Volkswagen Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) screens for the RNS 510

The RNS 510 can drive additional screens from the connector on the rear, there are a few ways to connect without going down the OEM route. You will need to upgrade A versions of the RNS 510 to the B version using the 1100 firmware or greater to enable the video output option.

A DVD […]

Volkswagen Golf Brake Specifications

GTI, GT Brakes (GTI/Fahrenheight/Pirelli/Edition 30 brakes are powdercoated, GT are unpainted)

312 mm ventilated front discs 286 mm solid rear discs

R32 Brakes

345 mm ventilated front discs 310 mm solid rear discs

Golf all other standard petrol and diesel not listed above.

280 mm ventilated front discs 255 mm solid rear discs […]