Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Retrofit

Volkswagen have released a kit for retrofitting that is designed for mounting behind the dash and is a much more compact size then the original MDI that was designed for replacing a cd changer. The kit is around 40% cheaper but doesn’t include the USB cable as the previous kit did. This kit may not […]

Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Specifications

(this has been translated roughly from a German Volkswagen document)

Product Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN

Stand: 06.03.2008


About Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN audio files can be an “external Medium “on the radio-navigation system reproduced and controlled will. As the “external data” are USB Mass Storage and MP3 Player refers to the multimedia jack […]

Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI)


The Media Device Interface (MDI) offers support for USB devices (memory sticks and hard drives), iPod integration and Aux In along with displaying ID3 tags over the CANbus to the MFD and the RCD310, RCD510 and RNS510 headunit. The unit is available for the Passat which mounts in the glovebox and the […]