Upgrading of Volkswagen Park Distance Control (PDC) to Optical Parking System (OPS)

vw_rns_510_ops_front_rearVolkswagen’s Optical Parking System (OPS) gives a visual display of the rear and front (where fitted) PDC sensors on the RCD 310, RCD 510 and RNS 510.

Vehicles with genuine Volkswagen PDC and a suitable headunit can be upgrade to the Optical Parking System through a few simple upgrades.

The CAN gateway needs to be revision E or later, MY08 vehicles already have this fitted.  

CAN Gateway –  3C0 907 530 E (3C0907530E) 

PDC Control Unit – 3C8 919 475 (3C8919475)

Wiring for CANBUS (runs from front of car to the rear where PDC Control Unit is located)

Repair Wire – 000 979 009 (000979009) x 1

CAN cable (10M) – 000 979 987 (000979987) x 1

Webbing Adhesive (10M) – 000 979 950 (000979950) x 1


The new PDC controller doesn’t connect to the comfort CANBUS network but instead the drive CANBUS network. If you have bi-xenons installed the controller for this can be used to connect into the CANBUS network otherwise you need to use the CAN gateway. 

Remove the three connectors from the PDC unit (located near the drivers side of the car behind the rear wheel inside)

The brown plug (T16) with a orange/brown cable on pin 7 and orange/purple cable on pin 14 needs to have the outer housing removed by lifting the clip on the end and sliding the black connector out. Pin 7 and 14 are connected to the Comfort CANBUS network.

Remove pins 3, 7 and 14 as these are no longer required and ensure they are individually protected again short circuit with heatshrink tubing or electrical tape.

Connect the can bus cabling. 

CAN High goes to T16 Pin 6
CAN Low goes to T16 Pin 15

Connecting the CANBUS network.

On the bi-xenon connector (T-26) Pin 2 is CAN High (orange/purple) and Pin 3 is CAN Low (orange/brown)

On the CAN gate connector (T-20e) Pin 16 is CAN High and Pin 6 is CAN Low.

Remove the connector (blue) from the CAN Gateway and remove pin 2.

The old PDC was at address 76 and the new one OPS is address 10. 

A problem that can occur after the CAN gateway upgrade if the car is fitted with the premium telephone kit is a 2A power draw issue, if this occurs the numeric keypad (5D) has a software revision of 0018 or older, have a VW dealer flash this with a software revision 0019 or later to solve the problem. The numeric keypad has a hardware revision of 11 and software of 0018. Other solutions include removing the keypad and using the RCD 310/RCD 510 or RNS 510 screen, purchasing a new keypad or powering the keypad from a switched power supply.

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  • Adis

    imam golfa 5 model 2009g ima PDC uradio sam sve prepravke na instalaciji can bus na pogonski prebacio uklonio pin3 stavio pin1 klema15 prepinovo senzore prema semi golfa6 i zamjenio jedinicu za ops 1Z0 od oktavie 2010 prekodirao getevey i to je sad ok imam komunikaciju sa VCDS i na momenat dobijem prikaz na rns510 i u tom momentu prijavi gresku sve senzore nema komunikacije mozeli mi ko pomoci dali su postojeci senzori kompaktibilni za ovu novu jedinicu ili moram mijenjati i senzore naprimjer od pasata 3C da li se mogu postaviti i moram li mijnjati bas i te senzore hvala unaprijed

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  • giuseppe001

    Hello to all
    I have a Golf MK5 my07 in wich i would install the front and rear OPS and the Tiguan camera with control module.
    Are they comaptible ?
    Many thanks

  • Parth Z

    Hey Maverick fantastic post !!!!

    Its still helping people out ! and not only VWs but Skoda s too…

    Based on your post I’m planning on going for the columbus on my skoda Octavia II FL ’09..
    I’ve already updated to a parking sensor controller 1Z0 919 475 B ..however I’m not sure if I have to update the CAN Gateway my part number is – 1K0907530 S…revision – h16..

    If you can give me any help , it’ll be great !!!

    Keep up the good work !!!

  • Bjorn

    hello can you activated OPS with address 10 if you retrofitted ops your self? thanx in advance bjorn netherlands

  • Ben

    Hi! I didn’t figure out anything with my Polo! The PDC/OPS I installed in my car is 6R0919475B; don’t know why BUT even if configured the system doesn’t accept the coding related to the OPS

    Right coding in module with address 10 is:
    10 = OPS Active
    01 = Automatic Transmission and No trailer hitch
    01 = Module Coded for Polo 6R

    This is a print screen of VCDS Error I receive: http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3607/96211853.jpg

    Therefore final code result to be 000101

    Can anybody help me?


    • Ben

      I think the problem is in the address of the Pins; in fact, I have the bi-xenon fitted in my car and it looks like, about cabling:
      CAN High goes to T16 Pin 6
      CAN Low goes to T16 Pin 15.

      According to Your guide, do I have to change the Pins on the bi-xenon connector? PDC/OPS are already address 10! Where the bi-xenon connector is located?

      After this it should work, am I right?

  • connecting to GATEWAY:
    ?20? pin 16 – CAN ??????? High
    ?20? pin 06 – CAN ??????? Low

  • This upgrade is wrong.

    You have to unplug conector 3 but you need to plug on pin 1 on T16

    can Network plug is corret


    Rear external left sensor pin 2 must be unpluged from pin6 on T12 conector and pluged into pin 5

    Rear external right sensor pin 1 2 and 3 must be unpluged.
    The old pin 1 now plugs on pin 3
    The old pin 3 now plugs on pin 2
    The old pin 2 now plugs on pin 1

    Our new pin 1 now is conected to pin 11 from PDC, now must be unpluged from pin 11 on T12 conector and pluged into pin 4

    all based in ELSA.

    I’m retrofitting a Golf V PDC only with buzz not ops to a Seat Altea PDC front/rear system with ops.

    5P0 919 475 C

  • jim


    wat are the partnumber of the pdc interface after 2008 for a passsat?

    gr Jim

  • Hey Maverick,

    Sorry I’m a newbie.

    I need a few things doing to a RNS510 in a 2008 Passat. I was wondering whether you can be of assistance with fittings? Obviously I would be willing to pay for your help. I need the following doing:

    Updating firmware on RNS510 – I can’t access secret menu and need VAGCOM to update. Tried a few downloaded firmware updates but gets errors halfway through. Unit works fine though.
    Change from PDC to OPS (I have factory fitted front and back sensors).
    Adding Rear head rest monitors and connecting via TV OUT on RNS510
    Changing bluetooth module from rSap to non rSap (Skoda UHV?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Webvince

    Bonjour, je possède un Touareg v10 de 2004 avec rns510. Est il possible de faire l’adaptation ?


  • leonfrrojito

    Good friends and I have a problem connected to a seat leon OPS everything works correctly I get the graph in RNS510 and the vag-com does not give me any error sensors seems that everyone is fine except that I put reverse gear and whistle stop sending you an e videio that recorded for the failure that you see if you can have alluded to fix a greeting from Spain .Then sometimes sounds like an ambulance siren do not know where this error may come hope your help many thanks

  • Kim

    Hi all, suddenly my OPS on VW Tiguan is not displaying on screen. how can I fix this myself?

  • john


    sorry for language im speak french.

    I have passat B6 2007 , gateway 1K……….AC , Pla 1T0919475A , Rns510 C Fw 2660 ,Camera passat Oem.

    original pdc 8 chanel , Pdc unit 3C………283.

    coding Gateway chanel 10 , Active Camera and Ops.

    Fault and not work , the sound est 5 seconde and Rns screen say (OPS temporarily no unavailable) , orange button flash.

    after cut off motor , display FIS say “chek steering column”

    Any idea?

  • abel

    Hey Maverick

    Does the upgrade work with the pdc controle unit (3C0 919 283C) in my passat MY 2007. if not what is de controle unit that is required.

    regards Abel

  • Islam zaki

    i install ops & rear camera in mk5 Jetta
    but i have problem the OPS & CAMERA some times is working as both & some times OPS is work as PDC not in RNS510 screen & may be camera work or both is not working
    but i make restart for RNS510 both is working
    can any one have help ?

  • Islam Zaki

    I Upgrade PDC to OPS on my JETTA 08 with RNS510 now i have problem that the OPS some times working sound only not optical on rns , but when i make restart for rns it will show the ops also on rns what’s my problem where’s the fault ?

  • Rayen

    I want to install this.
    Can someone tell me what the difference is between CANBUS network and CANBUS gateway, and where it’s situated?


    • Maverick

      CAN bus network is the run of cable that the the devices connect to (comfort, engine etc) and the CAN bus gateway allows communication between the networks.

  • Florian

    Islam Zaki, what you change , the control unit (Bosch to Valeo) and the sensors , or just unit control.
    I have bosch control unit and original sensors and i want upgrade to OPS. Thanks!

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  • cristo_844

    i upgraded 2007 passat based on this diy and worked like a charm!!
    i didn’t remove pin 2 on tha can gateway because i didnt exist!!

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  • Sang


    Does it matter what model RCD510 I have? I’ve read that you require an RCD510 with a model number 3C8 035 195 otherwise you can’t do this upgrade.


  • LongChair

    When you dont have the xenon option in your car, soldering the two wires in the can gateway connector is really difficult because of the accessibility of the can gateway harness (laying down inverted on the floor looking up is not a very nice position for soldering 🙂 ).

    Would there be any other are / connector linked to the same canbus and which would have a better access for this operation and where the two wires couls be connected instead of pin 6 and 16 ont T20e connector ?


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  • ntquartex

    I installed harness+rear parking aid sensors with my RCD310.
    But I could not configure my can converter, what should be the parameters for Polo 6R 2010?

  • Scott

    Hi all, I just completed this modification.
    (passat 57 plate 2007)
    Installed new PDC already had the “E” gateway. The audio is working but I’m getting no display?
    Coded everything with VAG COM and can see that the sensors are registering a distance in Vag Com measuring blocks.

    Here is where it gets tricky, Im not using RNS510 I have the Dynavin D99 unit which should be compatible.
    Also I had no pin 2 in the CAN gateway?? should i be removing another pin?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • RW

    I had coding problems and the radio (RCD510) would not give the “radar” display. This was solved by coding the park assist (section 10) in VCDS to 100003 for Passat B6 (manual). instructions say 100006 but this was not even an option with my car/controller. The last digit is for car type.

  • nando

    Hi, this message is translated by google, sorry for the mistakes.

    I want to make this change for the ops, I’ve spent the cables.
    but I have not installed the bi-xenon where devvo certify the cables that step?

    thanks for the info

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  • Dennis

    Hello Guys,

    I’ve did this to! I have oem pdc on my Skoda Octavia rs combi 2006 and i replaced the cangateway and connected the wires correctly but i have a error with the middle sensors not the right or left one? is the somebody who knows where they belong? a pin out layout or something? i want to know wich positions i have to put them.

    kind regards Dennis from holland

  • Dennis

    Sorry i also have seen a visual already on my columbus radio but for only 2 seconds… and i have the 5J0 919 475A pdc

  • sorin

    hy, i try to made this update on a skoda octavia II from 2006 with a 5j0 919 475 a unit but it doesn’t work. I can not code it and local dealer said that it cannot be done because it have a different type of controller – via UDS (new tip of gateway communication). Can anyone have this issue and somebody know a method to solve it? thank you

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  • Sly

    first, thank you very much for all these tutorials. I have a Cross Touran, year 2008 and would to upgrade PDC to OPS.
    The reference of my modules are :
    CAN Gateway : 1K0 907 530 L rev H07
    PDC : 1K0 919 475 rev 00050000 PARKHILFE

    Could you confirm that it’s necessary to do the modification in order to upgrade my PDC to OPS ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Maverick

      Your CAN gateway and PDC should be suitable so I wouldn’t replace them.

    • Seyko


      I have the same modules, were you able to install ops with these modules? or you had to change them? Thank you

      • Sly

        As nobody help me to modify the channel 10 to 76, I have decided to stop this modification with my module. I have already bought a new gateway module and I search a new module for my Park System Assist (radar sensor at front and back).

  • Sly

    So Maverick, you confirm that my modules 1K0 xxx xxx is more recent than your version in 3Cx xxx xxx

  • I also would like to use OPS.
    My car is from 2008 and has the following modules:
    PDC module: 1K0 919 475
    Gateway: 1K0 907 530 L

    Also PDC is already on channel 10 in stead of 76. And “Optical Illustration Active” is activated. But no image on my RNS 310.
    Did i forget something? Do i have to change anything in the gateway?

  • Carangeljr

    2007 Passat Wagon 3.6, 4-Motion, RNS-510 with OPS

    My OPS is not showing on the screen (RNS-510) when an object gets close to the sensors (front & rear). The only time the OPS shows on the screen is when I put the car in reverse.

    Can someone help me with the OPS coding.


  • gosarabi

    Hi, I have a Golf V 2008.
    Can Gateway: 1K0907530L
    OPS Module: 5KD919475

    When I try to configure OPS Module with “100001” I receive VCDS Error:
    Coding rejected
    Error 31: Request out of range.

    I can’t activate OPS

    Thanks a lot

  • Miguel Borges

    Hi. I´ve install a 56D919475A unit in my VW Golf Plus from 08/2009 and it doesn´t works. Someone can tell me how I configure this unit? Thanks

  • Sly

    If somebody, how we change the channel PDC (=10) to OPS (=76). I don’t see where is it in VCDS. Thanks in advance

  • Seyko


    I have a Volkswagen eos form 2007;

    My PDC module was a BOSH : 1K0 919 475 and my Gateway was 1K0 907 530 L, it’s possible to have OPS with this modules ? , if I have to upgrade, I need to change the sensors too? I read that BOSH sensors does not work with the VALEO module. What should I change to the ops work? Thank you

  • Ali

    Not sure if anyone is still reading… but here goes !

    My 2013 Touran 1.6 SE has been fitted with a VW MFD2 . My car has parking sensors which are working fine, however the GPS unit I have does not seem to display the OPS?

    Is there any way i can “fix” that?

    Any advise would be appreciated – Thanks!

  • Mostic

    Hi Guys,
    I have 2011 Scirocco and I installed the Front/Rear parking sensors.
    I have a serious issue with my Front/Rear parking sensor on the RCD510 OPS display.
    It works perfectly except that I can’t get the Scirocco image, I can’t find it even when I change to Coupe it gives me the Golf pic!! 😥
    Here are Address 10 & Address 19 details.

    Address 10: Park/Steer Assist (J446) Labels: 1Q0-919-475.clb
    Part No SW: 5C6 919 475 HW: 5C6 919 475
    Component: PARKHILFE 8K H01 0005
    Revision: ——– Serial number: 84091011300098
    Coding: 108101
    Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00215
    ASAM Dataset: EV_EPHVA18VW3610000 001003
    ROD: EV_EPHVA18VW3610000.rod
    VCID: F1AA9582204D19B60E-80A4
    No fault code found.

    Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) Labels: 7N0-907-530-V2.clb
    Part No SW: 7N0 907 530 D HW: 1K0 907 951
    Component: J533 Gateway H35 0614
    Revision: H35 Serial number: 041210F2003394
    Coding: 354000
    Shop #: WSC 00020 790 12345
    VCID: B12A5582E8CD59B64E-80E4
    No fault code found.

    All ideas are appreciated.

  • Sly

    You have to check OPS option in Park Assist Module, GetWay and RCD510

  • bENch

    Hi guys,

    I know this is a very old post but I have ’06 MKV GTI and I would like to know if I need to change any hardware before I attempt this mod.

    Thank you in advance

    Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) Labels: 7N0-907-530-V2.clb
    Part No SW: 7N0 907 530 C HW: 1K0 907 951
    Component: J533 Gateway H37 0614
    Revision: H37 Serial number: 250511F1000912
    Coding: 350000
    Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
    VCID: 30656164D8E3

    No fault code found.
    Address 76: Park Assist Labels: 1K0-919-283.lbl
    Part No: 1K0 919 283 A
    Component: 22 Einparkhilfe 0101
    Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
    VCID: 2D5B7810CFD1

    No fault code found.

  • Abhijeet

    hii, I am using jetta mk6 2014 in india. My car is fitted with 8 parking sensors, I changed basic headunit (Dynavin N6 VW) but OPS doesn’t work. I don’t know which which module is fitted to my car. I tried to configure it through VCDS but it doesn’t help.

  • Mustapha Hajji

    Dear All I have installed a Meta System OPS system on my Passat CC 2015 by the screen of my RNS 510 doesn’t show anything only the sound is working. The professional installer did not understand why .

    can you help I have put a lot of money for nothing

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