  • Audio Playback in MP3 or WMA formats
  • SD Card Slot for MP3 data which can be copied to the hard drive (2GB Max – SDHC cards will not work)
  • 30GB internal hard disk
  • DVD playback when stationary
  • The DVD Maps are from Navteq (Europe), Sensis (Australia)
  • CD Changer, IPOD Interface, Analog and DVB-T Tuners can be connected

Offroad navigation. A further innovation of the RNS 510 is a specially developed offroad navigation system. This mode makes it possible to record up to 500 route points during a journey, even in non-digitized areas. This allows the driver to find his or her way back from offroad adventures into any desert or steppe. In edit mode, the driver can modify the route as desired.

New versions of the RNS 510 are due out April 2009. No details of any changes are available.

1T0035680C (1T0 035 680 C)

3C0035680C (3C0 035 680 C) – For Start/Stop Cars

7L6035680C (7L6 035 680 C) – Touareg

1T0035680B (1T0 035 680 B)

7L6035680B (7L6 035 680 B) – Touareg

1T0035680A (1T0 035 680 A)

7L6035680A (7L6 035 680 A) – Touareg

Original Release

1T0035680 (1T0 035 680 )

7L6035680 (7L6 035 680 ) – Touareg