Volkswagen Golf Middle A-Pillar Trim - Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI both left and right sides

Remove Volkswagen Golf dash panel end trims


Remove dash panel end trim Pull upper part of trim out from body mount -A- Pull trim upwards from A-pillar lower trim -B-


Install in the reverse order of removal and ensure the trim […]

Volkswagen Golf Dash Panel End Trim - Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI

Lever dash panel end trim by inserting trim removal tool as shown.

Body Panel Gaps and Shut Lines - Volkswagen Golf Mark V

Body panel gaps and shut lines – Volkswagen Golf Mark V

To adjust or check gaps use tool setting guage 3371, gaps are in millimetres

Body – Front

Body – Centre (2 door model gaps and shut lines – door to side panel is 3.5mm +-0.5mm)

Body – Rear


Upgrading 2nd generation headunits (RCD 300, RCD 500, MFD2) to 3rd generation headunits (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 510, RCD 510)

Upgrading 2nd generation headunits (as fitted to the Golf Mark V and similar models MY05-MY09) to a 3rd generation headunit has a number of additional requirements depending on the year.

Tools required for the install include

Trim removal tools 10mm socket or spanner Selection of flat and torx screwdrivers Sharp hobby knife VCDS from Ross-Tech […]

Adjusting operation of the RegenLichtSens (Rain Light Sensor)

Adjusting the operation of the RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor) is possible through Vagcom/VCDS or the VAS tools that Volkswagen dealers use however adjustments do not make a large difference in the operation of the sensor especially where you have the standard green glass.

Using Vagcom/VCDS open controller 9

Select the dropdown box and select option […]

Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Passat, Jetta, EOS, Rabbit and Tiguan Air Conditioner Compressor Failure

Air conditioner does not work, noises from engine compartment

Volkswagen Technical Product Information # 2023580/1 Repair Operation # 87 34 01 99 Release Date: 29-Jun-2010


Air conditioning does not work.

Noises from the engine compartment.


Pulley bolt works it’s way free from compressor shaft creating noise and eventually failure of the compressor.


Installing a GPS aerial inside the dash of the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

When retrofitting a satellite navigation head unit to the car you can either install the factory GPS antenna on the roof which is a fairly large job or install the GPS aerial (antenna) in the area above the head unit where it receives a good view of the sky and minimal interference.

Remove the dash […]

Rear seat noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) in Volkswagen Golf

A common source of noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) is the rear seat latches, when the seats move the lock mechanism moves around on the latch and makes a noise. You could try tapping them with a hammer from above to bend the latch slightly downwards but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem in […]

Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioner Compressor Specifications (1K0820803)

Sanden’s PX series next generation swash plate compressors are variable controlled for maximum environmental benefit, these compressors replace the Zelex and Valeo compressors that are prone to early failures – Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Passat, Jetta and Eos Air Conditioner Compressor Failure.

The PXE16 has a minimum displacement of 4.9cc, a maximum displacement of 163cc, maximum […]

Fitting GTI stainless steel seat inserts to the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volksagen Golf GTI stainless steel seat inserts are available on ebay for around USD$25 for a set of two (search for “gti insert” or similar).

Fitting is easy, twist them slightly to make them sit flush in the handle, clean out the insert position in the handle with a suitable cleaner and apply some clear […]