Differences between VW Golf Edition 30, VW Golf Pirelli, Audi S3 and Seat Leon Cupra R Engines

GTI – 200ps/197bhp/147kw/280nm

Edition 30 – 230ps/226bhp/169kw/300nm

Pirelli – 230ps/226bhp/169kw/300nm

Seat Leon Cupra R – 240ps/237bhp/177kw/300nm

Audi S3 – 265ps/261bhp/195kw/350nm  (188kw Australia – temperature issue)

Differences between the Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine and the Volkswagen Golf Edition 30 and Pirelli Engine.

  • Larger Turbo from S3 (K04) rather then the K03 on the GTI
  • 87°C thermostat instead of 80°C
  • Larger capacity fuel injectors (13% higher flow)
  • Larger intercooler (smaller then the S3)
  • Engine block main bearing caps, pedestals are reinforced
  • Conrods have larger rod bolts and new bearings
  • Pistons have 21mm gudgeon pins instead of 19mm
  • Piston top ring is improved
  • Recirculation Valve (blow off valve) not located on turbo

The Audi S3 and the Edition 30/Pirelli/Seat Leon Cupra R share the same short block, same turbo and similar intercooler.

Audi S3 (195 KW – 188KW Australia) is a BHZ code
Edition 30 (169KW) is a BYD code
Seat Leon Cupra R is a BWJ code 

S3 Turbo 06F 145 702  C KKK (06F145702 C KKK)
Edition 30 Turbo 06F 145 702  C KKK (06F145702 C KKK)

S3  Short Block BHZ 06F 100 035 (06F100035)
Edition 30 Short Block BYD 06F 100 035 (06F100035)

S3 Intercooler 1K0 145 803 P (1K0145803P)
Edition 30  Intercooler 1K0 145 803 A (1K0145803A)

Edition 30 Intercooler is slightly smaller than the S3 intercooler

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  1. volevo sapere se la golf gti 30 edition montano tutte la k04, x che ho sentito che quelle del 2007 montano una k03 ibrida…..e quelle dopo del 2008 montano una k04……volevo sapere se era vero e la differenza tra le due turbine grazie millle

  2. volevo Sapere se la golf gti 30 edition montano tutte di la K04, x Che ho sentito Che Quelle del 2007 montano Una K03 ibrida ….. e DOPO Quelle del 2008 montano Una K04 …… volevo Sapere se era vero e La Differenza TRA le turbine a causa Grazie millle

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