Upgrading of Volkswagen Park Distance Control (PDC) to Optical Parking System (OPS)

vw_rns_510_ops_front_rearVolkswagen’s Optical Parking System (OPS) gives a visual display of the rear and front (where fitted) PDC sensors on the RCD 310, RCD 510 and RNS 510.

Vehicles with genuine Volkswagen PDC and a suitable headunit can be upgrade to the Optical Parking System through a few simple upgrades.

The CAN gateway needs to be revision E or later, MY08 vehicles already have this fitted.  

CAN Gateway –  3C0 907 530 E (3C0907530E) 

PDC Control Unit – 3C8 919 475 (3C8919475)

Wiring for CANBUS (runs from front of car to the rear where PDC Control Unit is located)

Repair Wire – 000 979 009 (000979009) x 1

CAN cable (10M) – 000 979 987 (000979987) x 1

Webbing Adhesive (10M) – 000 979 950 (000979950) x 1


The new PDC controller doesn’t connect to the comfort CANBUS network but instead the drive CANBUS network. If you have bi-xenons installed the controller for this can be used to connect into the CANBUS network otherwise you need to use the CAN gateway. 

Remove the three connectors from the PDC unit (located near the drivers side of the car behind the rear wheel inside)

The brown plug (T16) with a orange/brown cable on pin 7 and orange/purple cable on pin 14 needs to have the outer housing removed by lifting the clip on the end and sliding the black connector out. Pin 7 and 14 are connected to the Comfort CANBUS network.

Remove pins 3, 7 and 14 as these are no longer required and ensure they are individually protected again short circuit with heatshrink tubing or electrical tape.

Connect the can bus cabling. 

CAN High goes to T16 Pin 6
CAN Low goes to T16 Pin 15

Connecting the CANBUS network.

On the bi-xenon connector (T-26) Pin 2 is CAN High (orange/purple) and Pin 3 is CAN Low (orange/brown)

On the CAN gate connector (T-20e) Pin 16 is CAN High and Pin 6 is CAN Low.

Remove the connector (blue) from the CAN Gateway and remove pin 2.

The old PDC was at address 76 and the new one OPS is address 10. 

A problem that can occur after the CAN gateway upgrade if the car is fitted with the premium telephone kit is a 2A power draw issue, if this occurs the numeric keypad (5D) has a software revision of 0018 or older, have a VW dealer flash this with a software revision 0019 or later to solve the problem. The numeric keypad has a hardware revision of 11 and software of 0018. Other solutions include removing the keypad and using the RCD 310/RCD 510 or RNS 510 screen, purchasing a new keypad or powering the keypad from a switched power supply.

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  • Ron


    i updated my RNS510 A version into a B-Version.
    i’m waiting on my new Golf VI GTi with Park Assist (PDC in front and behind), can you tell me if i put the RNS510 in my new Golf it will show the PDC on the display of the RNS510?

    i have the newest software update on it.

    Great site, thanks for the advice.

  • Ron

    Thanks Maverick!!!

    Can you tell me if the climate controle also wilol be visual???

    Greetings from The Netherlands, Ron

    • Maverick

      If you’re getting climatronic then yes as the unit doesn’t have any lcd screens like the old one and displays it’s information on the factory head unit.

  • giuseppe001

    Hi Maverick,
    i will upgrade my MK5 with a new RNS510 from RCD300.
    I would retrofit the park assist as new MK6.
    So installing the 8 sensors and aid to the steering whell.
    Is it possible for you ?


  • Alex


    Thanks for providing this information but I’ve got a few questions.
    1) Is this applicable for Golf MKVs in Hong Kong? I currently have a MY08 Golf GT Sport, with RCD 510 and original rear PDC sensors.
    2) Is there an easy way to check the CAN gateway and PDC part number?
    3) Is there any coding required?
    4) If I can proceed, any chance you have some pictures?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Panos

    Hi Maverick and thank you very much for the information.
    Unfortunately, i didn’t understand a few things and i have to ask….
    I’m from Greece and I have a MY 2008 Tiguan (ordered in January 2008, delivered to me in June 2008), with RCD-300, steering wheel with multi-functioning keys, factory xenon lights, Premium BT and Park Assist, which includes front and rear sensors with only sound warnings.
    Recently i replace the RCD-300, with a RNS-510 version B.
    All the functionalities worked perfect, BT phone, GPS, MFD screen, steering wheel, etc. The only thing that do not work, is the optical display of the Park Assist sensors in RNS-510 screen.
    So i wonder, do i need some sort of hardware that i miss, to make the sensor dislpay works on RNS-510, or do i need a coding with VCDS, in order to activate the display option?
    Thanks in advancr for the reply…..

    • Maverick

      First item it check is that you have the correct version of the PDC, if this is correct you will need to code the RNS 510 to add in the PDC, if that doesn’t work you need to check that it has a CAN bus connection.

  • Panos

    Thank you very much, for the immediate reply, i’m much obliged, your a life savior…The PDC unit, is at the rear of the car i think, do you know exactly where, so that i can check the version?
    Thanks in advance…

  • Tim

    Hi Maverick,

    Last month I brought a new MY08 Passat with RCD-300 and I was originally informed that if replace the RCD-300, with a RNS-510 it would be OPS.

    This week I had the RNS-510 installed at a different VW dealer and ask them get the OPS working when they installed it. My wife picked up the car and was told they can not do this and it would be a retrofit, if and when a kit become available Australia!

    First thing today I contact the Service Department that installed the RNS510 as the MFD is not displaying anything other then vehicle stuff (not the GPS or Radio etc) and they’ll fix that on Monday as I could not get back today. I aksed about the OPS and they once again said no it can’t be done.

    I went back to the dealer I purchased the car from and asked about this and at first they agreed it should be displayed but when I said what I was told the by the other Service Department thing changed and now I have be now been told that OPS is only a factory fit and my wife and I both misunderstood. I also complaimed about the factory bluetooth which is a waste of money and to say it is handfree is a real joke. Must dial calls from phone, anyway…

    The only thing that I have now been told is the OPS can not be displayed on the RNS-510 screen with my vehicle. Hence, tonight I hit google and it lead me here (thanks for all the great info). However, I am at this point not to confident that I will get the right answers from the dealer and how could I check what PDC is installed (where would I find it) because as I read the above, I believe either they or I am missing something.

    So like Panos. I was seeking some advice to make the sensor dislpay works on RNS-510?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Maverick

      You’ll need to check the model of the controller (located behind the carpet on the side drivers side of the boot I believe (note this is for RHD cars for overseas readers) as it’s likely that you have the older controller which is not connected to the CAN bus. If someone you know has access to a Vagcom/VCDS cable (from http://www.ross-tech.com) they should be able to tell.

      I doubt that the MY08 model has support, the MY09 I believe does and it comes standard with the RCD 310 I believe (RCD 510 for upper models).

      As mentioned in this post if the model doesn’t support OPS the work that I’ve indicated needs to be done, it’s not a huge job and should be a few hours work for the dealer and hopefully you can get them to pay for it.

  • Arthur

    Hi Maverick:
    I’m from Taiwan and i have a MY09 passat. It has RCD-310 and the OPS in RCD-310 works well.
    Now I have planned to upgrade my RCD-310 to RCD-510 headunit only.
    Can the OPS works in RCD-510 after only changing headunit?
    Or i have to do some other upgrade?
    Thanks in advnace

  • Otto

    I have a new can gateway on it’s way. It is an L version. My car is a 06 Europerean Passat. Do I still need to cut pin 2 on the L gateway ? Why is this pin cutted ?
    Best regards and thanks for a great site.
    Otto, Denmark

  • Nash

    Hi Maverick
    I have a passat 2.0L FSI. My vehicle is fitted with the original park pilot at the rear and front. I went to Kufatec web site and they informed me that I need to purchase product no. 36558 in oder for ops to work in my vehicle. My vehicle is 08 model. Can you pls let me know if the product no. is correct.


  • Booba

    Hey Maverick.

    I have made a lot of progress on this with Australian Delivered Golf. There are certain wiring changes such as Pin 3 removed from T16 needs to go to Pin 1. Pin 1 and Pin 6 of T12 need to be moved. Also a couple of small harnesses need to be made to join some wires on T12. I will be testing this as soon as my repair wires arrive and advise.

    Also 3c8 919 475 is not the best controller. This will also give an Electronic Brake failure. Using 1Z0 919 475 (Rear Sensors only) or 1Z0 919 475 (Front and Rear Sensors) will work.

    If you want to retrofit MKVI rear camera into MKV and have OPS onscreen I believe you need 1Z0 919 475 B (Rear Sensors Only) or 1Z0 919 475C (Front and Rear Sensors).

    These are Skoda controllers. I sourced my 1Z0 919 475 from SkodaTeile site. He is finding the B revision for me now.

  • Booba

    Sorry that is 1Z0 919 475A for Front and rear (no ops and camera at once) or

    1Z0 919 475B (rear only with ops/camera) and 1Z0 929 475C (front and rear with ops/camera)

    • Steve Shin

      i have 2010 passat cc sport
      i just added RNS-510 and OPS 1Z0 929 475C but not RVC yet
      i was searching and found your post
      so if i put C without RVC, wouldn’t it work?
      i am having powertrain can data bus error
      i followed every steps on the internet i could find
      can you give me any help?
      thank you

  • Odje

    Can anyone firm if optical parking system can be achieved with part number 1K0 054 630B on both a golf Mark 5 and golf mark 6?

  • Jeremy


    My car is fitted with 1K0 054 630B from factory. I have tried 1Z0 919 475, 1Z0 919 475B and 3C0 919 475. None have worked. I have made the necessary wiring installation and changes but the sensors all say open circuit.

    I believe now that the sensors are incorrect. The sensors required are 3C0919275S GRU (from passat). Unfortunately I believe these sensors are a few mm smaller than the ones with factory golfv kit – not confirmed as yet. This makes it difficult to fit newer smaller sensors into bigger holes.


    Wish there was an easy way to confirm. I might visit dealer in the hope there is a passat with factory sensors that I can measure.

  • danone

    I have a Golf V MY08. Connected the positive and ground for my 475B, I have to make the CAN link. But the gateway is very hard to reach and I don’t have the xenon lights. Do you know another place where I can find the CAN-H CAN-L. Already tried with climatronic CAN link, but the cluster is invisible and unreachable…

  • Barry

    does anyone know what coding changes need to be made… ive gone through everything in vcds for my MY08 Touran and cannot seem to find the coding for enabling the ops… any info on this would be greatfully appreciated…

  • danone

    I reached the CAN gateway and made the link. But in VCDS I got the following error:

    VCDS Version: Release 908.1

    Address 10: Park/Steer Assist Labels: 3C8-919-475.clb
    Control Module Part Number: 1Z0 919 475 B HW: 1Z0 919 475
    Component and/or Version: PARKHILFE 4K H06 0006
    Software Coding: 100001
    Work Shop Code: WSC 12345 123 12345
    1 Fault Found:

    01312 – Powertrain Data Bus
    004 – No Signal/Communication – Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00100100
    Fault Priority: 6
    Fault Frequency: 6
    Reset counter: 249
    Mileage: XXXXX km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2000.00.00
    Time: 14:43:27

    Freeze Frame:
    Temperature: 6.0°C

  • Barry

    Is there anyone who knows where the pdc module is located on a touran???

  • Barry

    Rite, i finally found the pdc unit… it was under the steering wheel directly below the can gateway…

    I have a few questions???

    The information on here telling you how to upgrade from pdc to ops is not correct for the facelift TOURAN…

    “”The brown plug (T16) with a orange/brown cable on pin 7 and orange/purple cable on pin 14 needs to have the outer housing removed by lifting the clip on the end and sliding the black connector out. Pin 7 and 14 are connected to the Comfort CANBUS network.

    Remove pins 3, 7 and 14 as these are no longer required and ensure they are individually protected again short circuit with heatshrink tubing or electrical tape.

    Connect the can bus cabling.

    CAN High goes to T16 Pin 6
    CAN Low goes to T16 Pin 15″”


    Pin 3 had nothing in it… pins 7 and 14 had nothing in them either…
    BUT pins 6 and 15 were already connected to the DRIVE can-bus… I’m assuming thats because the touran has the auto parallel park feature…

    The problem i have now is.. the OPS doesnt display on my RNS-510…
    I have gone into Address (10) with VAGCOM and ticked the box optical illustration active,and also gone into address (46) navigation and unticked parking monitoring inactive, yet i still have no optical illustration, plus im also not getting any fault codes???

    Is there anyone on here or reading this who may be able to shed some light on this subject PLEASE…

  • Barry

    Just to correct myself “navigation is (37) not (46)
    and just incase anyone kows anything about this here are my gateway numbers and my pdc numbers…

    VW TOURAN 2008

    Can Gateway… 1K0 907 530L
    Parkhilfe….. 1T0 919 475
    RNS-510 …… 2680

    • Gerhard

      Hi Berry

      I have a 02/08 VW Touran 1,9 TDI with the equal settings as you.

      Can Gateway… 1K0 907 530L
      Parkhilfe….. 1T0 919 475 F
      RNS-510 …… 2680

      What du i need to due to get OPS to work?

  • Mel Marshall

    I have a MY08 VW Passat 2.0 TDI Automatic.
    Irecently fitted an RNS510 unit and am really pleased with it.
    I am seriously thinking of purchasing a PDC with OPS Park Pilot.
    Part number : 1Z0 919 475 C / 8 sensor
    Can anyone tell me if any sensors will work with this unit or are they special to VW?
    Apart from the sensors is there anything else I will need buy to complete the install?

    Many thanks.

  • Jim

    I’m trying to retrofit an OPS into a MY08 GTI with no existing PDC. I’ve got the following:
    CAN Gateway – 530 Q
    PDC Control Unit – 1KO 919 475F (I’m assuming the 3C8… version is from a Passat?)
    RNS-510 B running 2680.

    The RNS “sees” the OPS when bench testing (volume settings are available in the set up menu) but I can’t get the Vag-Com coding to work. Have tried Software Coding: 100001 and 010101 and various other permutations but no luck.

    Can anyone help?

  • 12345caravan

    Same problem as you, except i’ve got a Scirocco……
    Did you change the can bus wires, otherwise it is not visible as stg 10?
    I can code the unit but it keeps saying on all sensors open circuit…..
    I wired it all up as in winelsa for the 2009 scirocco.

  • danone

    I don’t understand why I should remove the pin 2 from the can gateway connector… What is its function?

  • Dave

    Is this also possible with a fitted park censor (BEA 800 002) on a 2009 Skoda Superb?

  • NHN

    Ok looking at this in the A3 8P with latest RNS-E mk2 units that have something similar.

    Can I just verify, this is using vcds module 10 which is shown as 2 names, in the individual modules screen of vcds it shows it as 10 Park/Assist, but in gateway it has a name of Parking Aid ll, so just wanna check you’re getting same reported names as of course OPS is just an external name not part of coding descriptions huh.

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  • Harry

    Is it posible to change the image of the car on the OPS screen in order to have a better visual match?

  • Simon R32

    Anyone from UK reading this might need to be aware that a lot of mkv golfs were fitted with a vw/cobra after market kit that was fitted at the factory, its located on the passenger side of car (not drivers as it should be) as it picks up the reverse light feed going to the hatch, it is not compatible with being upgraded to OPS as they use a 2 wire sensor system not the 3 wire proper fit vw ones. It is possible to upgrade the whole system and even add front sensors which can display OPS on the RNS 510 bits from eBay and dealer should cost about £300-400 but is so worth it in my opinion.

  • Simon R32

    can anyone tell me if you have mixed the manufactures of the sensors and ecu’s eg bosch and valeo as they appaer to be the same wired up etc but i cannot find out if valeo ecu will work with bosch sensors or vice versa.

  • Evan

    Hi there,

    I recently got my new Mark VI GTI with dealer reverse parking sensor put in as the a gift.
    I been told that it is not OPS. I only have the reverse sensor and do not have any in the front,
    will this make the job a lot easier? also I have Bi-Xenon light as well. Also Im from Australia
    will CANBUS on the driver side still since driver is on the different side compare to USA

    Is my CAN gateway revision E or later? how do i find that out?
    Do I still need all the item below since I only got the rear sensors?

    CAN Gateway – 3C0 907 530 E (3C0907530E)

    PDC Control Unit – 3C8 919 475 (3C8919475)

    Wiring for CANBUS (runs from front of car to the rear where PDC Control Unit is located)

    Repair Wire – 000 979 009 (000979009) x 1

    CAN cable (10M) – 000 979 987 (000979987) x 1

    Webbing Adhesive (10M) – 000 979 950 (000979950) x 1

    • Maverick

      Hi, You may like to hold off as dealer fitted is most likely non genuine sensors so you will need to fit new sensors (I assume your sensors are not flush with the bumper but stick out?) and there is some debate over what parts work in what application. No solution is in sight for a few months at this stage.

  • Simon R32

    Hi there Maverick, can you tell me if you have tried this on your car or any of your mates out there in OZ, do you know if you guys out there have front senors fitted to the mkv golf at all or anyone else reading this. I if anyone is intrested i’ve recently found out that ecu must match sensors eg valeo or bosch although i believe bosch is for the older systems as most ecu’s i’ve seen on e-bay and other sites matching the part numbers in previous posts are now valeo only

  • Anish

    hi Maverick
    i have a 08 passat highline i was factory fited with front and rear parking sensor.. and rcd 500 now i installed RNS 510, i am going to get a vag reprogramming done need to comfirm that do i need to make any changes so that my factory parking sensor interact with rns 510

  • Simon R32

    Hi there thought i’d share how far i’ve got with doing this with out the OEM VW PDC unit and what sensors you might need etc etc, it won’t cover everyones questions but might answer a few for some people.



  • MatoBar

    VW Golf mkV
    Can Gateway 1K0 907 530K
    Parkhilfe 1K0 919 283A

    Does anyone know if OPS would work for me? Thanx!!!

  • francesco

    hello i have a tiguan 2008 and i have installation the rns 510 aftermarket and i need to show the car on my rns 510.i have already parking sensor but i not see nothing during the monovring on rns 510.in wich mode i can resolve this problem.tnak you.

  • Dbert4

    I installed the optical PDC in my 2009 Golf V with RNS 510. The audio warning tones work perfectly, but the optical image often doesn’t. If I reboot the RNS 510 the image will pop-up when I put the car in reverse but the next toime that I want to park I’m again only getting the tones.

    Is there a way to make the image pop-up manually?

  • adso


    Thanks for the info.

    I have a MY2007 Skoda Octavia Mk2 which already has visual PDC info on the Stream CD player.

    Do I need to upgrade the CAN Gateway to get same on the RNS 510? Do the parts nos. apply?

    Thank you very much.

  • Dbert

    I found the solution to my OPS problem. I upgraded from firmware 2720 to 2760 and it fixed it. I don’t know if there was a bug or if the full OPS support wasn’t installed before.

  • cumhurbahar

    hi Dbert
    problem solved?

    • Dbert

      I thought it was, but no not really. It still requires a hard reboot everytime that I drive the car for the optical to work. Otherwise the PDC audio only works

      • Jeremy

        hi dbert, i have same problem. read this thread – http://vwnavi.com/showthread.php/14181-problems-with-OPS-it-don-t-appear-all-the-times-only-sometimes.. It offers a solution however I haven’t tried it.

        Does. Maybe ops controller needs more power but i don’t know much about that. I might run ops controller into fusebox with addacircuit temporarily on always on power and see if that works, if that does then i will add another circuit for ops. i took power for ops from my older bosch factory sensors power cable.

        • Jeremy

          Hi Dbert. I have found a solution. You cannot use the original factory power as this is not switched from ignitiion, maybe this causes some sort of lockup situation over time. The older controllers required connection to KL 30 – Permanent on power but on the new OPS controllers this is not required. You must hookup to KL 15 which is ignition switched.

          I ran a wire from Fuse box location 6 by adding repair wire 000 979 133 then some wire down side of car to ops controller using 000 979 009 for connection to pin 1 of pdc. This results in ops displaying all the time.

          • Dbert4

            Jeremy, you are absolutely correct. Changing to switched power fixed the problem and fixed a battery drain problem that I was also having. Thanks!!

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  • jason

    im about to install an OPS kit that i purchased some time ago.

    the kit is complete with sensors controller (1K0-919-745-B)
    and harnesses.

    i have a question about the wiring for this kit.

    there are 5 wires (not including the beeper ones)

    there is a brown earth (pin 8)
    green power (pin 1)
    two can wires (orange twisted pair)
    and a white wire (pin 3)

    can you tell me where i need to hook the white wire up to ?
    it’s in pin 3 on the control module.

    the kit i bought has no mention of this wire at all.

    thanks in advance.


  • jackim

    May I have a question about that where the bi-xenon connector (T-26) located in MKV GTI ?
    Thanks a L\lot

  • […] there is a mention here about certain modules having problems drawing too much current. Upgrading of Volkswagen Park Distance Control (PDC) to Optical Parking System (OPS) | my-gti.com 2003-2008 1998 Red A3 8L 1.8 Sport 2008 -> 2003 Akoya Silver A3 8P1 2.0 FSi Sport […]

  • zisgeo

    ok. i tried to retrofit pdc on a passat cc 2010, but i face a problem. on the can gateway 3C0 907 530 Q the pin mentioned for can hi low, “On the CAN gate connector (T-20e) Pin 16 is CAN High and Pin 6 is CAN Low”, are already taken. free pins are 2,3,7,12,13,17 and i do not have bi-xenon. i have mfsw, if that matters. can someone help me ?

    • Steve Shin

      i have 2010 passat cc and retrofitting OPS with 8 sensors also bi-xenon light with AFS
      so i am wondering how far is your progress on this project?
      i have same gateway 530Q and you would need to tap the pin 16 and pin 6 to the OPS module
      but i am having communication fault between 1Z0 919 475 C and 3C0 907 530 Q
      i would like to share this project with you since we both have same vehicle
      thank you

      • Maciek

        hi Steve, looks like Im having same problem. my ops modul doesnt communicate with canbus gateway. can you tell me if and how sorted your problem? regards

  • jason

    @ zisgeo.

    you have to tap into those pins, not add the wires to a blank spot.

    hope that clears things up a bit ?


  • Rafal

    Will it also work with RNS 310?

  • Jeremy


    bi xenon controller is located under the flap on the other side of car from fuse box. the unit was located on passenger side on my rhd 2008 mkv golf gti.

  • michael

    Hi pleaese can anybody know whay pin 2 need to be cut
    as nobody answer this before many thanks

  • Ben

    hi! I got a new Polo GTI with RCD510 on which I asked the dealer to fit the Rear Parking Sensors; he told me there’s a chance I won’t be able to see any OPS but just hear the bip bip!

    Dealer told me he put the same kit which is fitted by VW when car is under construcion!

    I believe it’s a VAG problem then! Am I right? or do I need any extra part and/or replace the unit/cable? as long as I get the car (day after tomorrow) I’ll post here the parts which compone the kit, so you’ll be able to help me with ETKA!


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