Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI GTI, R32 and Bluemotion Wheel Alignment Specifications

Suits PR numbers: 2UA, 2UC, G02, G05, G07, 2UC, 2UB, G08, G11, G09, G04/2UC

These specifications apply to all engines.

The ride heights shown in the table refer todimension -a-.

Standard running gearSports running gear except 18″Sports running gear with 18″ wheelsHeavy-duty running gearSports running gear GTISports running gear GTI US versionSports running […]

Volkswagen Scirocco R Model Year (MY12) 2012 Specifications and Pricing

With a European heritage dating back to 1974, the Scirocco is a sports coupe that encompasses style, performance, safety, comfort and practicality.

To be offered exclusively as the premium Scirocco R, this car features a mix of unique and sporty Scirocco elements, combined with typical R-model styling accents and of course performance.

The Scirocco R […]

Volkswagen Australia Tiguan Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

The new Tiguan presents a new invigorated design and whilst brand DNA elements such as the horizontal grille and prominent lower front bumper are evident, the new Tiguan displays a fresh but familiar styling theme. Precise and powerful lines from front to rear of the vehicle combine to create a sporty and dominant compact SUV.


Replacement batteries for the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Passat and others

Replacement batteries for the Volksagen Golf, Jetta, Passat and others.

The PR Code can be found on a white sticker near the spare wheel.

PR Code: J1P – various models including Golf Mk V 1.4TSI 103kW (140PS)

OEM Varta 12V 44Ah 220A DIN 360A EN/SAE (360CCA) 1K0915105 (1K0 915 105) (dimensions mm: 200W x 170L […]

Volkswagen Australia Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle Model Year 2012 Changes Summary

ModelChange – Model/Feature/Option PoloSavanna Yellow exterior paint colour has been discontinued PoloComfortline models now feature a gloss black radiator grille (previously matte black) PoloThe optional automatic air conditioning display changes from blue to white/negative PoloThe optional Bi-Xenon headlights (GTI) are supplied with a LED number plate light […]

Volkswagen Golf Mark V Headlights – Halogen and Xenon

The Golf Mark V came with a number of different headlights from the factory, generally a chrome H7 reflector unit for the base models, a black H7 reflector model for GT/GT Sport/GTI and a Bi-Xenon fitted to some GTI and R32 models either optional or standard which was also available on some other models (depending […]

Installing an aftermarket Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V and VI rear bumper

The camera chose for the RVC install is a butterfly style camera, the Kufatec interface for the RNS510 required an NTSC camera.

Camera specs VN2105 Butterfly style mount Size: 20mm diameter and 25mm deep Viewing area: 150° 1/4″ color CCD camera

Camera purchased from Dealextreme for USD$110.35 delivered

Step 1 – cut opening for […]

Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark VI

Requirements: RNS 510 with firmware version 1100 or greater or RCD 510 (not sure of firmware version requirements for RCD 510 and not all RCD 510’s have the video input on the rear – at this stage only RCD 510’s supplied with cars optioned with the RVC come with the video input).

Most of the […]

Install drainage for the Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) installed in a Golf Mark VI

This guide is just one of the steps to installing a Golf Mark VI RVC into a Golf Mark VI – Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark VI.

The Volkswagen RVC Camera from the Mark VI has a drain hole under the camera in the housing and this […]

Volkswagen 9WZ Bluetooth Programming

Part number: 3C8 035 730 A (3C8035730A)

Byte 0 Language: 00? 01 German 02 English 03 French 04 Italians 05 Spanish 06 Portuguese 08 Czech 07-09-FF not allowed

Byte 1. Voice Command: 00 Activated 01 Disabled

Byte 2. Type Microphone: Parameter 00 1 / microphone VW 01 parameters 2 / microphone VW 10 parameters 1 […]