Volkswagen Central Electronics Control Module (CECM)

The Central Electronics Control Module (CECM) is situated above the pedals on the drivers side and controls all the lights in the car, monitors them, controls what appears in the MFD under the lights menu, controls the leaving home and coming home lights function, controls the horn(s) and other features. There are different variants of […]

Adding Door Puddle Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

This guide covers the installation of the puddle lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta front doors as fitted in some countries and specifications of Mark Vā€™s and to some models of the EOS. Along with the Door Warning Lights these really light up the area around the side of the car.

The light operates […]

Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install

Whilst this guide is intended for the Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth kit harness it applies to anything that requires interfacing to the quad lock connector on the rear of the head unit or that uses similar connectors around the car. This guide specifically for 2 x power connections and 2 x data connections.

The way this […]

Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses

Fabric adhesive tape is used to create wiring looms and harnesses and repair existing ones.

Interior Tape

Description: Webbing Adhesive (10M)

Part Number: 000 979 950 (000979950)

Description: Certoplast Interior Fabric Adhesive

Exterior Tape (for under bonnet)

Description: Certoplast Exterior Fabric Adhesive


Tail light bulb specifications for Volkswagen Golf, GTI, GT Sport and R32

Tail light bulb specifications for the Volkswagen Mark V Golf, GTI, GT Sport and R32.

Tail & Brake light bulb / Tail light bulb

Description: Longlife bulb P21W-12V21W Part Number: N 017 732 8 (N0177328) Quantity: 4

Indicator bulb

Description: Longlife halogen bulb H6W 12V6W Part Number: N 104 455 02 (N10445502) Quantity: 2

Reverse […]

Purchasing terminal kits or tools for your Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda

Schwaben Parts


Schwaben Terminal Removal Tool Set

Available from ECS Tuning for USD $69.95

Laser Tools


Laser 4329 Terminal Tool Set

Appears to be the same as the Schwaben kit above and both are similar dollars.

Volkswagen Terminal Tools

website: Dealership spare parts department […]

Releasing and dismantling contact housings

Secondary locking element

The secondary locking mechanism is a housing catch (second line locking mechanism) that secures all the wires in one contact housing. If a secondary locking mechanism is fitted to a contact housing, this must always be opened or removed using the appropriate tool before releasing and pulling out individual crimp contacts. The […]

Trim Removal Tools

The 5 piece trim kit includes all the tools required to safely remove most of the trim.

Wide edge remover Narrow edge remover Pull-type remover Handle remover Upholstery clip remover

These are available from ebay for ~USD$10-15 or from ECS Tuning for under USD$10.


Volkswagen Golf Rear Window Wiper ā€“ Removal and Installation

Removing Wiper Arm


Allow wiper to come to park position. Lift up cover -1- of rear window wiper and unclip cover. Loosen but do not completely remove securing nut -arrow-. Lift up wiper arm and free off from taper by rocking from side to side. Remove securing nut -arrow- and detach wiper arm.