Volkswagen DSG – 6 Speed Mechatronic Control Unit


Clutches and gearbox units are operated hydraulically. This function is performed by the gearbox mechatronics, housed in the DSG. The term “mechatronics” is derived from a combination of mechanics and electronics. And this is exactly how the mechatronics module is structured: the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and the hydraulic control unit form one compact unit.

The control unit uses information such as engine speed, road speed, accelerator position and driving mode to select the optimum gear and to determine the ideal shift point. The hydraulic control unit then implements the shift commands in a complex sequence of individual, precisely coordinated actions.

Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany – an international supplier of electronic chassis components for the automotive industry – employs Ultradur® B4300, a BASF polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), in the manufacture of the integrated control unit for its new double-clutch transmission. The transmission control unit is a sophisticated, compact mechatronic component installed directly on the gearbox, meaning that it is immersed in hot trans-mission oil. Two variants of this BASF plastic offer the requisite high-temperature and chemical resistance. This innovative automatic transmission – serially produced at VW for the first time in 2003 – has now found its way into the Golf, Touran, Passat, Jetta and the new Eos models.

Two clutches – eleven sensors – one control unit

The double-clutch transmission consists of two subgearboxes, each with its own clutch, that work together to shift the gears. The integrated electronic control unit that Temic developed for this transmission comprises 11 sensors and 11 actuators (e.g. valves) in one single component whose main function is to open one of the clutches and to close the other at the right moment. This results in smooth shifting without interruption of the tractive force. The electronic unit processes the sensor signals, measures the rpm’s, the speed and the load on the transmission, ascertains the positions of the mechanical components and electromagnetically operates the valves and slides of the hydraulic gear mechanism.

dsg_trans_mechatronics_2Such highly integrated mechatronic parts are only possible with the use of high-performance engineering plastics: Only a material that can be freely shaped is able to protect the electronic components while combining actuation and sensor technology in an extremely small space and in a single part. The wiring is simplified, the number of cables and plugs is drastically reduced, and interfaces are rendered unnecessary, thus yielding a component that is small, lightweight and reliable.

One plastic – two uses

Ultradur® B4300, a PBT made by BASF, fulfils a number of mechatronic functions in the control unit produced by Temic. The standard variant, B4300G6, containing 30 percent glassfibres, has all of the mechanical and chemical properties, for instance, dimensional stability, needed to withstand hot transmission oil. Semiconductor sensors secured in place with this plastic must not shift their position, even when exposed to high temperatures and oil. In contrast, type B4300K6, which is reinforced with glass beads, has to be highly isotropic, so that no oil can get into the structures. The Swoboda company located in Wiggensbach in the Allgäu region of Germany is in charge of the injection moulding of this plastic.

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  1. Driving a brand new mk 6 jetta 1.4 tsi sports 160 hp. No jerkiness experienced with the 7 speed dsg. However car came with minor faults.
    1. Rear seat belt stuck.
    2. Front passenger door needs more force to shut compared with the rest.
    3. Both rear doors panels deformed, does not sit snugly .
    Given the run around at Vw Singapore, now they need another 2 weeks to order parts…..
    New car and it has been in the shop twice.
    Should had stuck to a jap model….my 2 previous jap cars ran flawlessly . So much for German engineering…or should I say Mexican engineering.

  2. I was driving my 2007 Passat on the high way crusing at 70mph… my trans slipped, downshifted on its own and the engine redlined followed by an uncommanded shut down. My 2007 Passat is now showing PRNDS with a knocking engine. The car seems to be in Neutral but nothing will happens when shifting from Park. Looking at the blogs, I have a busted trans and a busted engine because of the trans. I have 111,000 miles on this car and not a scratch (Wolfburg). I will not get another VW after this expierence. The myth of getting 200k out of a VW is far fetched. Looks like I will be out car shopping soon and carrying a car note for 1 more year on a POS that I drive.

  3. I have a 2007 A3 20t fsi Audi DSG bought s/h and got a serging problem going forward from 0km and even worse in reverse ,I have had vehicle at agents under m/plan they replaced h/pressure fuel followers and now its back for vacuum issues all to sort out jerking and hard shifts.I asked them about the Mechatronics unit but they are ignoring me on this question.Unfortunately for them I had a Jetta FSI t before and was the nicest vehicle with its DSG to drive no problems.I will take this Audi back untill they fix it and my m/plan is coming to a end in June (sorry it is there issue).I am in South Africa and maybe they dont want to lay out the money for this unit for I hear it is expensive.

  4. I just got the new 2012 VW GTI. Drivin in it 10663KM so far iv only had for about three or four months. I was speeding on the high way quickly switching from lane to lane and as soon as i threw it in sport (S) to get some extra speed so i could get through some tight spots all of the sudden the car just pulls back and shuts down, spedometer was down to 0km and the rpm was over reving, it froze the car was usless for about 30sec to a minute just flat out stalled!!! i could have been killed!!! “The Mechatronic is damaged and needs reprogramming only” according to the delearship techs and head office here in kuwait. They even told me that i may need to come in every once and a while to reprogramme the mechatronic and that its normal and i shouldnt worry they say. After reading all these blogs i am very worried about the safety and reliability of my GOLF GTI. This is a hazard risk to me and people around me regardless of how i drive or where i am on the road you dont need to be speeding at all in order to cause an accident when your car just decides to shut down and stall in the middle of the road without warning… Thats enough!…. what if i keep fixing, reprogramming, and replacing the mechatronic till my warranty ends then what ? they will eventually stop covering my damaged car ? then what ? What a mess!

    1. Just bought a new 1.8 VW CC octobre 2013 here in Bahrain . After few weeks I started to hear unpleasant friction noise coming from my DSG gear BOX DQ200. Now, the dealer is changing all clash system of all CC model they sold.I m waiting for their intervention next week and hope the best. The car is really comfortable but that clush problem turned my pleasure to a bitter experience. now I am planning to sell it and buy a Hyundai.

    2. Nonsense. Your ECM and TCM software never needs reprogramming unless VW upgrades it which seldom happens and only to improve performance. If mechatronics unit is faulty it must be replaced and programmed (not “reprogrammed”).

  5. I have a 2007 Golf Gt 1.4 TSI DSG car & i have a mechatronics problem with it.. I need to change my mechatronics.. Does anyone can suggest me a place to buy it & can you give me an idea about the price of it please..!!??

  6. I wonder what VW is doing to solve this problem. Just asked my service provider how much it will cost to repair the megatronic controll and they say 11000 South African Rands! Expensive if you ask me!

  7. Picked up a brand new Tiguan 103 TDi with 7 speed DSG and right from the first trip we had problems. We could not select reverse gear, the car stuck in first gear twice and the catalytic converter warning light is on most of the time. The dealership advises that it is a mechatronics problem. So far that’s the level of detail I have, but to their credit I have a new Jetta DSG diesel to cruise around in until they fix the problem.

    The inbuilt SAT NAV is also a problem as the loaded maps don’t seem to have any of the addresses we’ve tried to find using the system. Not a good start with my new car.

    1. Hi Paul my jetta 1.4 tsi has the same problem now. What was the problem and how did they fix it? My car does not engage when in gear and my cat converter light is on.

  8. My 2007 VW GTI with DSG and 71K minles, went out of gear with all four gear indicators blinking. Once I pulled to the side of the road, the car would not move, regardles of whether or not the engine was running. The dealership stated that “we just needed to reporgram the computer”. When I got it back, there was a pronounced clunk when transmission downshifted from 2nd to 1st at low speeds. Back to the dealership where they claimed it needed new clutches ($2000). Clutches replaced, problem not solved. Now they’ve decided the mechatonics needs to be replace (for free thankfully). I suspect that should have been the solution for the original problem if they had road tested correctly. I really like the GTI, but with this kind of inept and expensive service, I can’t wait to trade it in for something simpler, cheaper and more reliable (maybe a horse).

  9. Trust me a horse is more expensive, someone in my family has one and stable/feed costs a fortune!

    Heard from the dealer today and the new mecatronics unit arrived this afternoon and I may have the car back early next week. I sincerely hope it works.

  10. I have a 2006 Jetta GLI (2.0 FSI) with DSG. I reported intermittant failure to downshift at 20K mi to dealer and a heat related erratic downshift/loss of power several years later. Recently while in high temp environment DSG would not engage reverse or forward for some time and then would violently engage. I can’t get a straight answer as to what cars are covered but was told Audi is giving 10 year, 100K extended on DSG.
    What are my chances with VW of A???? Phone number???

  11. I have a 2006 Jetta GLI (2.0 FSI) with DSG. I reported intermittant failure to downshift at 20K mi to dealer and a heat related erratic downshift/loss of power several years later. Recently while in high temp environment DSG would not engage reverse or forward for some time and then would violently engage. I can’t get a straight answer as to what cars are covered but was told Audi is giving 10 year, 100K extended on DSG.
    What are my chances with VW of A???? Phone number???

  12. I have a 2009 Golf TDI im young driver 90% of my driving is urban all my services was done with the same dealership so i started experience problem making noise when coming to stop at slow speed when gear drops from 4 to 2 in between stall’s at complete stop when taking off 3rd gear RPM rises to 3.5 befor it changed to 4 where 1’2’4′ changes at 2.5 RPM it’s so annoying i was so disappointed i stop listening to radio i became furious whats causing i was so sad, i showed it to them they did road test and on computer they said they couldn’t find any error code in the past 8 months its been in for fault check up 3 time’s also at every service interval it gotten worst i made note that i am still experiencing the same problem when it went in for service, well i had some mechanical background worked on car’s with my father i knew it was the gearbox so they said it was CV shaft it got replaced 3 day’s latter it started making the sound so the CV shaft leaked grease got damaged went for another road test they finally accepted it’s the gearbox the mechatronic need’s replacing it was so difficult convincing them i was having nightmares, VW Australia has problem with they workshop’s not qualified to do the jobs in these europcar’s.

  13. Just been told that my 2006 Passat dsg is stuck in two gears, and will either need a new Mechatronic Control unit & hydraulic selector, or a whole new gearbox at £4k!! not very impressed.

  14. I am driving a 2009 VW Golf 1.4 TSI and recently the mechatronics broke down. It cost me almost S$9000 to get it replaced. VW cars are certainly not reliable.

    1. Just bought a new 1.8 VW CC octobre 2013 . After few weeks i star to hear unpleasant friction noise coming from my DSG gear BOX DQ200. The dealer did not deal with th e problem as soon as i report it. They waited till my first 15000km service to check it up again then mentioned “nothing found “on their report. I had to contact the dealer service supervisor to know that they were changing all clash system of all CC model they sold. He even told how nobody contacted me yet thought they did so with many customers. Any way , i m waiting for their intervention next week and hope the best. The car is really comfortable but that clush problem turned my pleasure to a bitter experience. now I am planning to sell it and buy a Hyundai.

  15. I have a 2009 VW Caddy Maxi Life it was surging and getting stuck in gear after 50klms or so driving I only bought it from dealer for 2 days, tried to get VW to replace the Mechatronics unit as it was just out of new car warranty but they wouldn’t so car dealer had to pay all. I just hope this one will be ok as it cost $5,086 Perth, Australia

  16. 18/04/ 2013 I bought a second hand 2007 VW Passat 36000 miles, full service history from new here in the UK from a used car dealer, it been jerking in slow moving traffic, really hard to control and keep her stead very uncomfortable. I have taken it back to the private dealer after reading about the DSG Problem who in turn took it to a Volkswagen dealer. We said to the dealer that we are aware that there are call-backs for the DSG problem in other countries, what about here in the UK. He denied any knowledge of DSG problems. So I have left the vehicle with VW for diagnostic test which is costing £68.The Mechanic said “it needs a software update”, who is he trying to kid. On the way out of the VW dealer service centre I met an old friend of mine who is an engineer for VW, he told me a few things about the problems of DSG gearbox he told me they are F*@ked up basicaly.

  17. I have a VW Golf R32 which was bought new, is four years old and has done 56,00 miles. While it was still in warranty, about two years ago, a sensor had to be replaced, which involved having the gearbox removed, but at no cost to me. This week it wouldn’t go into any gear other than 1st or 2nd and I took it to the dealer. Apparently it needs a new mechatronic unit plus a few other bits and pieces – total cost £2,600 GB including labour. It’s only now, when I read sites like this, that I realise maybe these gearboxes aren’t quite as reliable as I had thought they were! Makes me think I’d be better going back to manual, though I do love my paddle change!

  18. I havbe a MY2008 Passat. It has a failed Mechatronics unit in its 6 speed transmission. It has done 83,000Km. Do not buy a VW! I will be repairing and selling my lemon as soon as I can. I recommend that you avoid my mistake. VW does not care about their existing owners, they just want new owners.

    1. I have 2007 Passat 2.0TDI with a knackered transmission. I felt something break in the drivetrain while driving about 50kmh. After which reverse not selectable and in drive can only inch along with horrible noises. Done 140,000 less than trouble free kilometers so far and was hoping to be able to do much more. Cost to repair – US$7k!!! So I am not sure that will be happening. I am gutted and disgusted with the constant mechanical failures this car has suffered (busted oil pump, busted fuel pump and last year had to have new engine fitted!) Now this….Can’t say I am as thrilled with VW as I was when I first picked up my particular piece of citrus.

  19. I purchased a 012 in November 2012 and after several months, we noticed the car would intermittantly shudder at 5-10 km hr (parking lot speed) at light acceleration. At 15,000 service, I mentioned this to the dealership and was told it was normal for the dsg transmission. Trusting in the dealership, I was satisfied. Jump forward to 32,000 km, the low shudder continues and is now doing the same at consistanty between 55- 60 km/hr.

    A quick drive with the mechanic and he asks to have it overnight for a cold start and drive. The dealership now tells me it is the mechatronics and the part is ordered. It appears this is more common than I thoughts d would assume the selling dealer would be aware. Still under warranty for another 2 years. Time will tell

  20. 2010 Passat has a mechatronic failure problem. It took a while for the dealership maintenance to figure it out. I am seventyish in age and I fear that while in motion a lock down will happen and the Passat will flip over. I wonder if the replacement will be adequate and safe while I drive this lemon. If anyone else has had this problem, please bring it up, maybe Volkswagen to give us a replacement vehicle.

  21. Just bought a used EOS at the dealer with 54k on it . Fortunately it was still under its limited used car warrantee and bought from the dealer as right after purchase it developed a shudder/ lurch shifting from stop to first and first to stop. Took it back in, needed mechatronics unit. Boy I glad it was under warrantee!! I got the impression from the mechanic it was not an unusual problem…. Which isn’t a good thing for VW…

    1. Hi I have a 2012 polo gti Dsg that was involved in a slight accident. Now the gearbox makes a heavy shudder when drive is selected. Reverse seems to work fine. Gearbox specialist suggest the megatronic unit be replaced at a cost of R30k excl labour charges which is another R20k. Am I being taken for a ride? Pls help.

      1. @Darryl

        I recommend that you check with VW, to see if there is a recall (campaign) for your model. I also believe that there may be a 5yr warranty on transmission. The minor accident is probably coincidental. My 2008 Passat cost about $3,000 Aussie dollars, including labour. VW quoted $500 more.

        I have sold my VW, I am very happy with my Subaru.

  22. Hi I have vw golf r32 on a 2006 dsg now my mechatronic unit was faulty as I had it sent to an ecu tester and could not be repaired.. I have now put in another mechatronic my symptoms are clonking noise when changing from neutral to drive its seems to be only from when I put it on drive do I need to programme the ecu / mechatronic unit that I have changed into car I have not yet driven the car after putting in the new unit because of the noise and when I did attempt to drive it shudders a lot need some advice plz

  23. I have 2010 vw gti 50xxx miles i have problems whit reverse some times not engage and vw dealer said to my i need replace all the gear box ,,

  24. I have Sakoda Superb 1.8 TSI 2009 model. It has mechatronic problem can you confirm me that which type of oil for mechatronic oil for this

    1. I wrote a comment in June, 2013. Here is my update.
      I fixed the DSG, at my own expense. I sold the VW Passat for a lot less than I paid for it. VW’s true colours have been in the news – pollution, software detecting air quality tests. Do not buy VW (or anything else from the VW group). Sell your VW and buy a car from a reputable organisation. I bought a 2010 Subaru Outback – reliable, no issues in 2 years & 40,000Kms.

      1. I left Subaru to buy a VW because there was a recall on my model forester due failures with the transmission cooler system. When I submitted the car for the work Subaru refused to complete the work because their dealer (without my knowledge or approval) did not use Subaru branded accessories when I bought the car. I paid for original Subaru accessories but didn’t get them the parts were the same parts from the same manufacturer but were not labelled Subaru. In the end it cost me $1600AUD to fix. I would not be so quick to jump manufacturers. When buying my Tiguan it was a close decision with the Mazda CX5. I chose the VW because of their experience& reputation but my decision had since been proved to have been made based on lures from VW. Now I wonder what life would be like had I chose the Mazda.

  25. I have a 2008 Volkswagen touran 1.4cc.
    1. cranking sound but cant start
    2. things that already been check and at working conditions as follows
    cam sensor
    crank sensor
    fuel pump
    all relays n fuses

  26. Sydney Australia. I love the GTI – best car I have ever owned and Ilove the DSG, But my 2010 GTI 6 speed DSG started a few weeks ago going into neutral at random times and a message of ‘false ESP’ comes up and the transmission lights flash. I took it to the dealer and they said it was a software upgrade issue. This seemed to work a treat – for 2 days.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and had it solved.
    If so please advise what the solution was
    I suspect it is a physical issue such as something in the mechatronic or clutch wearing out (96,000km)

  27. My 2012 VW Jetta is at the dealer’s awaiting repairs on the mechatronic system. I have an unpleasant feeling that I am dealing with a company that is experiencing great difficulties because of their trust issues. Even if what they tell you is true, you still wonder. That is very bad. I hope for the best.

  28. Hi I have a jetta 5 fsi dsg the car switches of and the the gear function light flashes now the car don’t want to start the light flashes wen ignition is on what could be the problem?

    1. Hi, tell me,did you find a solution to the problem you having,I have the same problem with mine can’t find the fault

      1. My 6 speed DSG gear box was replaced by VW even though my car was well out of warranty. Goodwill measure – but there again going into neutral is a serious safety issue.

  29. Rare to find a second hand one laying around as the mechatronics could have upto 5 different codes on the same model

  30. Hello i have vw jetta2007 and will going on 6 gear all of sudden it comes 2 with pnrds flashes.I stopped and my mech told me that mechatronic problem. The next mornig i swith it on again and was as normal except the yellow engine light faulton rev counter. This brings me big trouble all this without warning.!

  31. Hi all, last week my 2015 golf 6 1.4 tsi 7 spd dsg cabriolet started shuderring when pulling away, this morning i pulled away from a robot and the car bounced out of 1st gear and i had no gears at all. Vehicle is now at VW in south africa and they called to say its the MECHATRONIC that needs to be replaced, the part has been ordered…. 36000 km on the clock, should i be worried about the reliability of this vehicle for future ?

    1. The 7 speed dsg had a world wide recall due to slipping into neutral. Contact VW direct and tell them this is a dangerous safety issue and they should replace the unit for free. In China VW had to offer 160, 000 km – 10 year guarantees.
      I had an issue with a 6 speed DSG in a 2010 GTI with 95,000 on the clock. When I said it was a safety issue they replace my unit as a Goodwill measure
      Just google DSG recalls and you might find one specific to South Africa
      Good luck

  32. Recently my mk6 gti MU electrical connector minor leak I’ve checked with local workshop they said cannot be repair must replace does anyone having the same issue?

  33. hi

    my name adel iam electronic engineer and i repair ECU cars i like to learn course about TCU and megatronic (transmission control unit) and to buy tools some body can help me where i can get course

    thank you

  34. Bought VW 2013, at 38,721 km mileage [17.10.13], the mechatronic failed, the car completely did not respond while on the road. At 76,493 km mileage [27.5.15] the fuel control unit failed, the car totally ‘black out’ entire dash board and engine were switched off automatically, These two incidents may cause a major accident if I was driving on the highway. [Both incidents, the car has to be towed]
    At 83,906 km [15.7.2015], I had the clutch problem and the car had no power. [The car has to be towed.] At 109,895 km, [7.6.2016], the water pump unit malfunction, and had to be changed. At 111,948 km [14.7.2016], the lower arm need to be replaced because of a cranking sound. At 115,185 kn [28.8.16] the Timing Case need to be replaced. Battery died twice from 2015 till 2016, both incidents, the car needed to be towed. [It could not start in the morning.] New battery life span less than 7 months.

    Recently the control sensors lights came on at the dashboard, 136k km. [Feb 2017].

    Car still under warranty, and the warranty will end in June 2017. Wonder how to maintain a high performance car with high maintenance in the future.

    William [Malaysia]

  35. HELP HELP!!!

    Hello everybody, i have 2011GTI and according to my mechanic had a mechatronic problem as very often my gear kept getting stuck in reverse.
    What i mean is when i put my car in reverse gear it doesn’t reverse and if i change gear, it doesn’t change gear next to 3rd.
    Then i switch off and switch on the engine, it works fine till next time later in the day.
    I have done only 67000km and car had been regularly serviced with dealer till last year.
    Now my garage says that its a mechatronic problem and i have to change the gear box.
    Can some one please help me on what should i do next.

  36. 2009 golf kept jerking into gear now gearbox shut down. Says gearbox overheated stop owners manual. In garage finding fault. Says either mechatronics or relay switch. Have read that be golfs and audis have had problems with us and were recalled in 2009

  37. How old is Mechatronic Golf 6 – R, Can the mechatronics handle the car driving up to 300,000KLM without changing it?

  38. Hello I have a question please

    How old is Mechatronic Golf 6 – R, Can the mechatronics handle the car driving up to 300,000KLM without changing it?

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