Purchasing terminal kits or tools for your Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda

Schwaben Parts

website: www.schwabenparts.com

Schwaben Terminal Removal Tool Set

Available from ECS Tuning for USD $69.95

Laser Tools

website: www.lasertools.co.uk

Laser 4329 Terminal Tool Set

Appears to be the same as the Schwaben kit above and both are similar dollars.

Volkswagen Terminal Tools

website: tools.vw.com Dealership spare parts department […]

Trim Removal Tools

The 5 piece trim kit includes all the tools required to safely remove most of the trim.

Wide edge remover Narrow edge remover Pull-type remover Handle remover Upholstery clip remover

These are available from ebay for ~USD$10-15 or from ECS Tuning for under USD$10.