Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Retrofit

mdi_5n0057342Volkswagen have released a kit for retrofitting that is designed for mounting behind the dash and is a much more compact size then the original MDI that was designed for replacing a cd changer. The kit is around 40% cheaper but doesn’t include the USB cable as the previous kit did. This kit may not work on RNS 510’s built prior to February 1 2008, other information has this unit only working with B variants of the RNS 510. The firmware 1100 upgrades the unit to a B version so this should work with all units.

  • Module with extension cable and wiring loom: Part Number 5N0 057 342 (5N0057342)
  • Mini USB cable: Part Number 000 051 446 A (000051446A)
  • USB cable: Part Number 000 051 446 B  (000051446B)
  • iPOD cable: Part Number 000 051 446 C (000051446C)
  • 3.5mm cable: Part Number 000 051 446 D (000051446D)
  • Extension cable for MDI interface 000 051 447 (000051447)

The unit installs into the area behind the headunit and the extension cable is routed into the glovebox as shown below.


The kit includes

  • Interface box
  • Wiring harness (this connects to the headunit)
  • Connecting line (this is the extension for the port that is run into the glovebox)
  • Earth wire
  • Fixing material
  • Installation instructions (see below for copy)

Compatability list (current as at February 2009 – from Volkswagen Germany)

  • 000051446A Adapter für Multimediabuchse Media-IN auf Mini-USB
  • 000051446B Adapter für Multimediabuchse Media-IN auf USB
  • 000051446C Adapter für Multimediabuchse Media-IN auf iPOD (Konzern)
  • 000051446D Adapter für Multimediabuchse Media-IN auf Klinke 3.5mm
  • 1K0057182AA MP3-Autoradio RCD510, Japan
  • 1K0057183 MP3-Autoradio RCD310, Japan
  • 1K0057186AA MP3-Autoradio RCD310
  • 1K0057186AB MP3-Autoradio
  • 1T0057680B Radio-Navigationssystem RNS510
  • 3C8057190 MP3-Autoradio
  • 3C8057190A MP3-Autoradio RCD510
  • 3C8057195 MP3-Autoradio RCD510
  • 3C8057195A MP3-Autoradio
  • 5M0057183 MP3-Autoradio RCD310, Japan
  • 5M0057186AA MP3-Autoradio RCD310
  • 5M0057186AB MP3-Autoradio
  • 7L6057680B Radio-Navigationssystem RNS510

Not Compatible list (current as at February 2009 – from Volkswagen Germany)

  • 1K0057195AA MP3-Autoradio RCD510
  • 1K0057195AB MP3-Autoradio RCD510
  • 1T0057680 Radio-Navigationssystem RNS510
  • 1T0057680A Radio-Navigationssystem RNS5
  • 10 7L6057680 Radio-Navigationssystem RNS510
  • 7L6057680A Radio-Navigationssystem RNS510

Installation Instructions (high quality PDF) – 1.2mb – volkswagen_mdi_5N0057342

Installation Instructions

mdi_5n0057342_installation_1 mdi_5n0057342_installation_2 mdi_5n0057342_installation_3 mdi_5n0057342_installation_4

43 thoughts on “Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Retrofit”

  1. Hi. I have a MDI unit with part number 5N0 035 342B . Is it any different from the one you talked about. It looks the same. It was shipped to me as part of the MDI retrofit kit for the centre console. But I removed the unit from the housing as Im going to install it in the glove box. I have a Golf Mk6. Thanks

    1. Hi,

      I had MDI put in by dealer and they put the leadout in the glove box. Does the kit have a socket that can be mounted on a small plate that the Tiguan has behind the glove box door?

  2. Hi guys,
    The RCD 510, I have is:
    Part# 3C8 035 195
    FD 2708
    HW 036
    SW 0130

    Does anyone know if the MDI retrofit cable would work with this unit?

    Any would help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hello,

    Are there any confirmations that this kit does not work with an RNS510 upgraded from A to B with the 1100 firmware as Grim Squeaker writes ?
    I would love to have it installed in my car but my RNS510 is an older version with the most current firmware.
    Otto, Denmark

  4. Anyone know how long the cables between the MDI box and the radio harness are, and how long the MDI “extension” cable (into which the device cables plug) is?

    I’m trying to figure out if I will have enough length to get my MDI plug into the armrest through the hole that my old Aux-in used. I’d like to put the iPod in the armrest, but I don’t want to screw around with the entire armrest retrofit, partially because the little section for the iPod doesn’t hold it very well. IT works much better when put in a silicone case and placed flat in the no-changer armrest…

    1. But, the retrofit kit has a 6-8 inch cable that plugs into the female end of the MDI and “Extends” that out for glovebox usage, etc. This cable is long enough combined with the generous factory harness. See my other post in this thread. 😉

      Also, if you had to you could probably add a second MDI extension cable. The P/N for JUST this extension cable is 000.051.447.

  5. The dealer has since told me that there is something else within the car preventing a successful install and that VW told them cars built earlier than a certain date would not work regardless of the revision of RNS510 fitted. I’m wondering if it’s the canbus controller, he’s trying to find out. If I get more info I’ll let everyone know…

  6. I would like to add usb port to my RCD-310 (stock with Golf VI).

    1) How much does this part costs and where can I find it?

    2) Will I be able to use the steering wheel keys to change songs?

    3) Will the RCD-310 be able to read track titles?

    Thank you in advance,
    Theodoros Ch.

    PS. Great Site!!!!

  7. FWIW – I installed the MDI retro-fit last weekend and was able to get the connection into the armrest WITHOUT any additional cables. The connection btw. the factory harness and the MDI box is long enough for the MDI to route under the “ashtray” / front storage area and I tucked the MDI box to the right of the shifter assembly, wrapped in a piece of foam that came with the package.

    The “MDI extension” cable plugs into the other side of the MDI, and I have it routed into the armrest box, with a few inches of slack to spare. I then have my ipod cable plugged into the end of this and it all works great. I also kept the stock AUX jack in place, which on my R32 was mounted in the armrest as well. I just dremelled a small hole next to the AUX jack and was able to fit the MDI extension cable through this – had to put the “MDI-end” first and leave the “adapter-end” (which is larger) hanging in the box as I reassembled the armrest with the center console. This made it slightly difficult due to the limited cable length, but it was possible and I got it eventually.

    1. ZPrime,

      How did the car come from the factory? Did you upgrade your 08 R32 HU to an RNS 510? Where did you order your HU and Media interface from? Do you have the part numbers for both?

      Thank You,


      1. I retrofitted the RNS-510 myself, the car originally came with Premium 7 (6cd only).

        P/N for Media Interface is above in this wiki. RNS-510 should be available on from various sellers, or at your dealer.

        I have had issues with my iPod (a 160GB “Classic” version, from the prior run back when you could get 80 or 160). It plays correctly most of the time, but it doesn’t always charge correctly. The fix is to unplug the dock connector and then reconnect it – this is very annoying, and I have not found any solution or fix yet.

  8. Extension cable for MDI interface 000 051 447 (000051447)

    can some one explain me what this cable is, and will this cable work for the retrofit CD changer replaced media in box in armrest? (5NO 035 341 C) is this cable that you take from the media in box in armrest to the unit and the car? ore somone have the correct partnumber for that? note the kufatec cable, but the orginal part nr for this cable? I will check out if that cable is cheaper and easy to install

    hope some have explain on this soooooon=)

    thanks, Andy

  9. Hi:

    I just installed the Media-In retrofit kit on my P8 radio receiver.

    I plug in the iPod and it connects and charges (says, “Connected MEDIA-IN”).

    But . . . there is no “MEDIA-IN” button appearing on the touch screen.

    The manual says something about “Connect a vehicle diagnosis system” punch in a bunch of codes, etc.

    Any way around taking it into a dealer to do the programing switch?


    1. Did you get an answer to this? I have installed an MDI retrofit but now I can’t enter the codes and am stuck. Is there any way to enter this without going to the dealer?

  10. Hi all, just had mine just recently fitted to a Passat CC (Aust. Nov. 08 Build). However, I only get audio coming out of the left side. Yes, I’ve tried 2 different iPods and my iPhone and have adjusted to make sure the Balance/Fader settings are set correctly. Switching to the internal HDD for playback, everything is fine.

    Is there an easy fix to this, or do I need to drop it back to the dealer ship?

    1. You can parallel the install but you need to make sure you don’t use both at the same time. The MDI has an optional MDI to 3.5mm cable that you can use as well.

  11. hi,
    i own a skoda octavia2 facelifted with skoda audio swing will this part work in my swing audio.According to some forum of skoda it works.anybody is using this.

  12. I need some help here guys. I got the media in kit which goes in the center console/glove box (Passats). I upgraded the radio from Premium 7 to an RCD 510 unit and installed the MDI unit. The MDI unit powers up and successfully says “connected” when I insert my iPod. However, when I press MEDIA on the head unit it says no media available… ?

    I logged into the MDI unit via Vag-Com and attempted to re-code the radio myself but it doesn’t allow me.

    I’m at a major road block and don’t know what I’m doing wrong 🙁 The unit I got came with a harness which was all plug-n-play.

    For reference this is a 2008 Passat Wagon with Dynadio Premium 7 head-unit and the old school AUX IN jack from factory.

    Do I need to rearrange some cables in the harness or something?

    my email is [email protected]

  13. I just purchased the MDI retrofit kit last night. I’ve been reading over the install directions, and it seems fairly straight forward. The one question I have after looking at this unit in person, is it looks like there are rails that would slide and lock the unit into place somewhere in the car. The manual shows four possible mounting locations, but do any of those have the female end of those rails/slides? Where would the control module have been mounted from the factory? I have a FISCON enroute to me as well, so I don’t want to use precious space that might be required for other additions, such as OPS/PDC, RVC, etc.

  14. ’07 GTI, RNS 510 with factory arm rest iPod adapter, AUX-IN in the glovebox.

    I installed the glovebox MDI retrofit kit, everything appears to be working:
    – MEDIA-IN button on the RNS510
    – iPod playlists, song titles, etc

    Problem: no audio.

    Arm rest iPod adapter still works via the CD changer button.

    anyone know if the CAN gateway needs upgraded or some other thing to look for?

  15. @Chris – sounds like you didn’t follow the directions for changing the pins in the wiring harness. The kit should come with some male/female plugs that will allow you to keep both the standalone Aux and the media-in. You can swap between them by going into settings on the RNS and enabling the “aux input” option (something like that). You then tap the media-in button in the corner and it swaps to aux and vice versa.

    Also, when you installed the setup, did you change the audio pins that the old-style ipod adapter was using? Pay very close attention to the wiring diagrams on the top of your old head unit and the RNS – they are different and things need to be moved in the small blue plug (which carries both the aux/MDI audio as well as the CD-changer audio).

  16. Anyone know if there has been a firmware update to make this (5N0057342) compatible with 1K0057195AA (on the not compatible list) or if 5N0057342A will work with 1K0057195AA?

  17. I have a question I purchase Rear View Camera – Retrofit – VW Passat
    CC for Volkswagen 2009 CC Passat VR6 4motion.
    3.6L VR6 FSI®, 280 horsepower, 265 lbs-ft Torque 24V-6 cylinder
    engine. 4 Motion® four-wheel drive.

    Radio Navigation Syem “rns 510” with mdi.
    6-Speed Tiptronic (r) Automatic transmission.
    Park Distance Control System, Ultrasonic.

    I would like to know if your dealer install I have the coding and
    fitting instruction just the me know if you do this services?
    I live in Maryland.

  18. Hi I have a mk5 golf. I have upgraded the stereo to a RCD-310.
    I have had battery issues so i guess I need to change the cam bus gatway.
    I did have a cd changer with the old headuit with the old 12 pin long type connecter. No I have brought the media box. is there an adapter to covert from the old 12 pin connector to the new 12 pin connector or do I need to buy the retro fit harness.

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  20. Anyone know the difference between the 5N0057342 and the 5N0057342B? There is about a $170 difference between the two versions and I can not find any documentation on the differences. I’m looking to retrofit a RCD510 in my 2009 MKV, hoping the cheaper one of these will work.

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