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Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Microphone Install in Volkswagen Golf

Installing the microphone requires removal of the A-Pillar Trims, the sun visor and part of the overhead console. The final parts of the install such as the connecting to a bluetooth car kit or the RNS 510 are covered separately.

Step 1 – Volkswagen Golf A-Pillar Trims – Removal and Installation

Step 2 – Pop off the screw cap using a fine screwdriver on the sun visor mount closest to the pillar and undo the torx screw, than tilt the bracket forward which will allow the sunvisor to hang from it’s harness for the illuminated mirror (if fitted – otherwise you can remove it completely).


Step 3 – Remove the light fitting using a trim removal tool and and gently levering on the side closest to the door. Now you insert the end of the microphone cable at the top of the A pillar and jiggle the wire around until you can pull it through the hole left by removing the light fitting (you may want to use a draw wire, 2.5mm home electrical cable is ideal).


Step 4 – Using a trim removal tool and working from the side that is towards the rear of the car pop the cover off that covers the area where the microphone installs (microphone installs in the rectangular area shown towards the top of the photo on the right hand side).


Step 5 -Undo the two torx screws visible in Step 4 above and gently pull the panel down working from the side closest to the rear of the car as there are a few clips at the front holding it in place. Disconnect the wires to make installing the microphone easier.


Step 6 – Using a draw wire bring the microphone cable over to the console area.


Step 7 – Remove the foam piece and install the microphone, it only goes in one way and is a tight fit.


Step 8 – To prevent rattles in the ceiling wrap the cable that runs from the A pillar with foam or rubber tape, make sure you wrap it along the length and cable tie it at each so if the adhesive fails due to the heat it won’t unwrap itself.


Step 9 – Connect the cable to the microphone and wrap the connectors with foam tape to prevent rattles. Reconnect the harness that connects to the console at this stage. And put the overhead console and mirror light back together.


Stage 10 – Cable tie the microphone down the A-Pillar as shown to prevent rattles and to keep it out of the way of the airbag.


Stage 11 – Re-install the A-Pillar following these instructions – Volkswagen Golf A-Pillar Trims – Removal and Installation

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Install in Volkswagen Golf

VW / Skoda Bluetooth UnitVolkswagen in Australia and other countries offers a parrot car kit as their “OEM” car kit and don’t offer the excellent VW/Skoda fully integrated unit. The units are available from a number of sources in Europe and the US.

Part numbers for the kit include

  • 1Z0 035 729 (1Z0035729) – Interface Unit (older models don’t support the RNS 510)
  • 8P0 035 503 E (8P0035503 E) – Bluetooth Antenna
  • 3B0 035 711 B (3B0035711 B) – Microphone
  • 1Z0 971 813 62U (1Z0971813 62U – Covering Black or
  • 1Z0 971 813 3AU (1Z0971813 3AU) – Covering Ivory
  • N90 946 001 (N90946001) – Expanding Nut x2
  • N90 817 003 (N90817003) – Torx Screw x2
  • 6U0 819 055 (6U0819055) – Clip x2
  • Wiring loom – Strongly recommend a full plug and play unit

Bluetooth unit prior to installation. The 1Z0035729B as shown is compatible with the RNS 510.

Tools required for the install include

Wiring Harness

There are a few options here to connect the bluetooth unit to the factory harness behind the headunit.

  • purchase a fully built plug and play harness
  • build an inline adapter and connect to the harness that comes with the kit so you have a plug and play harness as above
  • use connector housings and repair wires to plug inline with the factory headunit harness
  • cut and splice (not recommended)

Plug n Play Harness

A problem with the Plug n Play harnesses is that they don’t have compliant CAN bus cabling which has to have a twist maintained throughout. The solution is to replace it with CAN bus repair wire.

Performing repairs on CAN bus wiring

Inline Adapter


Connector housing and repair wires

This process involves joining the connectors to the harness and doesn’t involve adding bulky adaptors or cutting the harness.

  • 1 x 000 979 133 (000979133) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo female.
  • 1 x 000 979 134 (000979134) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo male.
  • 1 x 000 979 225 (000979225) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground female.
  • 1 x 000 979 226 (000979226) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground male.
  • 4 x 191 972 701 (191972701) – Housing
  • 4 x 191 972 711 (191972711) – Connector Housing

Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install


Splicing the cables like shown here is not recommended.

Connection behind headunit

Bluetooth Interface Unit

Remove the two carpet squares that are premarked under the drivers seat using a small knife, don’t cut too deeply or you will cut into the paint on the sheet metal underneath. Insert the two plastic plugs and screw the bracket into place. Note that the bluetooth unit in this photo is upside down. Before you slide the unit in bend the metal bracket inwards so that it holds the unit tightly to prevent rattles.

Next remove the sill panel trim on the right hand side of the car, this only has to be removed for the front door and requires the clips to be removed so the edge of the carpet can be accessed.

Volkswagen Golf Sill Panel Trims – Removal and Installation

The next step required the installation of the microphone.

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Microphone Install in Volkswagen Golf

Remove the dash vent (or tray on non Climatronic units) by following this guide.

Volkswagen Golf Dash Panel Centre Vents – Removal and Installation

Remove the trim around the head unit using this guide.

Volkswagen Golf Centre Dash Panel Trim – Removal and Installation

Remove the headunit by unscrewing the 4 screws and carefully sliding it out, watch out when the unit is released as it could drop and scratch the climatronic.

Release the cables from the rear of the headunit and put the headunit aside safely.

The unit that I installed came from the UK, contact the owner of this site to purchase a kit.

Another installation guide is available from his website.