Volkswagen Golf Accessories – Care and Protection

Boot box

Extremely robust, acid resistant, smooth plastic insert, with high edges, wide grooves and embossed logo. Protects your entire boot space from soiling of almost any kind and is easily cleaned.

Part no. 1K0 061 170 (for models with standard boot space) Part […]

Volkswagen Golf Accessories – Transport Equipment

Bicycle holder

(illustrated with roof bars)

For the serious cyclist. Aerodynamically shaped plastic section with frame holder in matt chromed steel. Lockable. Easy to handle and easy to fit. Weight empty: approx. 3.2kg. City Crash tested.

Part no. 6Q0 071 128 A

How the […]

Volkswagen Golf R32

VW Golf R32 Press Release from VW August 2005 It was the most powerful Golf ever. The Golf R32 powered by a 177 kW (241 bhp) engine was first launched in August 2002. Not only was it one of the hottest cars on the road, it also sold like hot cakes: three times as many […]

Volkswagen Golf

VW Golf

The Golf, the most successful German car of all time, reaches its fifth model generation in the autumn of 2003. Its design and technical features are more supreme, more dynamic than ever before. The new model will be recognised immediately as the latest version of a truly original concept, the ‘Golf […]

Volkswagen Golf Plus

VW Golf Plus

Press Release from VW December 2004

Volkswagen is expanding its model spectrum with a new Golf dimension: the Golf Plus. A second, an additional, a different Golf. With added extras in terms of bodywork and seating height, interior space, variability and functionality. Tailored, point by point, to the needs of our time. […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI

VW Golf GTI The Golf GTI has earned its place as the icon of all compact sports cars. Not only that: The letters GTI have become the symbol of a complete genre of vehicles and the epitome of compact handling dynamics. Now Volkswagen presents at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt the […]

Volkswagen Golf GT TSI

VW Golf GT TSI Press Release from VW August 2005 At the International Motor Show (Cars) in Frankfurt, Volkswagen is presenting a ground-breaking innovation in the development of direct injection petrol engines: The world’s first twin-turbocharged FSI engine – the “Twincharger”. The engine developers at Volkswagen have taken an unusual approach to achieving lower fuel […]

Volkswagen Golf GT TDI

VW Golf GT TDI Press Release from VW March 2006

New Golf GT is being launched with two equally powerful engines: either the innovative 1.4 I TSI or the 2.0 l TDI with diesel particulate filter as standard, each with 125 kW.The 1.4 I TSI engine is a world first. The FSI engine is dual-charged […]

Volkswagen Golf Brake Specifications

GTI, GT Brakes (GTI/Fahrenheight/Pirelli/Edition 30 brakes are powdercoated, GT are unpainted)

312 mm ventilated front discs 286 mm solid rear discs

R32 Brakes

345 mm ventilated front discs 310 mm solid rear discs

Golf all other standard petrol and diesel not listed above.

280 mm ventilated front discs 255 mm solid rear discs […]

Golf hatch light upgrade to twin LED modules

The standard lighting in the hatch of the MarkV Golf leaves a lot to be desired, the easiest way to upgrade this is the use of LED modules. The drop in replacement units that replace the standard globe are not going to push out much more in the way of light because of the design […]