Purchasing terminal kits or tools for your Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda

Schwaben Parts

website: www.schwabenparts.com

Schwaben Terminal Removal Tool Set

Available from ECS Tuning for USD $69.95

Laser Tools

website: www.lasertools.co.uk

Laser 4329 Terminal Tool Set

Appears to be the same as the Schwaben kit above and both are similar dollars.

Volkswagen Terminal Tools

website: tools.vw.com Dealership spare parts department […]

Releasing and dismantling contact housings

Secondary locking element

The secondary locking mechanism is a housing catch (second line locking mechanism) that secures all the wires in one contact housing. If a secondary locking mechanism is fitted to a contact housing, this must always be opened or removed using the appropriate tool before releasing and pulling out individual crimp contacts. The […]

Addition of extra circuits to the Volkswagen Golf / Jetta / Passat / EOS / Scirocco / Rabbit fuse box

Adding new circuits to your Volkswagen Golf / Jetta / Passat / EOS / Scirocco /Passat fuse box is reasonably straight forward, allow 2 hours for the first time and 1 hour for each time after that.

(Golf 1K1 /1K5, Golf Plus 5M1, Passat 3C2/3C5, Passat CC 357, EOS 1F7, Scirocco 137)

There are two […]

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Housings and Pins

Bluetooth Connector – use by Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi.

Main Connector – 54-pin (18×3) – blue- 4E0 972 144 (4E0972144)

Pins – N/A Repair Wire 0.5mm – 000 979 010 (000979010) Repair Wire 1.0mm – N/A Repair Wire 2.5mm – N/A


Pins – N/A Repair Wire 0.5mm – N/A Repair Wire […]

Volkswagen Head Unit Housings and Pins

Quad Lock – All recent Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi vehicles use this connector.

Connector 1 – 8-pin (4×2) – brown – 3B7 035 447 (3B7035447)

Pins – N 906 844 05 (N90684405) Repair Wire 0.5mm – 000 979 021 (000979021) Repair Wire 1.0mm – 000 979 133 (000979133) Repair Wire 2.5mm – 000 […]