Volkswagen Golf Automatic Hatch Opening Updated

The original Automatic Hatch Opening became less reliable over time as the springs compressed, this updated guide uses new struts from Skoda and bumpers from the Scirocco.

Parts required 2 x 6Y0 827 550 C (6Y0827550C) – Skoda Fabia gas struts 2 x 1K8 827 761 C (1K8827761C) – Scirocco bumpers 2 x 1J6 827 […]

VentureShield Paint Protection Film (PPF) fitted to Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark V

VentureShield Paint Protection Film (PPF) by 3M was fitted in May 2008 to the lower third of the bonnet, front guards, front bumper, headlights, foglights, VW badge, A pillars, side protection strips, top of rear bumper, door cups and mirrors using 0.15mm film.

Kit Details

Paint […]

Upgrading Volkswagen Halogen Headlights to Osram Super Bright Off Road 65watt bulbs

Osram Super Bright Off Road H7 Bulbs contain a H9 element to boost light output to 2100 lumens (50% increase from standard H7 55w) with a 18% increase in power consumption (65w whereas a standard H7 is 55w).

Osram EAN/Product No: 4050300524399 Product Description: 64217 ECE Category: H7 Base (standard designation): PX26d Nominal Wattage: 65 […]

Volkswagen Windscreen Clear Concentrate

Volkswagen Windscreen Clear Concentrate

VW Part Number: G 052 164 M2 (approx AUD $7)

Recommended to prevent water from freezing in the pipes and to keep the microjets clear.

Windscreen Cleaner Ratio

Windscreen Cleaner


Volkswagen Golf Auto Headlights above 140kph

The Golf has a feature turned on by default in countries that have the “auto” european light switch.

The only requirements are the Central Electronics Controller (09) of type 3C0 XXX XXX XX, a RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor) and the european light switch.

The operation of the system is

Lights turn on at 140kph (actual speed not […]

Volkswagen Golf Auto Rain Closing Windows and Sunroof

An undocumented feature on the Golf MKV is automatic rain closing windows.

The only requirement is having a

RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor)

Operation of the system

Rain closing activates only when the car has been locked. The windows and sunroof if fitted will close automatically after 24 hours.

To activate the feature there are two steps, one […]

Volkswagen Golf Reverse Camera Upgrade RNS510

Update: Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V

The Golf can have the factory reverse system from other models (generally Tiguan 5N0) installed, there are a few caveats that must be checked first as some components in the car must be a particular revision or higher.

Gateway needs […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI and R32 Tyre Pressures

GTI 225/45/17Front  Rear   KPABARPSIKPABARPSI Standard Load2402,434.82402,434.8 Heavy Load2602,637.73003,043.5

R32 225/40/18Front  Rear   KPABARPSIKPABARPSI Standard Load2802,840.62802,840.6 Heavy Load3003,043.53203,246.4

GTI Front Rear KPA BAR PSI KPA BAR PSI Standard Load 240 2,4 34.8 240 2,4 34.8 Heavy Load 260 2,6 37.7 300 3,0 43.5 R32 Front Rear KPA BAR PSI KPA BAR PSI Standard Load 280 […]

Volkswagen Golf Automatic Hatch Opening

(This mod has turned out to be unreliable over time as the springs compress – a new mod using replacement struts and bumpers supercedes this one – Volkswagen Golf Automatic Hatch Opening Updated)

Automatic opening of your Volkswagen Golf rear hatch is possible with a few easy changes. Not all cars will work so try […]

Interesting features on the MKV Golf

Climate control system switches into recirculated air mode when reverse is selected and when you activate the wipers to prevent exchaust gas and the smell of the windscreen cleaner from being distributed in the cabin. Headlights turn on when you exceed 140km/h. Headlights will stay on until the car comes to a complete stop […]