Volkswagen RNS 510 coding when installing with a factory amplifier

When retrofitting a RNS 510 into a vehicle with a factory amplifier coding is required to drop the “output stage power 26 dB” to “output stage line-out 12 dB”. Poor sound quality and other problems will occur if this coding is not performed, the easiest way to see that the coding has not been performed […]

Volkswagen factory amplifier details and pin assignments

Multi-pin connector A, 24-pin

1 – Rear left treble loudspeaker, positive 2 – Rear right bass loudspeaker, negative 3 – Rear right bass loudspeaker, positive 4 – Rear left bass loudspeaker, positive 5 – Rear right treble loudspeaker, negative 6 – Rear right treble loudspeaker, positive 7 – Rear left treble loudspeaker, negative 8 […]