Aerial Information for Volkswagen Golf

Vehicles with radio “RCD 300” or “RCD 500” have a rear window aerial with two blocking circuits. The diversity function is carried out directly in the radio unit. t If the vehicle is equipped with a radio unit and telephone equipment or auxiliary heater remote control have also been ordered, the rear window aerial with […]

Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 510, RCD 510) antenna adapter

3rd generation connection

Upgrading from a 2nd generation radio (RCD 300, RCD 500) to a 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 510, RCD 510) requires an antenna/aerial adapter to be fitted. The 2nd generation radios had two seperate connectors for the antenna/aerial connections whereas the 3rd generation still have the […]

Sharan Antenna Replica for most Volkswagens

The standard antenna for Golfs without factory fitted Satellite Navigation is a large whip antenna which is pretty visually unappealing. If you don’t mind taking a small hit on antenna performance there is a cheap and easy upgrade available in the form of a 6.5cm (2 5/8″) long rubber antenna that has a 5mm screw […]