Volkswagen DSG Statistics

VW sells one millionth DSG, next million on the way

1 million DSG – Volkswagen celebrates the bestselling gearbox Kassel has produced the dual-clutch gearbox for the Group since 2003 Latest 7-speed DSG now available

Wolfsburg/Kassel, 05 February 2008 – DSG – three letters that stand for supreme shift comfort, economy and sportiness. Together with […]

Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox (High Output)

7 Speed DSG Gearbox (High Output)

Maximum Torque: 550 Nm

Orientation: Longitudinal & Quattro

The new Audi S tronic Seven gears for dynamics and efficiency

* News high-tech transmission with twin-clutch technology * Shifts at lightning speed with high efficiency * Suitable for longitudinal installation and quattro drive

Seven gears that shift at lightning speed […]

Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Mechatronic Control Unit

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The mechatronic components represent the ‘brain’ of the 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG. They can implement complex shift operations in a fraction of a second. They consist of a control device and control valve assembly together with individual sensors and actuators. If a shift is to be performed, the control device […]

Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox

7 Speed DSG Gearbox

Maximum Torque: 250 Nm

Clutch: Dry

Transmission oil volume: 1.7 litres

Weight: 77 kg

Orientation: Transverse

More innovative, more intelligent – and more comfortable than ever

Here is Volkswagen’s new dual-clutch gearbox DSG – a real gearbox sensation. Why? Because it represents two world premieres at once: On the […]

Volkswagen DSG – 6 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox

6 Speed DSG Gearbox

Maximum torque: 350 Nm

Clutch: Wet

Transmission oil volume: 6.5 litres

Weight: 93 kg

Orientation: Transverse

DSG – the dual-clutch gearbox from Volkswagen

The innovative DSG dual-clutch gearbox from Volkswagen offers previously unattained shifting comfort that lifts what were once well-defined boundaries between automatic and manual transmissions. This is a 6-speed […]

Volkswagen DSG – 6 Speed Mechatronic Control Unit

Clutches and gearbox units are operated hydraulically. This function is performed by the gearbox mechatronics, housed in the DSG. The term “mechatronics” is derived from a combination of mechanics and electronics. And this is exactly how the mechatronics module is structured: the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and the hydraulic control unit form […]

Volkswagen DSG Mechatronic Replacement

Mechatronic Replacement

02E325025ADZD6 (02E 325 025 AD ZD6) – Mechatronic Unit USD$2200.00/AUD$2900.00

02E305051C (02E 305 051 C) – Transmission Filter USD$49.00/AUD$65.00

02E315141A (02E 315 141 A)- Gasket Pump USD$50.80/AUD$66.00

G052182A2 (G05 218 2A2)- Oil, ATF DSG 1.0litre (x 6) USD$121.26/AUD$160.00

N91084501 (N91 084 501)- Seal, Trans Oil Filter USD$3.00/AUD$4.00

Total Price USD$2424.06/AUD$3200.00 + Labour (3-4 […]