Volkswagen RNS 510 Voice Commands for CD, Media, Navigation, Radio and Phone

Using Voice Commands with the RNS 510 requires a compatible bluetooth kit or a microphone to be added – Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control.

If you have the Skoda Bluetooth installed you can have two sets of voice commands, one activated by pressing the button on the RNS 510 and the other […]

Volkswagen 9WZ Bluetooth Programming

Part number: 3C8 035 730 A (3C8035730A)

Byte 0 Language: 00? 01 German 02 English 03 French 04 Italians 05 Spanish 06 Portuguese 08 Czech 07-09-FF not allowed

Byte 1. Voice Command: 00 Activated 01 Disabled

Byte 2. Type Microphone: Parameter 00 1 / microphone VW 01 parameters 2 / microphone VW 10 parameters 1 […]

Inside the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit

Inside the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit

The bluetooth car kit is built around a TDA7590 a high performances, fully programmable 24-bit, 120 MIPS. Digital signal processor (DSP), designed to support several speech and audio applications, as automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, MP3 decoding, echo and noise cancellation.

Nevertheless, the embedded CODE Cs bandwidth […]

Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install

Whilst this guide is intended for the Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth kit harness it applies to anything that requires interfacing to the quad lock connector on the rear of the head unit or that uses similar connectors around the car. This guide specifically for 2 x power connections and 2 x data connections.

The way this […]

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Microphone Install in Volkswagen Golf

Installing the microphone requires removal of the A-Pillar Trims, the sun visor and part of the overhead console. The final parts of the install such as the connecting to a bluetooth car kit or the RNS 510 are covered separately.

Step 1 – Volkswagen Golf A-Pillar Trims – Removal and Installation

Step 2 – Pop […]

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Housings and Pins

Bluetooth Connector – use by Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi.

Main Connector – 54-pin (18×3) – blue- 4E0 972 144 (4E0972144)

Pins – N/A Repair Wire 0.5mm – 000 979 010 (000979010) Repair Wire 1.0mm – N/A Repair Wire 2.5mm – N/A


Pins – N/A Repair Wire 0.5mm – N/A Repair Wire […]

Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control

Adding a microphone to the RNS 510 to enable voice control is a simple process and there are a number of ways to go about it.

Option 1 – use the factory microphone as used in the Skoda bluetooth kit

The factory microphone is fitted in the overhead console and run to the rear of […]

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Part Numbers

See Volkswagen / Skoda Model Differences for part numbers and details 1Z0 035 815 (1Z0035815) – Holder 1Z0 971 813 xxx (1Z0971813 xxx) – Covering 62U – Black/Aqua 3AU – Ivory 6U0 819 055 (6U0 819 055) – Clip N 909 460 01 (N90946001) – Expanding nut (6×10,2) N 906 674 02 (N90667402) – […]

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Voice Commands

Operation of the bluetooth voice operation mode for the Harman/Becker bluetooth system fitted to Volkswagen / Skoda / Seat and some Audi models is straightforward but may require coding by your dealer or Vagcom/VCDS.

Models that have voice control include

1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 1T0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 5P0 035 729 […]

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Model Differences

There are currently four versions of the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth available.

This kit can now be factory fitted in some countries (code is 9W3 hence why some refer to this kit using that code)

1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) For white dot MFD cars (CC , Mark VI, MY09 Passat) Production until 25/05/2009 Replaced […]