Volkswagen DSG Mechatronic Replacement

Mechatronic Replacement

02E325025ADZD6 (02E 325 025 AD ZD6) – Mechatronic Unit         USD$2200.00/AUD$2900.00

02E305051C (02E 305 051 C) – Transmission Filter USD$49.00/AUD$65.00

02E315141A (02E 315 141 A)- Gasket Pump  USD$50.80/AUD$66.00

G052182A2 (G05 218 2A2)- Oil, ATF DSG 1.0litre (x 6) USD$121.26/AUD$160.00

N91084501 (N91 084 501)- Seal, Trans Oil Filter USD$3.00/AUD$4.00

Total Price USD$2424.06/AUD$3200.00 + Labour (3-4 hours)

New DSG Transmission versus New Manual Transmission

DSG Transmission

(include Mechatronic Unit – deduct ~USD$1500/AUD$2000 if not required)

02E300042Q (02E 300 042 Q) – USD$6000/AUD$7800.00

02E300043C (02E 300 043 C) – USD$6000/AUD$7800.00

Manual 6 Speed Transmission

02Q300043K (02Q 300 043 K) – USD$4000/AUD$5300.00

02Q300040E (02Q 300 040 E) – USD$4000/AUD$5300.00

Reconditioned units for both DSG and MT gearboxes are available, these are indicated by an X on the end of the part number. For the DSG the gearboxes are ~USD$2000.00/AUD$2600.00 cheaper and for the MT ~USD$1500.00/AUD$2000.00 cheaper.

27 thoughts on “Volkswagen DSG Mechatronic Replacement”

  1. hi
    I have a question
    I have a 2008 VW GTI DSG
    I need a transmission valve body(02E 325 025 AE), but you have 02E 325 025 AD
    last letter AE and AD what’s different? can I use AD?


  2. I have an AUDI A3 8P1 2004 2.0 TDI.
    I need to replace the mecathronic unit of my DSG gearbox, part number 02E 325 025 AD Z0J.
    In Italy no one can repair the mecathronic……. !!!
    I need an helping hand!!!

  3. bonjour,
    j’ai besoin que vous me confirmiez si vous avez le mecatronique de vw passat reference de la piece 02E-325-025-AD-Z87 Si vous l’en avez quelle est le prix et quelle maniere l’expedier jusqu’a Luanda ainsi que le prix de transport.
    merci, j’attends la suite urgemment

  4. Hello can anybody tell me what’s the difference if any between mechatronic unit part# 02E-325025-AD-ZBR and the 02E-325025-AM-ZBR ? thanks

  5. can you please send me the price of a new mechatronic control unit for the golf 5 gti 2006 model dsg 6 speed.

  6. Hi George, i replaced my mechatronic on my golf 5 gti 2006 model in 2007. Cost me about R18000. The oil is also quite pricey.

  7. in UK they can fix the ECU if it’s the first time if you need more information type in google ecutesting then go to their webside you will find their contact number the price is around 250 pounds or less. fixing your own one

    1. Hello i remplaced my mecatronique original part it’s 02E 927 770 L remplaced by 02E 927 770 AD
      And only the 1st and 2nd gear work
      Anybody can now what the problem

  8. Hi everyone,

    Anyone know where I could get a 6 speed DSG Mechatronic Control Unit for a 2011 Golf Type R? part #: 02E325025AMZB2. Got quoted $3200 today to replace the whole thing plus a DSG oil change. 3-4 week wait time from VM & it’s virtually impossible to find them online anywhere.

    Any help would greatly appreciated.

  9. Part # 02E 325 025 AL ZJO
    Do you have it?
    How much does it cost of shipping to
    (818) 945-1378

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