Body Panel Gaps and Shut Lines - Volkswagen Golf Mark V

Body panel gaps and shut lines – Volkswagen Golf Mark V

To adjust or check gaps use tool setting guage 3371, gaps are in millimetres

Body – Front

Body – Centre (2 door model gaps and shut lines – door to side panel is 3.5mm +-0.5mm)

Body – Rear


Rear seat noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) in Volkswagen Golf

A common source of noise (rattling, clicking and squeaking) is the rear seat latches, when the seats move the lock mechanism moves around on the latch and makes a noise. You could try tapping them with a hammer from above to bend the latch slightly downwards but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem in […]

DuPont Krytox lubricant - door seals, hinges, latches, squeaks and rattles

DuPont Krytox is an inert lubricant designed originally as an aerospace lubricant suitable for many areas around the car including door seals, hinges and latches. The product can also be used between plastics to prevent squeaks (see list below of some applications). Unlike petroleum based products (silicon and lithium grease t0 name two common products) […]

Knocking noise from retaining band on luggage compartment cover

The luggage compartment cover has two retaining bands to hold this up when the rear hatch is lifted. On the end of the retaining bands are round rubber balls that drop when the hatch is closed and keep the string taut. Under certain driving conditions the balls swing and knock against the plastic on the […]