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Sharan Antenna Replica for most Volkswagens

The standard antenna for Golfs without factory fitted Satellite Navigation is a large whip antenna which is pretty visually unappealing. If you don’t mind taking a small hit on antenna performance there is a cheap and easy upgrade available in the form of a 6.5cm (2 5/8″) long rubber antenna that has a 5mm screw fitting.

I purchased this upgrade from parts4euro who claim that it’s compatible with the following cars.

BMW Z3, Z4 Coupe & Roadster, E46 3-series convertible, Honda Si, Sir Hatchback, S2000, Lexus IS200, IS300, New MINI Cooper, Mazda Protege 5, Mazda3, Mazda6, Mitsubishi Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Nissan 350Z, Ponticac Vibe- Saturn 2003+ USA L-series only (L200 and L300), Scion xA, tc, Suzuki Aerio, Toyota New Corolla, Matrix, Echo Hatchback, 2004+ Prius, VW Beetle, Golf, GTI, Rabbit, Jetta, Passat

Click here to see the product on the parts4euro website and if you want to purchase this for only USD$29.99 click here. This is a special price for members of golfmkv forum members.

If you’re in Australia you can purchase this from dubaddiction for AUD$24.95 + delivery here.

Volkswagen Golf Reverse Light Upgrade PIAA XTREME

PIAA 27watt XTREME Globes
PIAA 27watt XTREME Globes

The PIAA XTREME White Bulbs that I ordered a few weeks ago arrived today, going by the reviews and the claim this should not only give me a whiter light but extra light out the back. Whilst the coating on the globe would reduce light output to a certain extent the fact that they were 27watts instead of the standard 21watts instilled me with confidence that they would achieve both of these claims and resolve one of the minor issues with the VW Golf GTI which is only one reverse light.

They arrived well packaged in a nice presentation box and I fired up the lux meter in preparation for a blinding display from the PIAA. The results speak for themselves.

Measured on a digital lux meter at 500mm and 1100mm.

Standard 21watt          PIAA 27watt
403                             146   (550mm)
75                               27   (1100mm)

Pretty disappointing and whilst the light from the PIAA looks whiter and brighter when looking at the globe it doesn’t illuminate anywhere near the same area as the standard globe. Needless to say the PIAA globe has been removed. The globe also felt a fair bit hotter (hotter then expected) then the standard 21watt globe, the coating also smelt burnt (may have been because the coating was new). Needless to say the globe has been returned to standard.

Upgrade Golf Headlights to Osram Nightbreaker

Upgrading to the Osram Night Breaker +90 in the Golf makes a reasonable difference to the throw of the lights and a substantial difference to the colour.

Osram Nightbreaker
Osram Nightbreaker H7

Osram claim up to 90% more light and up to 10% whiter light which from what I can see is pretty accurate.

The standard globes fitted to the Golf were reasonable but could certainly be improved, I would recommend taking optional bi-xenon lights where possible but unfortunately in my case I ended up having to settle for a car without them or face an additional 3-4 months delay.

It’s hard to show the difference the light makes in photos but you can see the difference in output and throw clearly when you’ve changed one globe. The comparative picture from Osram shows the difference between standard and the Nightbreaker +90’s.

Overall I would estimate the additional output/throw to increase the distance from which you can see to be around 20%.

These globes were purchased from Powerbulbs who offer free shipping worldwide.

At the same time I fitted the Philips BlueVision W5W globes to replace the parking lights which were quite yellow looking. These were included free with the order from Powerbulbs and make a big difference.