Volkswagen are again attempting to shut down – please help

Volkswagen are again attempting to shut down – please help in any way you can from spreading the word on other forums and websites to offering advice. This is now the second attempt in under six months, the past attempt was dismissed but Volkswagen have refiled with the Czech Arbitration Court claiming new information in an attempt to wear me down or for the decision to go their way.

More information on the current attempt can be found here and for the earlier attempt here.

3 thoughts on “Volkswagen are again attempting to shut down – please help”

  1. Please support Volkswagen ownership and maintenance. These forums are a rich source of information that promote the brand and provide the information in addition to dealer service and parts that keep these fine cars on the road!

  2. Without the information gained on this site and others I would not be on my third volkswagen. If I cannot manage some of the servicing and updating then these volkswagen vehicle would be beyond my budget as a retiree. Plus it adds pleasures to my life as I find adding radios, reversing cameras, tow bars, head units etc a rewarding endeavour.

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