Volkswagen DSG – 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox


dsg_trans_7_speed_17 Speed DSG Gearbox

Maximum Torque: 250 Nm

Clutch: Dry

Transmission oil volume: 1.7 litres

Weight: 77 kg

Orientation: Transverse

More innovative, more intelligent – and more comfortable than ever

Here is Volkswagen’s new dual-clutch gearbox DSG – a real gearbox sensation. Why? Because it represents two world premieres at once: On the one hand it is the first 7 gear gearbox for front transverse mounting, and on the other hand it is the first dual-clutch gearbox with a ‘dry’ double clutch. What is the benefit for you? The comfort of conventional automatic transmission. The dynamic drive of a manual transmission.

Dried out: the innovative dual clutch

The essential component of the new 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG is its ‘dry’ running clutch. It dispenses with the oil bath needed in conventional designs – a worldwide innovation in DSG technology. Together with other technical measures this makes the dual-clutch gearbox DSG significantly more efficient. The result: less fuel consumption and less emissions – more comfort, agility and driving satisfaction.

dsg_trans_7_speed_2Brand new: and already an award winner 

Thanks to the new 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG this revolutionary gearbox technology can now be combined with smaller engines with a torque capacity up to 250 Newton metres. A development which recently found the acclaim of the ADAC*: In the category ‘Innovation and the Environment’, the German automobile association awarded the ‘Gelber Engel 2008’ exclusively to Volkswagen’s technology mix of TSI and 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG.


Running dry – but still the engineer’s dream

About 400 parts. And only 70 kg. But what makes the design of the new 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG so exceptional is its ‘dry’, hydraulically controlled dual-clutch. Apart from a range of different constructional advantages, this allows a considerable reduction in the amount of lubricant needed. For only the actual gearing and the bearings still require lubricating oil, and none is needed for cooling the clutch. The result: a significantly higher efficiency rating for the gearbox and therefore lower fuel consumption.


Perfect teamwork

The combination of mechatronics, intelligent electro-hydraulic gearbox control, a double-clutch, two drive shafts and three gear shafts means that the next highest transmission stage remains permanently ‘on hold’, simply waiting to be called on. And that takes place in the blink of an eye. Clutch 1 serves the odd numbered gears, whilst clutch 2 serves the even gears and the reverse gear. The effect is immediately apparent in the dynamic driving characteristics: There is no longer any loss of traction power during gear shifts.

A clear concept

Our aim: To achieve more agility and at the same time consume less fuel. Our solution: A seventh gear! Thanks to the innovative 7 gear configuration we have been able to design the first gear with a shorter range. That improves the start-up behaviour considerably. As the gearbox stages are close together and it is equipped with overdrive, the seventh gear with its large transmission ratio saves significantly more fuel – and therefore reduces the emission of CO2. One positive side effect is even audible – or rather inaudible – the vehicle runs even more quietly.

dsg_trans_7_speed_4Shared responsibilities   

 But how does the new 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG actually work in practice? Here is an example: When the vehicle is travelling in sixth gear and accelerates further, the seventh gear is already engaged – but not yet active. When the ideal shift point has been reached the clutch for the sixth gear automatically opens. At the same time the other one closes and thereby activates the seventh gear. The result of this interplay between the two clutches: optimal driving comfort without any interruption of traction power.


Advantages – 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG

Compared with conventional manual transmissions and converter transmissions the new 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox DSG is clearly at an advantage:

  • It allows for direct and completely smooth gear shift operations.
  • It is as driver-friendly as a full automatic transmission.
  • Lively handling characteristics and dynamic driving are guaranteed: through gear shifts without traction power interruption.
  • It responds positively and spontaneously, with extremely short reaction times.
  • And it is economical and helps to conserve resources: With the practically loss-free operation of the dual clutch it is even possible – depending on the driving behaviour – to reduce the fuel consumption to below that of manual transmissions.
  • Qualities which not only demonstrate the trailblazing nature of this transmission concept, but also something much more important: its day-to-day dependability. Never mind what driving conditions prevail, it ensures that the vehicle is driven correctly.

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