Volkswagen Golf Mark VI Head Unit – Removal and Installation

Tools required

Trim removal tools Torx T-20 driver Remove all CDs from head unit Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers and remove ignition key Removing Using trim removal tool and carefully lever out centre console cover in area of -arrows- and remove cover.

Remove bolts -arrows- from radio or radio navigation system. Pull […]

Volkswagen Golf Middle A-Pillar Trim - Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI both left and right sides

Remove Volkswagen Golf dash panel end trims


Remove dash panel end trim Pull upper part of trim out from body mount -A- Pull trim upwards from A-pillar lower trim -B-


Install in the reverse order of removal and ensure the trim […]

Volkswagen Golf Dash Panel End Trim - Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI

Lever dash panel end trim by inserting trim removal tool as shown.

Fitting GTI stainless steel seat inserts to the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volksagen Golf GTI stainless steel seat inserts are available on ebay for around USD$25 for a set of two (search for “gti insert” or similar).

Fitting is easy, twist them slightly to make them sit flush in the handle, clean out the insert position in the handle with a suitable cleaner and apply some clear […]

Fitting the OSIR O-Rest Volkswagen Golf GTI RHD dead pedal/footrest

The RHD Volkswagen Golf GTI has a plain plastic dead pedal/footrest unlike the LHD models that get a stainless steel one to match the pedals. OSIR have a footrest that fits the Mark V and Mark VI GTI’s available for under USD$80 and is easily fitted with double sided tape to bulk out the rear […]

Covering the exposed wires on the accelerator pedal – Volkswagen Golf – Jetta – Passat – GTI

Exposed wires on the accelerator pedal are an easy fix, all that’s required is some Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses.

You can disconnect the connector or fit the tape whilst still connected.

Volkswagen Golf Accelerator Pedal Before

Volkswagen Golf Accelerator Pedal After


Volkswagen Golf footwell cover drivers side - Removal and Installation

Removing Remove the two bolts (1) – 1.5 Nm Detach cover from mountings and disconnect wiring harness from footwell light Operate the two locking devices (arrows) and pull the diagnostic connector out of the cover. Installation Install in reverse order of the removal process.


Volkswagen Golf upper A-pillar trim – Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI


Remove dash panel end trim Remove middle A-pillar trim Remove airbag emblem-1- (carefully as you may be able to reuse it) Remove bolt -2- using a Torx T-25 (be careful not to drop this) Pull lower section of trim -A- out of securing clips -3- Release trim […]

Knocking noise from retaining band on luggage compartment cover

The luggage compartment cover has two retaining bands to hold this up when the rear hatch is lifted. On the end of the retaining bands are round rubber balls that drop when the hatch is closed and keep the string taut. Under certain driving conditions the balls swing and knock against the plastic on the […]

Trim Removal Tools

The 5 piece trim kit includes all the tools required to safely remove most of the trim.

Wide edge remover Narrow edge remover Pull-type remover Handle remover Upholstery clip remover

These are available from ebay for ~USD$10-15 or from ECS Tuning for under USD$10.