Volkswagen OEM Diverter Valve Upgrade

Volkswagen have brought out a new diverter valve to replace the standard diaphram type with a piston type. The diaphram type has had many revisions since it was released but still suffers from failure, the new piston type should stop all these failures and is being fitted standard to all the VAG 2.0 TFSI/TSI engines from January 2009.

The unit can be retrofitted to any of the 2.0 TFSI and TSI engines from VAG, this includes all Audi 2.0T and all Volkswagen EOS, Golf V, Jetta V and Passat B6 2.0T engines.



Part numbers are

Piston type divertor valve (new style)

06H 145 710 D (06H145710D) approx USD$100.00

Diaphragm type divertor valve (old style)

06F 145 710 G (06F145710G) approx USD $75.00
06F 145 710 C (06F145710C) – predecessor  to the G model

8 thoughts on “Volkswagen OEM Diverter Valve Upgrade”

  1. I do not believe this version is a good option for my car (08 TT 2.0t fsi). I installed it and noticed a big loss of power at the lower RPM’s.
    After that I removed it. I do not believe that the hard plastic piston seals boost like my “G” version with the rubber seal. The piston travel also seems alot shorter on the “D”.

    I would rather replace my “G” diverter every so often and have great performance than to have ok performance and better durability…

    1. With all due respect,I wonder you made a mistake in installing the “D” DV.
      I have exchanged a Forge DV of my engine (AXX;06 GTI) to new “D” DV.I don’t notice no loss of power at all revolution.
      Rather,I think it is behaving very well in low speed and down shifting.

  2. ?????? ????? ??????? 06F 145 710 B ? ???????, ??? ?????????? 7.01830.13.0 ??????????? ???????? ?? ?? ? ???? ??????? Passat 2.0 TFSI 09/2005 B6

  3. iv just recieved my mk5 gti 2day after having diverter valve replaced and some other miner things which doesnt really affect boost or engine power…i sent the car in due to under performance but came back worse with less power no boost at all

  4. NO MAS BACHE TURBO! la aceleración es más rápida al momento de rebasar. y disminuye el golpeteo de los cambios al decender en modo sport.

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