Oil Change Tools for the Volkswagen BPG, BPY, BWT and other FSI engines

Volkswagen have a Spezialwerkzeug (Special Tool) for draining oil from the oil filter housing for the following models with FSI engines.

The Volkswagen oil filter housing drain tool is part number T40057 and suits 2006-2008 VW/Audi models with the 2.0L Turbo (engine codes; BPG, BPY, BWT), the 2005.5 – 2011 2.5L inline 5 cyl VW […]

Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI GTI, R32 and Bluemotion Wheel Alignment Specifications

Suits PR numbers: 2UA, 2UC, G02, G05, G07, 2UC, 2UB, G08, G11, G09, G04/2UC

These specifications apply to all engines.

The ride heights shown in the table refer todimension -a-.

Standard running gearSports running gear except 18″Sports running gear with 18″ wheelsHeavy-duty running gearSports running gear GTISports running gear GTI US versionSports running […]

Recommended tyres for the Volkswagen Golf Mark VI

Recommended Summer tyres for

Volkswagen Golf from model year 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTD from model year 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI from model year 2009 Volkswagen Golf R from model year 2009

Tyres are one of the most important elements in motor vehicle construction and have a major influence on road safety. Therefore, they must fulfil […]

Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Chassis Control - Technical


A shock absorber fails?

If there is a short-circuit or interruption of an adjustment valve, the system immediately switches to “Fail Safe”. The shock absorber symbol in the button flashes to indicate the fault. The vehicle behaves like a vehicle with conventional damping. The sensors fail? If only one sensor fails, a substitute signal […]

Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Chassis Control - Design and Function

DCC Adaptive Chassis Control

The rule for suspension systems has always been that increasing sportiness compromises the ride. In this new system – the DCC adaptive chassis control, the suspension constantly adjusts itself to the road conditions, the driving situation and the drivers requirements.

Adjustable shock absorbers are required to make this possible. The steering […]

Components of the Adaptive Chassis Control - DCC - and fitting locations

1 – Shock absorber damping adjustment button -E387- Fitting location: in front of gear lever in centre console

The shock absorber damping adjustment button -E387- sets the system to three different modes:

Standard Sport Comfort

The operating sequence is -Normal- > -Sport- > -Comfort- > -Normal- > … In the shock absorber damping adjustment button […]

Volkswagen Oil Standards – lists of all approved oils – Skoda – Audi – Seat

Volkswagen introduced it’s own specifications for engine oil in the mid 1990’s and these cover Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Seat made cars.

There are two new VW standards for oils, 504.00 for petrol powered engines and 507.00 for diesel powered engines. Introduced in late 2005, whilst these are seperate standards every oil made to date […]

Volkswagen DSG Statistics

VW sells one millionth DSG, next million on the way

1 million DSG – Volkswagen celebrates the bestselling gearbox Kassel has produced the dual-clutch gearbox for the Group since 2003 Latest 7-speed DSG now available

Wolfsburg/Kassel, 05 February 2008 – DSG – three letters that stand for supreme shift comfort, economy and sportiness. Together with […]

Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox (High Output)

7 Speed DSG Gearbox (High Output)

Maximum Torque: 550 Nm

Orientation: Longitudinal & Quattro

The new Audi S tronic Seven gears for dynamics and efficiency

* News high-tech transmission with twin-clutch technology * Shifts at lightning speed with high efficiency * Suitable for longitudinal installation and quattro drive

Seven gears that shift at lightning speed […]

Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Mechatronic Control Unit

Open communication

The mechatronic components represent the ‘brain’ of the 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG. They can implement complex shift operations in a fraction of a second. They consist of a control device and control valve assembly together with individual sensors and actuators. If a shift is to be performed, the control device […]