Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Specifications

(this has been translated roughly from a German Volkswagen document)

Product Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN

Stand: 06.03.2008


About Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN audio files can be an “external Medium “on the radio-navigation system reproduced and controlled will. As the “external data” are USB Mass Storage and MP3 Player refers to the multimedia jack […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI under the surface

The first-generation Golf dating from 1974 had been endowed with this uniqueness from its inception. When the number 1 was presented to the press at Munich in May 29 years ago, the original generation already bore the typical features that would immediately make it a bestseller: the dynamic C-pillar resembling the drawn string […]

Volkswagen Golf Dictionary

Volkswagen Dictionary (translated from Volkswagen Sweden website originally in Swedish)


An important factor in the development of a body is aerodynamic, because it affects fuel consumption, top speed and volume. In most publications on the cars down, which measure the car’s aerodynamic characteristics, the wind tunnel measured air value (cw value). A number of […]