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Volkswagen Golf Reverse Camera Upgrade RNS510

Update: Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V

The Golf can have the factory reverse system from other models (generally Tiguan 5N0) installed, there are a few caveats that must be checked first as some components in the car must be a particular revision or higher.

Gateway needs to be 3C0 907 530 H or higher. For the Tiguan or Passat controller you need to use a 9-byte long CAN gateway (L or N at the end), the Touareg controller may only require a 8 byte controller.

Kufatec sell a harness that connects the RNS510 to the reverse camera controller for 89 euros.

Parts required for install (not using the hatch/boot release detailed below)

Reverse Controller Tiguan- 5N0907441
Reverse Controller Toureg – 7L6907441B (not recommended)
Reverse Controller Holder – 5N0909537A
Camera – 5N0980551A
Cable for Camera 3M – 000098654A

Using VCDS/Vagcom you need to code the CAN gateway (19), the RNS510 (37 or 56), the RVC controller with 0010007 and then perform a camera calibration.

Camera mounting option – rear hatch/boot release

Integrating the camera into the rear pop up hatch release has been a project I’ve been looking into for a while, this is now made easier by the release of the MK6 Golf as this has a camera integrated into the hatch release.

Part Numbers

Golf 6 hatch release – 5K0 827 469J
Passat CC boot release – 5K0 827 469H

Mounting gasket is the same for Golf 6, Passat CC and Golf 5. Switch for the hatch/boot release is the same as well.

Both Golf 5 and Golf 6 use the Q CANBUS gateway.

Using an aftermarket reverse camera with the RNS510

I’m currently working on this as part of another project so the information here is sketchy for the time being.

In the Radio Configuration II there is a Byte 3, Bit 6 (Backup Camera Low – without control module)

RNS2 and RNS510 Connector Differences
RNS2 and RNS510 Connector Differences

Volkswagen Golf Reverse Light Upgrade PIAA XTREME

PIAA 27watt XTREME Globes
PIAA 27watt XTREME Globes

The PIAA XTREME White Bulbs that I ordered a few weeks ago arrived today, going by the reviews and the claim this should not only give me a whiter light but extra light out the back. Whilst the coating on the globe would reduce light output to a certain extent the fact that they were 27watts instead of the standard 21watts instilled me with confidence that they would achieve both of these claims and resolve one of the minor issues with the VW Golf GTI which is only one reverse light.

They arrived well packaged in a nice presentation box and I fired up the lux meter in preparation for a blinding display from the PIAA. The results speak for themselves.

Measured on a digital lux meter at 500mm and 1100mm.

Standard 21watt          PIAA 27watt
403                             146   (550mm)
75                               27   (1100mm)

Pretty disappointing and whilst the light from the PIAA looks whiter and brighter when looking at the globe it doesn’t illuminate anywhere near the same area as the standard globe. Needless to say the PIAA globe has been removed. The globe also felt a fair bit hotter (hotter then expected) then the standard 21watt globe, the coating also smelt burnt (may have been because the coating was new). Needless to say the globe has been returned to standard.