Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Programming

There are a number of steps to programming your bluetooth after installation, you will need access to VAGCOM/VCDS to perform these steps although your local dealer may be able to do these by using his VAS5052 dealer tool but it will be more difficult then using VAGCOM/VCDS.

Step 1 – Program the CAN Gateway to […]

Volkswagen Golf Emergency Brake Warning Flash

When braking in an emergency the hazard lights flash to warn traffic following behind.

This feature can be turned on and off in Vagcom/VCDS using Byte 17 Bit 0.

For the lights to flash the following parameters must be met

Deaceleration has to be higher then 7m/s² and for a duration longer then 700ms or […]

Volkswagen country coding differences

The instrument cluster coding in the golfs changes the way different functions operate or behave. I’m looking to build a comprehensive list of the coding here.

European Coding (1)

24 hour clock Odometer in KM is 2002+ models Seat belt indicator operates whenever seatbelt is not worn for front seats – Golf GTI MY08 built […]

Volkswagen Golf Automatic Hatch Opening

(This mod has turned out to be unreliable over time as the springs compress – a new mod using replacement struts and bumpers supercedes this one – Volkswagen Golf Automatic Hatch Opening Updated)

Automatic opening of your Volkswagen Golf rear hatch is possible with a few easy changes. Not all cars will work so try […]