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Volkswagen Speedometer Error Correction


The majority of cars have a speed that has an indicated speed that is greater then the actual vehicle speed to comply with UNECE 39/00 (Rev 1) which is adopted by many countries including Australia with ADR 18/03. Volkswagen vehicles from around 2005 onwards can have this indicated speed adjusted to more accurately reflect the true speed by adjusting the deliberate error that is introduced in the instrument cluster.

Testing showed that my MY08 Golf GTI was over-reading by around 10%, the following table shows the GPS speed (handheld), the CANBUS speed which is what the odometer uses, the Indicated speed prior to the coding change and the corrected speed after the change.

The distance impluse number on my vehicle was set at 3, I changed this to the maximum value of 7 which was spot on what was required. You will require a VCDS./VAGCOM cable to make this change, the dealer could make the change but I understand that they will not do this.

Adjusting the distance impulse number does not alter the odometer, the distance impulse number is an error that is introduced for the speedometer needle.

Speedometer readings before and after correction


GPS Speed CANBUS Speed Indicated Speed Corrected Speed
40 40 44 42
50 50 55 52
60 60 66 62
70 70 77 72
80 80 88 82
90 90 99 92
100 100 110 102

There are a number of ways to display the CANBUS speed, the easiest method is to use the full sized MFD and go to the speed alert screen, press ok until three dashes show and clock ok, the warning speed is your current CANBUS speed. This is a static display so use cruise control on a flat level surface.

The other way is to use the climate control system to display the speed. See the post on this site under reference for more information on this.

Volkswagen have some TSB’s out for this “problem”.


2005 – 2006 A5 Jetta and A5 GTI, Speedometer Display

If you receive a customer complaint that the speedometer displays a vehicle speed that is slightly faster than the actual speed, this is normal. The speedometer is operating per manufacturer specifications. Volkswagen does not manufacture vehicles where speedometers read slower than actual speed. To allow for possible differences in overall tire diameter with different tire manufacturers and wheel sizes, a factor is designed into the speedometer function that increases the displayed speed. This factor does not affect odometer readings, which show actual distance traveled. Do NOT replace ANY parts for this condition.”


UNECE 39/00 Revision 1

ADR 18/03

Interesting features on the MKV Golf

  • Climate control system switches into recirculated air mode when reverse is selected and when you activate the wipers to prevent exchaust gas and the smell of the windscreen cleaner from being distributed in the cabin.
  • Headlights turn on when you exceed 140km/h.
  • Headlights will stay on until the car comes to a complete stop even if the engine is turned off.
  • Rear wiper activates automatically when you put the car in reverse and it’s raining.
  • Front wipers change position every time you switch off the car to avoid having the blades leaning in the one direction all the time and extending their life. There are 4 positions that they park in.
  • At speed the front wipers tuck in to increase aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Permanent vertical illumination of the controls via the interior LED lights was the resut of a study with the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany which found found that certain light sources in the interior can increase active safety when driving at night. The eyes can adjust more quickly to changes when switching from the road to the interior. This is especially important with dark headlining like the GTI.

New Volkswagen bluetooth Volk-L

The long awaited bluetooth upgrade has been launched.

Volk-L is the brand name for the VW dealer installed Bluetooth Handsfree system. The system is fully certified by Volkswagen allowing fully integrated handsfree communication with excellent audio quality and music streaming through your car stereo.  The phone button housed on the steering wheel (when available) can be used to control your phone call – the button acts as the answer/green phone button and the end/red phone button.

Some key characteristics of Volk-L are;

o Volk-L is available for purchase and installation ONLY through an authorized VW Dealer
o Volk-L will NOT void your factory warranty
o Volk-L keeps it simple. It is designed to be compatible with a comprehensive number of Bluetooth enabled cell phones
o When Volk-L is installed it is not visible inside your Volkswagen.  Your steering wheel  phone button* is used to control phone calls and the microphone is concealed in your vehicle
o Volk-L mutes your stereo automatically when you receive a phone call, no matter what mode you are in – radio, iPod, navigation, satellite radio, etc
o Volk-L can also stream your music over Bluetooth (A2DP) from a compatible cell phone – in stereo (radio dependent)

Part number is 1K0 051 437. MSRP is USD$340.44 and 1stVWparts have this for USD$299.95.

Volk-L FAQ

Volk-L User Guide

Compatibility Chart

Volkswagen Volk-L Bluetooth Retrofit Instructions

Further information is available at the Volk-L website.

Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI)


The Media Device Interface (MDI) offers support for USB devices (memory sticks and hard drives), iPod integration and Aux In along with displaying ID3 tags over the CANbus to the MFD and the RCD310, RCD510 and RNS510 headunit. The unit is available for the Passat which mounts in the glovebox and the Golf which mounts in the centre console replacing the 6 stacker cd changer. It is possible to mount the unit elsewhere in the car.

UPDATE: Volkswagen have released a retrofit kit that comes without the additional trim for the cd changer mounting and is designed for mounting behind the dash. See here for further information.

  • Module with USB cable for Golf/Passat/Jetta: Part Number 5N0 035 341 B (5N0035341 B)  – USD$255.86
  • Module with USB cable for Tiguan: Part number 5N0 035 341 (5N0035341) USD$300.94)
  • iPod cable: Part Number 000 051 446 C (000051446C)  – ~USD$51
  • AUX in cable: Part Number 000 051 446 D (000051446D)
  • Extension cable for MDI interface 000 051 447 (000051447)

If you want to install the unit into the cd changer location on a GTI with Anthracite trim that doesn’t have a changer installed in the console between the seats you will need the following parts

  • CD Changer Center Console: Part Number 1K0 863 323A 71N (1K0863323A71N)
  • CD Changer Insert: Part Number 1K0 863 328A 71N (1K0863328A71N)
  • CD Changer Air Duct: Part Number 1K0 864 255C (1K0864255C)
MDI installed in CD Changer Location
MDI installed in CD Changer Location

To remove the CD Changer housing to make the MDI easier to mount (Glovebox for example) remove the two T20 screws and then press down on the two clips on the unit to release it.

Pinouts on Media Device Interface (MDI), Bold connections only used if CD changer being retained.

Pin 1: Ground
Pin 2: CAN Low
Pin 3: not used
Pin 4: NFR+/AUX R+
Pin 5: NFL+/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 6: NFR+/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 7: 12V
Pin 8: CAN High
Pin 9: NFL+/AUX L+
Pin 10: NF-/AUX –
Pin 11: NF-/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 12: Shield for CD Changer pass thru cable

Make custom harness for connecting to headunit

  • 2m of 2 conductor shielded wire
  • 2m of unshielded twister pair
  • 4m of 18 guage wire
  • 5 x 000 979 009 repair wire
  • 8E0 972 112 housing

Place two connectors on the UTP for CAN High and CAN Low, two connectors on the 18guage wire for 12V and Ground and two connectors to the 2 conductor shielded wire. This is the end for the MDI and for the end on the head unit side you can splice these wires or use a bluetooth or similar harness.

MDI Interface    Headunit

Pin 1 Ground – T16/12
Pin 2 CAN Low – T16/10
Pin 4 NFR+/AUX R+ – T12B/7
Pin 7 12V – T16/15
Pin 8 CAN High – T16/09
Pin 9 NFL+/AUX L+ – T12B/1
Pin 10 NF-/AUX- – T12B/2

Add Auxiliary input with MDI fitted.

  • Aux in port: Part number 1K0 035 724B
  • 3 wire connector housing: Part number 1C0 973 119B
  • Terminals (2): Part number 000 979 009

Pin 1 of the 3 pin connector (R+) goes to Pin 4 of the MDI
Pin 2 of the 3 pin connector (-) goes to Pin 10 of the MDI
Pin 3 of the 3 pin connector (L+) goes to Pin 9 of the MDI

Kufatec sell this unit as a kit, click here for further information.

When using the USB with removable hard drive ensure that the drive is using a FAT32 file system, other types such as NTFS will not be usable.