Differences between the GTI Mark V and Mark VI engine

EA113 Engines (AXX->) EA888 Engines (CAW->) Configuration 1,984 cc (121.1 cu in) water cooled inline 4 1,984 cc (121.1 cu in) water cooled inline 4 Bore/Stroke bore 82.5 mm/stroke 92.8 mm bore 82.5 mm/stroke 92.8 mm Head 10.5:1 compression ratio, belt driven camshaft, continuous adjusting intake, 9.6:1 compression ratio, chain driven camshaft, continuous adjusting […]

Differences between VW Golf Edition 30, VW Golf Pirelli, Audi S3 and Seat Leon Cupra R Engines

GTI – 200ps/197bhp/147kw/280nm

Edition 30 – 230ps/226bhp/169kw/300nm

Pirelli – 230ps/226bhp/169kw/300nm

Seat Leon Cupra R – 240ps/237bhp/177kw/300nm

Audi S3 – 265ps/261bhp/195kw/350nm (188kw Australia – temperature issue)

Differences between the Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine and the Volkswagen Golf Edition 30 and Pirelli Engine.

Larger Turbo from S3 (K04) rather then the K03 on the GTI 87°C thermostat […]