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Volkswagen Golf Auto Rain Closing Windows and Sunroof

An undocumented feature on the Golf MKV is automatic rain closing windows.

The only requirement is having a

  • RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor)

Operation of the system

  • Rain closing activates only when the car has been locked.
  • The windows and sunroof if fitted will close automatically after 24 hours.

To activate the feature there are two steps, one is to enable the feature and one is to enable the menu if there is a full height MFD to give the option to enable or disable. If there is no full height MFD the system will still operate correctly but to enable or disable you will need to use Vagcom/VCDS.

If the car is fitted with an alarm and the interior sensors these will need to be disabled by pressing the button on the B pillar before locking the car as operation of the sunroof and windows may activate the alarm.

The wiper stalk may need to be in the automatic/intermittent position to operate.

Step 1 – Enable Auto Rain Closing

  1. Open the Central Electronics Controller (09) and click on the “Coding” option.
  2. Click the drop down box and choose the RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor)
  3. Note the software coding (00)208933) (most cars have different codings)
  4. Convert to Hex (0)3 30 25
  5. Add 4 to the left hand value Hex (0)7 30 25
  6. Convert to Decimal (00)471077 and replace the old coding.

If you’re unclear on the conversion steps see theĀ Decimal to Hex and Hex to Decimal conversion guide.

Step 2 – Enable Menu to Enable/Disable (optional)

  1. Open the Comfort System Controller (46)
  2. In long coding change Byte 09 to Hex 02

13 90 06 88 51 03 48 3F 2D 04 05 8F B0 08 0A 04 88 9C 00
13 90 06 88 51 03 48 3F 2D 02 05 8F B0 08 0A 04 88 9C 00

The menu will now give you the option to turn on or off the Rain Closing Feature.


To test wind down the windows and open sunroof if fitted, lock the car. Wait around 2 minutes and pour some water on the rain sensor (mounted on the glass behind the rear vision mirror) and after a short delay the windows and sunroof will close.


There are really no issues with enabling this feature. There have been a few reports of people getting a fault appearing in their Central Electronics Controller (09) from time to time “02071 – Local Databus- 004 – No Signal/Communication – Intermittent” but the system operates correctly and for some people depending on the revision of the RegenLichtSens where it just doesn’t operate.