Upgrading of Volkswagen Park Distance Control (PDC) to Optical Parking System (OPS)

vw_rns_510_ops_front_rearVolkswagen’s Optical Parking System (OPS) gives a visual display of the rear and front (where fitted) PDC sensors on the RCD 310, RCD 510 and RNS 510.

Vehicles with genuine Volkswagen PDC and a suitable headunit can be upgrade to the Optical Parking System through a few simple upgrades.

The CAN gateway needs to be revision E or later, MY08 vehicles already have this fitted.  

CAN Gateway –  3C0 907 530 E (3C0907530E) 

PDC Control Unit – 3C8 919 475 (3C8919475)

Wiring for CANBUS (runs from front of car to the rear where PDC Control Unit is located)

Repair Wire – 000 979 009 (000979009) x 1

CAN cable (10M) – 000 979 987 (000979987) x 1

Webbing Adhesive (10M) – 000 979 950 (000979950) x 1


The new PDC controller doesn’t connect to the comfort CANBUS network but instead the drive CANBUS network. If you have bi-xenons installed the controller for this can be used to connect into the CANBUS network otherwise you need to use the CAN gateway. 

Remove the three connectors from the PDC unit (located near the drivers side of the car behind the rear wheel inside)

The brown plug (T16) with a orange/brown cable on pin 7 and orange/purple cable on pin 14 needs to have the outer housing removed by lifting the clip on the end and sliding the black connector out. Pin 7 and 14 are connected to the Comfort CANBUS network.

Remove pins 3, 7 and 14 as these are no longer required and ensure they are individually protected again short circuit with heatshrink tubing or electrical tape.

Connect the can bus cabling. 

CAN High goes to T16 Pin 6
CAN Low goes to T16 Pin 15

Connecting the CANBUS network.

On the bi-xenon connector (T-26) Pin 2 is CAN High (orange/purple) and Pin 3 is CAN Low (orange/brown)

On the CAN gate connector (T-20e) Pin 16 is CAN High and Pin 6 is CAN Low.

Remove the connector (blue) from the CAN Gateway and remove pin 2.

The old PDC was at address 76 and the new one OPS is address 10. 

A problem that can occur after the CAN gateway upgrade if the car is fitted with the premium telephone kit is a 2A power draw issue, if this occurs the numeric keypad (5D) has a software revision of 0018 or older, have a VW dealer flash this with a software revision 0019 or later to solve the problem. The numeric keypad has a hardware revision of 11 and software of 0018. Other solutions include removing the keypad and using the RCD 310/RCD 510 or RNS 510 screen, purchasing a new keypad or powering the keypad from a switched power supply.

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