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Volkswagen Golf 1kg and 2.5kg Fire Extinguisher Installation

Option 1 – Installing in hatch area

Installing a 2.5kg fire extinguisher into the Golf is pretty straight forward, especially with Australian specification cars which don’t have a first aid kit or warning triangle installed. Cars with these fitted will need to relocate them.

First pick out a suitable extinguisher, make sure that it has a brass head as a plastic one can break easily and the resulting mess in your car will be very difficult to clean up. Also choose a metal bracket as the plastic ones are not suitable for car use.

The extinguisher I used is a Flamestop 2.5kg purchased online from a medical supplies company for around AUD$70 delivered.

Remove the existing first aid kit/warning bracket.

There is a bit of a dip in the side where the screw mount is to take note of. There is nothing behind the screw mount is so you can use a reasonable length screw.

On the extinguisher I used the metal band is riveted to where I want to put the screw through so drill it out carefully (rivet is aluminum so this is easy).

Bracket with rivet removed.

Because of the dip in the panel where the screw goes in you need to pack this out a little, keep it a fraction below the surrounding height to keep pressure on the bracket to stop movement. I used a 32mm x 10g stainless screw.

Bracket Installed

Fire Extinguisher installed. I’ve added some silicon around the handle to stop any rattles as there was a little bit of movement in that area.


Option 2 – Installing under front seat

6 – Retaining Bracket – 1K0 881 286 A (1K0881286A) – USD$59.50
7 – 3 x Pop Rivet (6 X 10 X 11.4 mm) – N 908 123 02 (N90812302) – USD $1.10 ea
8 – Holder for Fire Extinguisher – 1K0 882 607 A (1K0882607A) – USD $75.00
9 – 2 x Socket Head Bolt with Inner Multipoint Head (M6 x 20.5) – N 908 973 08 (N90897308) – USD$3.60 ea
10 – Fire Extinguisher 1.0kg – 3D0 860 277 (3D0860277) – USD $380 (special order euro part)