Volkswagen Scirocco R Model Year (MY12) 2012 Specifications and Pricing

With a European heritage dating back to 1974, the Scirocco is a sports coupe that encompasses style, performance, safety, comfort and practicality.

To be offered exclusively as the premium Scirocco R, this car features a mix of unique and sporty Scirocco elements, combined with typical R-model styling accents and of course performance.

The Scirocco R […]

Volkswagen Australia Tiguan Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

The new Tiguan presents a new invigorated design and whilst brand DNA elements such as the horizontal grille and prominent lower front bumper are evident, the new Tiguan displays a fresh but familiar styling theme. Precise and powerful lines from front to rear of the vehicle combine to create a sporty and dominant compact SUV.


Replacement batteries for the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Passat and others

Replacement batteries for the Volksagen Golf, Jetta, Passat and others.

The PR Code can be found on a white sticker near the spare wheel.

PR Code: J1P – various models including Golf Mk V 1.4TSI 103kW (140PS)

OEM Varta 12V 44Ah 220A DIN 360A EN/SAE (360CCA) 1K0915105 (1K0 915 105) (dimensions mm: 200W x 170L […]

Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicle Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

ModelChange AllRCD210 and RCD310 display colour change CaddyProgressively from week 34 engine bay no longer painted in body colour CaddyCaddy models with “climatronic” the DUAL button will change to SYNC CaddyCaddy 4MOTION will be available in Caddy Maxi van Caddy LifeCaddy 4MOTION will be available in Caddy Maxi Life Comfortline Caddy LifeName change of […]

Volkswagen Australia Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2012 Changes Summary

ModelChange – Model/Feature/Option PoloSavanna Yellow exterior paint colour has been discontinued PoloComfortline models now feature a gloss black radiator grille (previously matte black) PoloThe optional automatic air conditioning display changes from blue to white/negative PoloThe optional Bi-Xenon headlights (GTI) are supplied with a LED number plate light […]

Volkswagen Golf Mark V Headlights – Halogen and Xenon

The Golf Mark V came with a number of different headlights from the factory, generally a chrome H7 reflector unit for the base models, a black H7 reflector model for GT/GT Sport/GTI and a Bi-Xenon fitted to some GTI and R32 models either optional or standard which was also available on some other models (depending […]

Volkswagen Australia Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2011.5 (MY11.5) Changes

Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2011.5 Changes Summary

ModelChange – Model/Feature/Option PoloConversion of optional automatic air conditioning display from blue to white Golf GTD & GTIOptical upgrade for clasp in steering wheel Golf GTD & GTIOptional Bi-Xenon headlights are now equipped with LED daytime driving lights Golf WagonSalsa Red 4Y4Y has been discontinued Passat CC […]

Body Panel Gaps and Shut Lines - Volkswagen Golf Mark V

Body panel gaps and shut lines – Volkswagen Golf Mark V

To adjust or check gaps use tool setting guage 3371, gaps are in millimetres

Body – Front

Body – Centre (2 door model gaps and shut lines – door to side panel is 3.5mm +-0.5mm)

Body – Rear


Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Chassis Control - Technical


A shock absorber fails?

If there is a short-circuit or interruption of an adjustment valve, the system immediately switches to “Fail Safe”. The shock absorber symbol in the button flashes to indicate the fault. The vehicle behaves like a vehicle with conventional damping. The sensors fail? If only one sensor fails, a substitute signal […]

Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Chassis Control - Design and Function

DCC Adaptive Chassis Control

The rule for suspension systems has always been that increasing sportiness compromises the ride. In this new system – the DCC adaptive chassis control, the suspension constantly adjusts itself to the road conditions, the driving situation and the drivers requirements.

Adjustable shock absorbers are required to make this possible. The steering […]