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Volkswagen A Pillar Bullet Camera Mount suits Golf, Jetta, Passat and Rabbit

a_pillar_finishedMounting a bullet camera in the Volkswagen Golf without using suction mounts on the window or screwing into the trim is quite difficult especially around the rear vision mirror as the RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor) means the camera needs to be mounted forward close to the glass. There are two places where cameras can be attached with damaging trim, one is to the A pillar by removing the AirBag insert and the other is to the rear vision mirror which will be covered shortly.

Remove the AirBag insert by levering it from the lower long edge, this insert is generally not reusable as the clips bend and placing it back in there leaves it a little loose. You can use this again to cover the mount that has been fabricated. New inserts from VW are around AUD$1.35 (Anthracite part number 1K0853437B71N).


The insert on the left is the original one, you can see the marks on the bottom edge where it has been levered out. The four tabs on the bottom bend outwards slightly when removed and they can’t be bent back in all the way so after the first removal they feel slightly loose and after a few removals a tab will proably snap off. The insert on the right is a brand new one, they snap into place by putting the two tabs at the rear (in the photo – the tabs are at the top when you put them back into the car) into the the trim and then pushing down the at the bottom to snap the trim in.


Now that the AirBag insert has been removed you will see a screw (Torx T-20 to remove) that needs to be removed, take care or it will fall inside the A pillar trim. This screw isn’t used again so set it aside.


Next the bracket needs to fabricated, you need to obtain a bike light that looks similar to this one. You can purchase this from DealExtreme for USD$2.59 delivered worldwide.


Modify the bracket as per the photo, this is designed for the right hand side of the car, the left hand side needs to be the mirror image. The bracket fits just above where the screw goes which passes through the slot in the bracket. The screw holds this in place firmly inside, you can adjust the angle of the bracket by adjusting the angle of the plastic above the slot.

a_pillar_bracket_1 a_pillar_bracket_2

The screw that was in the bracket is too short to pass through the plastic so replace it with a 8g 25mm self drilling metal screw as shown. Place the bracket in the hole and move it into position and place the screw in, you can adjust the bracket a little at this stage and tighten up. Just before the final turn hold the A pillar and push it into the correct position, don’t tighten too tight or you break the bracket.


The next step is to cut the existing AirBag insert to fit the space around the bracket, you will have to remove some or all of the tabs to do this (not shown). Then mount the round part of the bracket which is designed for a bike tube, most bullet cameras with a diameter of around 21mm and above will fit without having to add extra packing. That’s the job completed. The wiring for the bullet cam can be run either down inside the A pillar which requires it to be removed or if the cable is a thin one you can pull back the rubber seal and run it down inside that.