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Volkswagen DSG Mechatronic Replacement

Mechatronic Replacement

02E325025ADZD6 (02E 325 025 AD ZD6) – Mechatronic Unit         USD$2200.00/AUD$2900.00

02E305051C (02E 305 051 C) – Transmission Filter USD$49.00/AUD$65.00

02E315141A (02E 315 141 A)- Gasket Pump  USD$50.80/AUD$66.00

G052182A2 (G05 218 2A2)- Oil, ATF DSG 1.0litre (x 6) USD$121.26/AUD$160.00

N91084501 (N91 084 501)- Seal, Trans Oil Filter USD$3.00/AUD$4.00

Total Price USD$2424.06/AUD$3200.00 + Labour (3-4 hours)

New DSG Transmission versus New Manual Transmission

DSG Transmission

(include Mechatronic Unit – deduct ~USD$1500/AUD$2000 if not required)

02E300042Q (02E 300 042 Q) – USD$6000/AUD$7800.00

02E300043C (02E 300 043 C) – USD$6000/AUD$7800.00

Manual 6 Speed Transmission

02Q300043K (02Q 300 043 K) – USD$4000/AUD$5300.00

02Q300040E (02Q 300 040 E) – USD$4000/AUD$5300.00

Reconditioned units for both DSG and MT gearboxes are available, these are indicated by an X on the end of the part number. For the DSG the gearboxes are ~USD$2000.00/AUD$2600.00 cheaper and for the MT ~USD$1500.00/AUD$2000.00 cheaper.