Latvia’s ghost lane?

Inside the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit

Inside the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit

The bluetooth car kit is built around a TDA7590 a high performances, fully programmable 24-bit, 120 MIPS. Digital signal processor (DSP), designed to support several speech and audio applications, as automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, MP3 decoding, echo and noise cancellation.

Nevertheless, the embedded CODE Cs bandwidth […]

Adding switches to the blank switch covers in the centre console of the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

Installing switches in the center console to utilise the blank spaces either requires purchasing the optional switch for that location from Volkswagen however these are a momentary switch, have different markings on them (W for example) and connectors for the switch are not readily available or fitting an aftermarket switch which looks out of place. […]