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Differences between the Volkswagen RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 315, RCD 510, RNS 510, RCD 550, RNS 810 and the RNS 850

Differences between the RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 315,  RCD 510, RNS 510, RCD 550, RNS 810 and RNS 850 headunits.

RNS is the designation for Navigation Systems

RCD is the designation for Radio Systems

 RCD 210RCD 310RNS 310RNS 315RCD 510RNS 510RCD 550RNS 810RNS 850
PlatformMost *7Most *7Most *7Most *7Most *7Most *7Touareg 2011->PhaetonTouareg 2011->
MarketsAllAllEuropeNorth AmericaAllAllEuropeAllAll
Screen ResolutionUnsureUnsure400 x 240 pixels400 x 240 pixels400 x 240 pixels800 x 480400 x 240 pixels800 x 480800 x 480
Screen SizeUnsureUnsure5"5"6.5"6.5" 16:96.5"8"8"
Screen DetailsMonochromeMonochromeColour TouchscreenColour TouchscreenColour TouchscreenColour TouchscreenColour TouchscreenColour Touchscreen
Amplifier PowerUnsure4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt
ProcessorUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsurePowerPC 400MHz 750 MIPSSH4UnsureUnsure
MemoryUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsure256MB RAM 256MB FlashUnsureUnsure
MP3 CompatibleYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
SizeSingle DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DINDouble DIN
Storage (HDD)NoNoNoNoNo30GB <2011 45GB >2011No60Gb80GB
Storage (SD)NoNoSD (32GB SDHC) *4SD (32GB SDHC)SD (32GB SD)*1SD (32GB SD)*1SD (32GB SD)*1SD (32GB SD)*2
Storage (other)NoNoNo4GB FlashNoNoNoNoNo
Storage (Optical)CDCDCDCDCD (6 stack)DVDCD (6 stack)DVDDVD
Storage (Optical Stackerl-OptionOptionOptionOptionOption-OptionOption
MDI CompatibleNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
RVC (Reverse Camera)NoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Aftermarket RVCNoNoNoNoYes *6YesYesYesYes
OPS (Optical Parking System)NoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
TMC (Traffic Reporting)NoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
DABOption *2Option *2Option *2Option *2Option *2Option *2Option *2Option *2Option *2
TV TunerNoNoNoNoNoYesUnsureYesYes
Dynaudio *3NoOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
Manufacturer-Blaupunkt (Portugal)BlaupunktTechnisatBlaupunkt(European),
VDO Continental
Link-----Volkswagen RCD 510 Information and SpecificationsVolkswagen RNS 510 Information and Specifications
RCD 210 RCD 310 RNS 310 RCD 510 RNS 510
Screen Resolution Unsure Unsure 400 x 240 pixels 400 x 240 pixels 800 x 480
Screen Size Unsure Unsure 5″ 6.5″ 6.5″ 16:9
Screen Details Monochrome Monochrome Colour Touchscreen Colour Touchscreen Colour Touchscreen
Amplifier Power Unsure 4 x 20 watt 4 x 20 watt 4 x 20 watt 4 x 20 watt
Navigation No No Yes No Yes
MP3 Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Single DIN Double DIN Double DIN Double DIN Double DIN
Storage (HDD) No No No No 30GB (10GB Nav/20GB Music)
Storage (SD) No No SD (32GB SDHC) *4 SD (32GB SDHC) SD (32GB SD)*1
Storage (Optical) CD CD CD CD (6 stack) DVD
Storage (Optical Stackerl Option Option Option Option
MDI Compatible No Yes Yes Yes Yes
RVC (Reverse Camera) No No Yes Yes Yes
Aftermarket RVC No No No Yes *6 Yes
OPS (Optical Parking System) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
TMC (Traffic Reporting) No No Yes Yes Yes
DAB Option *2 Option *2 Option *2 Option *2 Option *2
TV Tuner No No No No Yes
Dynaudio  *3 No Option Option Option Option
Manufacturer Blaupunkt
Blaupunkt VDO Continental

*1 Units with firmware from 2660 upwards now have 32GB + SDHC support including older units (from HW04 and above type A units).

Units with firmware prior to 2660 or with a older hardware revision have a 2GB limitation.
Some 4GB SD cards (not SDHC) will work. 2GB is the maximum size allowed by the specification of SD however there are some 4GB cards available. One that has been tested to work when formatted as a FAT32 card is the Transcend 4GB Secure Digital Memory Card Class 6 (TS4GSDHC6)

*2 DAB Radio is a £150 option in the UK. Exact details of what is included or retrofitting are not available.

*3 Factory option only for Mark 6. The sound system developed for the Golf by Volkswagen and the Scandinavian hi-fi specialist Dynaudio can be paired with any of the 300 or 500 series units. The Dynaudio sound system offers pure high-tech sound: the four 168 millimeter woofers – made of a magnesium-silicate membrane, a very light 74 millimeter voice coil and an internal magnet design in a stiff plastic basket – provide for precise and powerful bass with high pulse fidelity in the doors and in the rear side panels. The 50 millimeter and 60 millimeter tweeters in the door and side trim supplement this sound with exceptionally clear transparency and complex sound impressions.

The loudspeaker system is supplied by a newly developed, digital 300 Watt amplifier; it consists of eight Class AB output amplifiers. The capabilities offered by the digital sound processor (DSP) for so-called propagation time correction (goal: to make a correction so that sound waves from all loudspeakers reach listeners’ ears simultaneously, regardless of their locations in the vehicle) and frequency equalization guarantee a sound experience of the highest level.

*4 Map data is loaded from CD onto a SDHC card, this card can also be used for MP3’s.

* 6 Unit has AV input on rear however this is not fitted to all head units.

* 7 New Polo, Golf Mk 5 & 6, Golf Plus, Scirocco, Touran, EOS, Tiguan, Passat & CC, Caddy, Transporter T6, Touareg <2011 and others.