Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Specifications

(this has been translated roughly from a German Volkswagen document)

Product Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN  

Stand: 06.03.2008 


About Multimedia socket MEDIA-IN audio files can be an “external Medium “on the radio-navigation system reproduced and controlled will. As the “external data” are USB Mass Storage and MP3 Player refers to the multimedia jack can be connected and on which Audio files are stored. 

Since the correctness of the software in mobile audio players by Volkswagen not be and the software versions of the device manufacturer can also change, are Functional impairments in the vehicle possible. These are not at Volkswagen responsible. 

Therefore, selected audio devices and software versions continuously on their compatibility with Multimedia socket checked.


• Only external disk or USB mass storage  (Mass Storage Device) which supports USB 2.0 specified. 

• An external disk, according to the FAT filesystem FAT16 (<2GB) or FAT32 (> 2GB) structure (FAT: File Allocation Table). 

• In the case of complex file structures on the external disk (many files in a directory, many folders and subfolders, files, unplayable, etc.) there may be delays in the readout of the audio files. The Response time can be additionally affected by the connected device will. 

• The folder structure on the external disk to a depth of eight Folder levels do not exceed. A folder should be no more than 1000 entries included. 

• To connect an external USB disk must be no extension or USB hubs (USB distributor) may be used. 

• When an external disk into multiple partitions, only the first Partition with playable audio files is played. 

• Memory card adapters are not supported and may cause malfunction lead. 

• Has the software on an external MP3 player through the manufacturer updated (firmware upgrade), it can lead to malfunction during the Farm.

• An attached external disk may only be switched or there must be a corresponding data mode can be selected. 

• To operate the external disk read the manual of the respective manufacturer. 

• Supported file formats: You can audio files in MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, AAC format and an external disk on the radio device 

and controlled. 

• WMA audio files (Windows Media Audio) can only have the device be played if they do not have the DRM procedure (Digital Rights Management) are copyrighted. 

• Play in the formats PLS, B4S, ASX, and WPL will also be supported. 

• The play list information stored in a certain set playback order saved MP3 files. There are no playlists in MP3 Files. A playlist can only be played when the title to which the play refers to the same place on the data stored are. Otherwise, the playlist can not be played.

 USB Sticks



Tested Firmware






1 GB


CN Memory



2 GB


Blue Pearl


128 MB





1 GB





1 GB



U3 Data


1 GB


Data Traveler


2 GB


Data Traveler


4 GB


Data Traveler 2


2 GB



Jump Drive


1 GB





128 MB


USB Drive


1 GB




2 GB





512 MB





512 MB





256 MB





1 GB



EZ Drive


256 MB


San Disk



2 GB

also Titanium




1 GB





512 MB



JetFlash 120


4 GB





128 MB




6 GB


Pocket X.u


80 GB


Memory Key


1 GB




Music/Video Player



Tested Firmware




iPod Mini


4 GB, 6 GB


iPod Shuffle


1 GB


iPod Nano 1G


4 GB


iPod Nano 2G


4 GB, 8 GB


iPod Nano 3G


8 GB


iPod Video 4G


80 GB


iPod Classic 5G


80 GB, 160 GB


iPod Touch


16 GB




8 GB





4 GB


AV 500


30 GB

in target disk mode


iAudio 6


4 GB





30 GB



Go Gear


1 GB





256 MB





2 GB



Hypersound XD


256 MB


At the Media-in devices should be protected against mechanical impact and other damage sources are protected. Any damage to the  connected devices can be no liability.

Known properties of devices




Detailed Description



Volume Adjustment

the volume from iPod / iPhone is on the AUX-level on the radio or radio-navigation system also be raised or lowered, it comes to scratch the noise level should be setting veringert




we open in the mix mode, the file browser, these jumps are not the current title, only after Deactivation of mix, this function again available



Repeat Title

various iPod models or software stands (stands firmware), the function “Repeat Title” flawed from



General Function

various iPod models or software Estates (firmware levels) may have different behavior


Volkswagen Accessories GmbH presents the contents of this statement with great care and ensures that they regular updating. Nevertheless, this data is only as information and can not replace detailed individual advice. The technical characteristics and equipment of products described are only examples. Such features and equipments can be particularly country-specific vary. Any changes are reserved. Authentic information about the technical Features, equipment or properties of our products are available exclusively from your currently Distributor or importer. Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH assumes no liability for the timeliness, Correctness and completeness of the information on these pages.

53 comments to Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Specifications

  • Jon

    Any idea where this information comes from?

    I’ve just taken delivery of a mk6 golf gt. The MDI interface doesn’t seem to work with my iPod touch.

    • rv65


      Here is the part number for the MDI. You’ll need 000 051 446 C and you get full iPod integration. It’s available at your local VW dealer. It plugs into the MDI and it works great. It’s fairly reasonable in price.

  • Alex

    Did you use the USB cable or do you have the special iPod cable for the MDI? You need this iPod cable to use the iPod. You can get it from the VW dealer.


  • Emma

    I’ve just got a MkVI Golf and was told that the usb lead that comes as standard with the MDI would work for my iPod. However, I’ve plugged it in and it comes up at ‘Device Not Supported’ – do I need that iPod lead/cable to make it work?

    Thanks x

  • Odeur

    Anyone tried a WESTERN DIGITAL MY PASSPORT ESSENTIAL? I’m thinking of buying a 160GB disk, format it in FAT32.

  • Marli

    So – just to confirm. I have a Creative Zen XFi madia player. It usually connects to other devices via either the headphone jack or with a USB2 (small / mini end plugs into player…larger end plugs into laptop). Can I get an attachment that will fit and work with my player here?

  • Woz

    I’m about to order a Mk6 Golf.

    Does the MDI work with the iphone and bluetooth phone kit at the same time?

    Also does the MDI charge the power on the iphone using the MDI?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Max

    I have a Golf TDI MY09 and am having trouble with making my iPhone work with the Media device, any suggestions??

  • Geoff

    Just taken delivery of Skoda Octavia with MDI (i.e same as VW). I’ve got the USB lead but no luck in getting connection to my Sony Walkman NW-A1000 player. Any Ideas?

  • Steph

    Hi, I have the iPod connector on my EOS and it worked fine with my iPhone.
    But since I upgraded it to OS 3.0, I don’t get the controls on the autoradio anymore and All I can hear from the music played is dirty noises

    Anyone has experimented this ?

  • Kim

    I have the Apple-cable to the MDI, but I don’t get any Media-in choice in the Media menu. I only have AUX… How come?

    • atlantis92fr

      An idea… If you have the RCD or RNS 510 unit, you must go to the setup / media and uncheck the first option “Activate Aux-in”

    • atlantis92fr

      Maybe an idea…
      If you have the RCD or RNS 510 unit, you have to go to the setup/media menu, and uncheck the first option “Activate Aux-in”. On the screen, in the media menu, you must note a change with an item “Media-in” which appears instead of “Aux”.

  • atlantis92fr

    Has anyone tried to use a USB stick on the media-in ?
    Because I didn’t manage to read it (it displays following message “Media-in : no media connected”.) Therefore, it works quite well with my iPod and iPhone, except some cuts between songs.

  • ffej

    I have an MY10 GTI with the standard RCD510 Entertainment System with the MDI. I was led to believe that the MDI would allow me to use my iPod with the RCD510, but clearly the USB cable provided is not appropriate and it looks like a another cable with an iPod connector is required. If I have to pay for this extra cable, I’ll be most annoyed.

    I did try a USB stick with the included USB cable. I quickly copied a music album (AAC with .m4a file extension) and an audiobook (.m4b extension) from my iTunes library onto a 4GB imation Atom USB stick. The music played just fine, showing artist, track name and album, but it did not pick up the audiobook. I’m not sure if the audiobook did not work because it had the wrong file extension or because it was too large for the RCD510.

  • PR


    Your car should have been supplied with both a USB lead and an Ipod lead free of charge, if you go back to the dealer you bought it from they will give you this.

  • Mike Taylor

    I Have a Golf Mk6 with the RCD 310 radio/CD fitted and an AUX input. Can a MDI or USB socket be fitted? Will it deplay MP£ player information?



  • I believe that is a different way to construe it. I never thought imagined I would see you say this, though, after all your other posts about iPhones!

  • Solid blog. I got a lot of great info. I’ve been watching this technology for awhile. It’s intriguing how it keeps changing, yet some of the core factors remain the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their latest acquisition in the field?

  • Eduardo

    I have a little problem with the aux-in option on the stereo of an 2008 GTI, It seems to been deprogramed, if I press CD botton twice it does nothing (it did it earlier today). How can I get it to work again?

    How can I access service or setup menu to reactivate it?

  • wdys

    Hello guys, I0ve this problem:

    bought car with RCD310..then I asked the dealer to intall MDI..they did it… (obviously they put it near shift changer and not in the glovebox (like factory do) but I don’t mind I just expetced same funcionalities…
    instead it doesn’t work like cdmp3 does:
    playing it’s ok (usb socket) but I can’t navigate through folders..I see olny CD1,CD2,CD3 (like cd changer) infact I get NO “Media-IN” option with the media button….
    also in Setup I just have “Activate Aux” and NO Media-IN options at all

    Dealer said that “After the car is made this is the funcioinalities!!”

    It seems strange to me that VW sells MDI retrofit that doesn’t works “like” the factory fit one

    Some suggestions? I’m start thinki dealer installed to me a NOT original one… 🙁

    • Maverick

      Either you didn’t get the properly VW MDI or it’s been programmed incorrectly. I’d be asking the dealer. The USB should be on the end of a cable with a chunky USB connector that plugs into a rectangular box somewhere inside the dash.

  • Carl

    Has anyone had a dealer fitted (they forgot to do this at the factory!) MDI that works in a Passat cc? My MDI fitted by the dealer does not work (says “device not recognised”). Dealer says they fitted the wrong one. Will take about 5 weeks for a new one!!

  • hassan

    Hi Guys,

    I have a multimediabox in my Golf6. Furthermore, I have a kingston 64Gb usb flash stick. This does not work in the car. Does anyone know what if it could be possible to use this stick in this car??

  • Lara

    You need to format your flash stick as FAT32. I suggest you to make 2 partitions (eg:30GB and 34GB). Format the 30GB one as FAT32. Put your MP3s in it and make it active one. It’ll work. That’s what I did to make mine work.

  • michael

    just bought at passat cc with the mdi connection
    my 2gb 2nd gen ipod won’t connect with the mdi player, it just says, media device not recognized

    any suggestions?

  • […] to have a FAT16 filesystem for under 2GB sized media or a FAT32 filesystem for over 2GB media. See Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Specifications for the […]

  • nour

    hi, i have a jetta 2011 and i have tried to play some mp3 CDs through the media player but i keep on recieving ( CD error ) although they are all mp3 formats,
    i have no idea about any setup i should do ,
    any idea plz ?

  • jason

    HI does anyone know if an ipod shuffle will work in my vw golf gti mark5.

  • brucehc

    Morning all
    Just taken delivery of a Skoda Octavia with an MDI. Plugged in my Zen (on the approved list) after having bought a lead with two single jacks, and nothing. When I press the “Media” button the screen comes up with “No media found”.
    Any ideas?

  • brucehc

    Think I might have answered my last from here:

    Eldar, you have to turn the aux media input on (in Settings) before you connect the cable, or it won’t see the device. (I just had this problem with my new GTI.) Check the manual if your’e not sure how to change this setting.

  • Hi there,

    As you seem like an abundance of information, can you please tell me if there is a difference between 5N0 035 341 Version A, B, C, and D??

    I can get my hands on a Version A for fairly cheap but want to make sure im not missing anything.

    My car is a Golf GTI MK V 2007.

    Your help is greatly appreciated



    PS. your VWW message box is full.

  • Great post. I’m a normal visitor of your respective blog and value you taking the time to keep up the nice site. I will be considered a frequent visitor for any really long time.

  • Kevin

    I have a 2009 CC Lux. I have both the ipod cable and the usb cable. With the USB cable i use an adapter with my micro sd card.

    Everything was working great as of a week ago. Now the MDI won’t recognize the USB cable. Nothing happens, just sort of sits there in Aux mode although it gives me an option for Media In on the top right of the screen.

    Any thoughts??

    Thank you.

  • Dss

    Will music through the USB port (in the armrest – 2007 Golf TDi) via a USB key show track names? Folder names? I have the RDS300 (non-mp3 version) and all my files are in mp3 format, and have all info added as ID3 tag. A bit of a noob so any help will be appreciated. I’ll find out tomorrow anyway, but i’m impatient 🙂

  • Mehdi

    Hi guys Ijust bought a 2010 CC sport (US model) and to my bad surprise it doesnt come with the ipod/iphone cable!!!So I thought ok I`ll buy the MDI cable I even got the part number and everything, only I noticed that I dont even have a media-in in the glove-box nor in the arm-rest to my second bad surprise !!! I swear I looked all over the glovebox I know it’s supposed to be there in the little shelf that has redtag witha “book” logo in it!!?

  • Will

    just bought a Mk7 Passat with MDI and can not connect my ipod – says ‘not recognised’. Any clues?

  • Will

    just bought a Mk7 Passat with MDI and can not connect my ipod – says ‘not recognised’. Any clues?

  • yAhYaH

    So I purchased a 2008 Jetta Wolfsburg a month ago and today I left my front lights on. And then all of a sudden when my car was recharged (Battery Jumped) I realized my “Aux In” was not working, when just recently listened to music right before leaving my car lights on….Someone please help me!!

  • Chris

    Just got a 09 Golf Mk6 with MDI socket. I’ve bought the appropriate lead & it controls my ipod properly. It does however sound quite distorted. I have altered settings to turn the EQ mode off & also tried reducing the volume on the Ipod (even though as assumed it makes no difference to output). Have tried the wife’s Iphone and it is better but still not perfect. Any idea’s?

  • Chris

    Sorted it – AUX level was set to 3 (high) turned down to 2 & now OK.

  • […] I want to use this disk with the maximum available capacity as en external HardDrive connected to an MDI interdface in my car to play music. […]

  • Wayne k

    I have a Tiguan and my iPhone 5 suddenly stopped working with the MDI function. No clue why. Any ideas? Everything is plugged in, I’ve checked it twice.

  • Yes I do have an old Creative 30 MP3 player, so I would expect my 38 thousand £ VWAlltrack 177 Mdi to Play every bloody MP3 player that’s such luck, VW technology …Bollocks ! ! Should have bought Japanese..

  • Jacob

    I have a 2012 Polo match TDI and I use the media input all the time, but I have tons of songs on the USb but it only plays abut half or titles from a-i is there a limit on how much memory I can use on the USB before the Media input stops reading or do I need to do something else to make it read all the files. They are all MP3 so it’s not a file reading issue.

  • why dont you people make something for an Android phones ?

  • Matthew

    I have about 40-50 albums that I want to have loaded up on my USB (which works). The problem is that it’s really annoying to scroll through 50 albums while driving. I organized everything into 3-4 folders, but the albums are still portrayed all together in one long list. Is there a way to avoid this? It seems like really sloppy programming to me

  • reza

    I have Passat cc 2012
    USB media can not read and play
    no flash USB or my IPHON
    could you help me please

  • Problem with playlists.
    I have a 2010 Golf with RC310 fitted. My music is stored on a USB stick with albums stored in folders. All works fine except when I use a playlist – initially the playlist works fine but the device never remembers where it was in the playlist when turned off and just jumps to the first track on the first album on the USB stick.
    Does anyone know how to get this to work?

  • James

    i have a vw passat 2011 and just bought a usb stick put some songs on and put it in the car, worked fine, now i formated the usb and put another songs on and when i stick it in my car it dosent work no more no matter what i do to it

  • Hi All

    I am a big podcast listener on my iPhone

    When I plug the phone into the MDI on an RNS510 it works and my Podcasts are shown in folders

    However if the folder on my phone is empty then the MDI shows the podcast episodes that are in the NEXT folder from the one I clicked on

    Does anyone else see this ?

    Is there a firmware update that might fix it ?

    Whilst you would almost never have an Album with no tracks a podcast quite often has no episodes as you normally want them to delete after you have listened to them

    Also If I start he car and the MDI was the last thing playing it auto starts in about five secs which is great but the progress bar that shows minutes/secs played/to play is frozen until that podcast ends and the next starts

    Has anyone seen these sorts of issues ?

    Thanks in advance

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