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Volkswagen Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) screens for the RNS 510

The RNS 510 can drive additional screens from the connector on the rear, there are a few ways to connect without going down the OEM route. You will need to upgrade A versions of the RNS 510 to the B version using the 1100 firmware or greater to enable the video output option.

A DVD can be watched on the rear screens whilst the radio or mp3’s can be listened to in the front as long as the audio for the rear seats is taken from the same connector housing. Also using the menus for the DVD won’t be possible with the car in motion without a video in motion style device.

A number of companies sell the kits.



Or you can create your own.

7L6 972 726 (7L6972726) – 26 pin connector housing

000 979 009 (000979009) – Repair wires x 5, cut in two this give you the nine terminals required.

  • Pin 5 – Audio Right +
  • Pin 6 – Sync Ground
  • Pin 7 – Sync
  • Pin 8 – Green
  • Pin 17 – Audio Ground (NF -)
  • Pin 18 – Audio Left +
  • Pin 19 – RGB Ground
  • Pin 20 – Blue
  • Pin 21 – Red

Use a shielded cable to connect to the screens. Conversion of RGBs (RGB + Sync) to a format suitable for connection to the screens may be required and are readily available.

The Ambry RGB+S to composite converter operates correctly with the RNS 510, not that the Sync Signal is at 15kHz whereas many of the cheaper CGA based converters require a Sync Signal at 15.875kHz.