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Adding a DAB/DAB+ aerial – DIY

Adding a DAB/DAB+ aerial – DIY is useful if you haven’t decided how to add on DAB/DAB+ support to your vehicle.

See the main article to see the other options – Adding a DAB/DAB+ aerial to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others The connector on the rear of the head unit is a Fakra Black Type A plug so a Fakra Black Type A jack (or a universal one) is required on the DIY aerial, see the this article for further information on Fakra connectors – FAKRA (SMB) Connector Information and Specifications.

In this example I’ve used a spare RNS 510 GPS aerial with RJ174 coax, cut off the GPS aerial and removed the Fakra Blue Type C jack housing from around the connector.








Construction is simple.

1. Strip away the outer insulation and the braided shield from the first 300mm.






2. Strip away the outer insulation on the next 230mm.


3. Make a coil after the braided section of 50mm in diameter and secure with some electrical tape or similar.











4. Add electrical tape or heatshrink to the end of the braided section as shown and the end of the aerial to enable it to be hung up.



This aerial is best suited to a static environment such as a house but works quite well in a vehicle in various locations such as behind the front seats and the b-pillars.






















Original concept was from here –

Adding DAB/DAB+ support to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others

Adding DAB+ support to Australian Volkswagen Golf Mark V and VI, Jetta, Passat and other similar models is reasonably straightforward with the introduction of new (albeit difficult and expensive to source) headunits. DAB and DAB+ are available on all models of the DAB RNS 510 headunits and will work in any country with DAB and DAB+.

The version tested to work here in Australia is the 1T0035686C  (1T0 035 686 C) with a Hardware Level of HW:09 and running software level 5238. This unit is a stock RNS 510 with LED screen, 40GB hard drive and is the latest available model from Volkswagen at the time of fitting in late 2013.

There is another version which is the 1T0035686D  (1T0 035 686 D) and the difference between them is that the C version has Western European maps installed and the D version has Eastern European maps. Be aware that the versions of firmware prior to 5238 are buggy.

You will need to fit a suitable DAB/DAB+ aerial to your car to pick up DAB/DAB+ signals, there is a new FAKRA connector on the rear for this signal and the existing aerials are used for FM and AM.

Adding a DAB/DAB+ aerial to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others