Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Mechatronic Control Unit


dsg_trans_mechatronics_7_speed_1Open communication

The mechatronic components represent the ‘brain’ of the 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG. They can implement complex shift operations in a fraction of a second. They consist of a control device and control valve assembly together with individual sensors and actuators. If a shift is to be performed, the control device communicates the gearbox data to the vehicle electronics network. Conversely, information is transmitted via this interface from the vehicle and motor to the gearbox computer.

Closed system

The mechatronics module is an autonomous unit with its own oil circulation system. The advantages are obvious: 

  • The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid can be adjusted specifically to suit these operating conditions.
  • The high degree of purity of the hydraulic oil permits the use of so-called cartridge valves with extremely small clearances. The result: significantly lower leakage rates and therefore efficient operation of an electrically driven pump.
  • The mechatronic components can be installed independently of the gearbox and they can be exhaustively tested in advance.
  • The system is ‘hybrid-friendly’, because the dual-clutch can be engaged and the gears can be changed even when the internal combustion motor is not running.


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  1. Are there users who have had issues with this part? I have a new Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI (done 10,000 km), under warranty where the mechatronic has failed. The authorized service centre has been holding the car now for 10 days and have still been unable to sort it out. Is this normal?

  2. Dealer is changing my DSG7 complete gearbox because violent downshifts into 2nd gear, and noisy rattle on gear shifts specially from 2nd to 3rd

    car is 1.6L Jetta 2010 with DSG 7

    1. @Abdelwahab Saleh
      I had exactly the same problem for about 1 year in my jetta 2010, until I faced a total failure in the gearbox, dealer is saying it is a mechatronic part that should be replaced

    2. Just bought a new 1.8 VW CC octobre 2013 . After few weeks i star to hear unpleasant friction noise coming from my DSG gear BOX DQ200 exaclty when the 3rd speed is engaged (up or down speed). The dealer did not deal with the problem as soon as i report it. They waited till my first 15000km service to check it up again then mentioned “nothing found “on their report. I had to contact the dealer service supervisor to know that they were changing all clash system of all CC model they sold. He even told how nobody contacted me yet thought they did so with many customers. Any way , i m waiting for their intervention next week and hope the best. The car is really comfortable but that clush problem turned my pleasure to a bitter experience. now I am planning to sell it and buy a Hyundai.

  3. There is a problem with the Mechatronic Control Unit. My 2010 Jetta “Millag 57000 KM” has failed. Gear indecator is Flashing. The Gear box now is only shifting to Odd gears “1,3,5&7”. Gears “2,4,6 and R” are not working no more. I live in Egypt and My Car is from the Gulf and the Vendor is not gonna fix it for me as they said I’m not under their Warranty cost will be around 65000 L.E ……. Any Advice?!!!

  4. Mechatronic part failed in my Jetta 2010 bought from Egypt. Anyone knows how much does it cost ? also how to file a complain as it was under warranty @ the time of failure, but the agency didn’t fix it for 2 months now claiming there is no spare parts in Germany !!!

  5. I own a Volkswagen Touran model 2009 Automatic gearbox 7 speeds , DSG type, there I have a problem in that the P non fixed and I can not move the gear and start the car, knowing that at the same time appeared I have light in the panel meter (blocker slip) is brake synchronous and light green (in the dashboard)

    At first I waited minutes until fixed P and light green light (pressure on the brake) and after half an hour or an hour and four days ago I could not run the car until long time

    Car were examined by computer and most seen by his inability to said access to the panel of gearbox (and if it does not exist) knowing if the car worked any computer error

    But no one takes it upon himself assertively change the panel of gearbox everyone says the possibility of panel and I do not have any agency

    The car is very excellent in refills and switch speeds and in the speed or walking, but the problem is in the start.

    Best Regards

  6. Brand new Mechatronic = 16 000 EGP
    We can try Basic Calibration first , it works sometimes
    01001174811 Eng. Amr Al Sherbiny

  7. I had the problem of the mechatronic part , now waiting one month to have the part and each time they tell me the spare parts are late……..any feedback how could i deal with this bad service in Egypt?????

  8. Adel, you are a lucky guy. one of my friends Superb 1.8TSI with DSG got the same problem and was been with the dealer for 6 months in India to fix…again the problem came last week. Advise your friends to not to go for Skoda Superb with 7 Gear DSG. VW has their inability to fix this issue and cheating all of us.

  9. I drive a vw Jetta 1.4TSI DSG, its leaking the ATF and have been advised to replace the whole mechatronics unit. why is it that the seal cannot be replaced. i just got a broken seal not broken mechatronics unit.

  10. I have just had the same problem with the megatronic system and awaiting repair. Does anyone know what the actual lifespan of this part is or should be?

  11. I own a Volkswagen Touran model 2009 Automatic gearbox 7 speeds , DSG type
    Does anyone knows the part umber and can it be fixed or I have to buy new one that cost a lot?.

  12. My sons dsg has gone wrong in his golf 7speed auto….the pressure accumulator came off and it’s put a slight dent in outer casein ??? Any help or advice would be great….

  13. Very very Bad and worst Experience with Skoda Superb…suddenl y while driving at a spedd of 90 n allowed sports mode immdieately superb got stops and showing indication of spanner…den dealer says my car matatraonoc got failed…as we spend 30 lakhs for diesel car its seems to be very very poor performance of skoda…..

  14. ive the same problem problem with my passat where the pressure accumulator break the housing and bend the oil pan i want to know why that happen i recently purchased the car

  15. I’m having problem with the 7 speed mechatronic parts of my polo. In fact the speed sign is blinking on the dash board and oil is coming out from the “breezer”. Any body can advise what to do..

  16. i have a 2012 vw jetta dsg thats leaking oil from the mechatronic the signal from the dash with a flashing wrench trough out the gear changes.. ive also been told to replace the whole unit. the car drives well and changes gears smoothly along with the leak and the flashing.

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