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Rear seat noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) in Volkswagen Golf

A common source of noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) is the rear seat latches, when the seats move the lock mechanism moves around on the latch and makes a noise. You could try tapping them with a hammer from above to bend the latch slightly downwards but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem in most cases.

To test to see if it is the latches making the noise drive around with the seats lowered. If it is the latches the simplest fix is to wrap some electrical tape around the latch where the lock contacts it to stop the movement and remove the metal on metal noises. The fix should last for around 50 operations of the rear seats before you have to reapply the tape and only takes a few minutes and a roll of electrical tape (3M Temflex 1610 was used but any quality brand is ok, avoid cheap brands) in any colour except for body colour or black as you won’t be able to see if parts of the tape are stuck in the mechanism or if the tape requires replacing.

  1. Lower the rear seats
  2. Clean the latch with a suitable cleaner (99.7% Isopropyl alcohol or similar is suitable)
  3. Wrap 14cms of 3M Temflex 1610 electrical tape (or equivalent) which will give you six full wraps.
  4. Close the rear seat

volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_before_001 volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_before_002

(the latches after cleaning, you can see where the lock mechanism has been contacting on the first photo)

volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_after_001 volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_after_002

(the latches after applying the tape, this is the area in which the lock mechanism contacts the latch)

volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_old_001 volkswagen_golf_rear_seat_rattle_fix_tape_old_002

(this is the tape after many uses, it should be replaced before it looks like this – I had started to peel it back prior to the photos)


(check the lock mechanism for any large stray pieces of tape that might cause problems with the operation)

DuPont Krytox lubricant – door seals, hinges, latches, squeaks and rattles

DuPont Krytox is an inert lubricant designed originally as an aerospace lubricant suitable for many areas around the car including door seals, hinges and latches. The product can also be used between plastics to prevent squeaks (see list below of some applications). Unlike petroleum based products (silicon and lithium grease t0 name two common products) Krytox will not damage rubber products. Before applying to rubber surfaces they should be free of all contaniments and the use of a IMS (Industrial Marine Solvent) similar to 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner and Wax Remover (part number 08984) is recommended.

Krytox comes in two package types from DuPont, an oil and a grease. Volkswagen sell both plus an aerosol, most auto manufacturers sell Krytox repackaged.

Oil – used on Eos to protected the weatherstrip – best for seals –

  • Description: Weatherstrip lubricant – 30ml
  • Part number: G 052 172 A1 (G052172A1)
  • Price: AUD$120 / USD$60 (edit price AUD$53.95 from Australian Dealer – 8/7/2010)
    • DuPont part number: GPL 105
    • GM part number: 3634770 (around USD$25/29ml)

Aerosol – majority of the can is propellant so only useful for areas you can’t reach or get the product into with an applicator

  • Description: Aerosol – 100ml (5-7% Krytox)
  • Part number: G 052 172 A2 (G052172A2)
  • Price: USD$70


  • Description: ?
  • Part number: G 060 172 A3 (G060172A3)
  • Price: ?
    • DuPont part number: GPL 205 (around USD$40/56.7grams)

See below for suppliers and pricing in different countries.

What is Krytox?

Krytox is a high-performance, non-flammable and chemically inert lubricant that is compatible with oxygen and has a strong resistance to aggressive chemicals. Krytox® provides extended life across a wide range of high-temperature applications.

Krytox oil is a perfluorinated polyether. It is a liquid fluoropolymer, similar to liquid Teflon®. Greases are made with various viscosity grades of PFPE oil that are thickened with special PTFE grease thickeners to match the performance capabilities of the oils. Various additives for corrosion protection, extreme pressure conditions, or antiwear improvement are added to some of the grades.

Krytox is compatible with all seal materials. It is chemically inert.

Krytox is a very safe lubricant to use. All Krytox products are chemically inert. Krytox oils are even used in cosmetics and the greases as barrier creams. The materials decompose at temperatures above 343°C (650°F); some of the decomposition products are potentially hazardous.
Krytox does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds. Krytox® is made of fluorine, oxygen, and carbon. It does not contain any hydrogen.

  • Extends life of seals.
  • Our lubricants can be used as barrier fluids or sealants.
  • Completely non-reactive.
  • Broad elastomeric compatibility.
  • Won’t react with acids, bases or other harsh chemicals.
  • Chemically, biologically and environmentally inert and silicone-free.
  • Contain no VOC materials or chlorine and are not hazardous to the atmosphere or ozone layer.
  • Undamaged by and non-reactive with acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam, moisture and high temperatures.


  • Silenced a squeak occurring in a convertible roof latch mechanism.
  • Stopped wind noise and water leakage associated with window guide seals distorting when the window was opened, then closed.
  • Eliminated an instrument panel squeak on a luxury sedan.
  • Solved a problem with a window weatherstripping “bunching” and distorting on a new sedan.
  • Quieted another I.P. squeak problem on a luxury sports sedan.
  • Eliminated a squeak caused by a sun visor.
  • Stopped a squeak caused by a driver’s-side “S.I.R.” assembly.
  • Silenced a windshield “creak” problem occurring in a large truck.
  • Resolved numerous miscellaneous glove box and ashtray noises.
  • And . . . Krytox® oils and greases handle a number of “itch” problems encountered between the windshield and backlite lace and the vehicle bodies on a number of vehicles.
  • Elimination of wind noise produced by window glass causing the weatherstripping to distort as the glass is raised.
  • Reduction in the force required to open an ashtray on a compact car.
  • Elimination of a cupholder squeak in a luxury vehicle.
  • Stopping console and instrument panel squeaks on two “twin” vehicles.
  • Eradicating a sunroof “tick” on a SUV
  • Quieting a window “judder” (glass chatter) on a truck power window system.
  • Eliminating a squeak on a SUV compartment latch mechanism.
  • Silencing a windshield “creak” problem on a new small car.
  • Stopping a weatherstip “gathering” problem on a truck.

Dupont Krytox Website

DuPont Squeaks and Rattles (vol 1) for the Automotive Industry (pdf)

DuPont Squeaks and Rattles (vol 2) for the Automotive Industry (pdf)

DuPont Squeaks and Rattles (vol 3) for the Automotive Industry (pdf)

DuPont Krytox AUT Series Automotive Lubricants (pdf)

Supply and Pricing outside the Volkswagen dealer network


Fluid Seals & Packings
Unit 3
80 Reserve Road
Artarmon NSW 2064

Phone: 02 9438 1622
Fax: 02 9436 0172
email: [email protected]

Krytox® GPL205 2Oz tube
$89.00 each +GST (Ex Stock)

Krytox® GPL205 8Oz tube
$275.00 each +GST (Ex Stock)

Krytox® GPL105 1kg approx. 500mL bottle (smallest pack size available currently)
$649.00 each +GST (Delivery 6 weeks)

Delivery varies but an air satchel to Brisbane is $13.50 +GST.

Other countries

(post prices and details of suppliers using the comments box and I’ll add them to this list)

<all prices may vary as these are not checked – if you see any discrepancies in pricing let me know – Krytox has had some large price increases in the past so this could occur again>

Knocking noise from retaining band on luggage compartment cover

The luggage compartment cover has two retaining bands to hold this up when the rear hatch is lifted. On the end of the retaining bands are round rubber balls that drop when the hatch is closed and keep the string taut. Under certain driving conditions the balls swing and knock against the plastic on the rear hatch.

This fix covers the two types of rear parcel shelf and costs under AUD$10 requiring only one simple parts that are required from any office supply store or from ebay (under AUD$10 for 2-5 delivered).


Retractable ID Card Holder with metal belt clip and clip. 2 required.

Solution 1 – Net installed under luggage cover

Fit the retractable ID card holder as shown by clipping the card holder around the ball that is hanging and the belt clip to the net.


The ball should be hanging as shown.


The clip should be fitted as shown.


With the luggage cover down with the hatch shut the ball will be hanging just under the luggage cover.

volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_net_4 volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_net_5

Solution 2 – No Net installed under luggage cover

Fit the retractable ID card holder as shown by clipping the card holder around the ball that is hanging and the belt clip to the rear of the parcel shelf and pushing it fully on.


The ball should be hanging as shown.


The clip should be fitted as shown.

volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_nonet_3 volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_nonet_4

With the luggage cover down with the hatch shut the ball will be hanging just under the luggage cover.

volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_nonet_5 volkswagen_retaining_band_luggage_compartment_cover_nonet_6