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Fitting a direct Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS)

tpms_orange_tpms_contentsThere are two types of TPMS being used, direct TPMS which uses a sensor mounted in the wheel and which transmits data to the receivor or indirect TPMS which makes use of the ABS sensors in each wheel. Both have pros and cons and these are discussed in – Volkswagen Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The system being fitted here is a direct TPMS type  model P409S from Orange Electronics.

Both visual and audible alerts are provided when tires are leaking air, pressures are too high or too low, or when temperatures rise above normal levels.

  • Displays pressures from 0 to 76 psi, accurate to +/-1 psi
  • Displays temperatures from -30ºC to approx. 120ºC, accurate to +/-4ºC
  • Customize display to show psi, kPa or Bar units, C or F temperature
  • Normal, green alerts change to red to signify temperature/pressure concerns
  • High pressure warning level can be set between 40 and 60 psi
  • Low pressure warning level can be set between 18 and 35 psi

The sensors’ lithium batteries will last up to 7 years under normal conditions. The sensors are shipped in sleep mode so testing before they are fitted to the wheels is not possible, once fitted and the tyre inflated to over 20 psi a one time pressure switch is activated and they turn on.

Receiver Unit




Wheel Sensors



Tyre Valve Stems

The tyre valve stems is seperate to the wireless transmitter sensor-


Receiver Unit Inside






Wheel Sensor Fitted

Sensors are fitted to a Volkswagen Golf R32 18″ wheel, fitting requires the removal of the tyre due to the requirement to screw the sensor into place flush against the wheel as shown.


Receiver Operational


Receiver Mounted in Ash Tray on Volkswagen Golf GTI
(The receiver only requires a minor modication to the power cable to change the cable to a right angle)



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