Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI)


The Media Device Interface (MDI) offers support for USB devices (memory sticks and hard drives), iPod integration and Aux In along with displaying ID3 tags over the CANbus to the MFD and the RCD310, RCD510 and RNS510 headunit. The unit is available for the Passat which mounts in the glovebox and the Golf which mounts in the centre console replacing the 6 stacker cd changer. It is possible to mount the unit elsewhere in the car.

UPDATE: Volkswagen have released a retrofit kit that comes without the additional trim for the cd changer mounting and is designed for mounting behind the dash. See here for further information.

  • Module with USB cable for Golf/Passat/Jetta: Part Number 5N0 035 341 B (5N0035341 B)  – USD$255.86
  • Module with USB cable for Tiguan: Part number 5N0 035 341 (5N0035341) USD$300.94)
  • iPod cable: Part Number 000 051 446 C (000051446C)  – ~USD$51
  • AUX in cable: Part Number 000 051 446 D (000051446D)
  • Extension cable for MDI interface 000 051 447 (000051447)

If you want to install the unit into the cd changer location on a GTI with Anthracite trim that doesn’t have a changer installed in the console between the seats you will need the following parts

  • CD Changer Center Console: Part Number 1K0 863 323A 71N (1K0863323A71N)
  • CD Changer Insert: Part Number 1K0 863 328A 71N (1K0863328A71N)
  • CD Changer Air Duct: Part Number 1K0 864 255C (1K0864255C)
MDI installed in CD Changer Location
MDI installed in CD Changer Location

To remove the CD Changer housing to make the MDI easier to mount (Glovebox for example) remove the two T20 screws and then press down on the two clips on the unit to release it.

Pinouts on Media Device Interface (MDI), Bold connections only used if CD changer being retained.

Pin 1: Ground
Pin 2: CAN Low
Pin 3: not used
Pin 4: NFR+/AUX R+
Pin 5: NFL+/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 6: NFR+/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 7: 12V
Pin 8: CAN High
Pin 9: NFL+/AUX L+
Pin 10: NF-/AUX –
Pin 11: NF-/CD Changer pass thru
Pin 12: Shield for CD Changer pass thru cable

Make custom harness for connecting to headunit

  • 2m of 2 conductor shielded wire
  • 2m of unshielded twister pair
  • 4m of 18 guage wire
  • 5 x 000 979 009 repair wire
  • 8E0 972 112 housing

Place two connectors on the UTP for CAN High and CAN Low, two connectors on the 18guage wire for 12V and Ground and two connectors to the 2 conductor shielded wire. This is the end for the MDI and for the end on the head unit side you can splice these wires or use a bluetooth or similar harness.

MDI Interface    Headunit

Pin 1 Ground – T16/12
Pin 2 CAN Low – T16/10
Pin 4 NFR+/AUX R+ – T12B/7
Pin 7 12V – T16/15
Pin 8 CAN High – T16/09
Pin 9 NFL+/AUX L+ – T12B/1
Pin 10 NF-/AUX- – T12B/2

Add Auxiliary input with MDI fitted.

  • Aux in port: Part number 1K0 035 724B
  • 3 wire connector housing: Part number 1C0 973 119B
  • Terminals (2): Part number 000 979 009

Pin 1 of the 3 pin connector (R+) goes to Pin 4 of the MDI
Pin 2 of the 3 pin connector (-) goes to Pin 10 of the MDI
Pin 3 of the 3 pin connector (L+) goes to Pin 9 of the MDI

Kufatec sell this unit as a kit, click here for further information.

When using the USB with removable hard drive ensure that the drive is using a FAT32 file system, other types such as NTFS will not be usable.

83 thoughts on “Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI)”

  1. Hi, Can you anyone suggest/confirm whether the USB port (MDI) can be used for charging a Blackberry (or other devices that use USB voltage for charging)?

  2. USB is a standardized interface. Min/Max Voltage and max current are specified in the standard. Hence if VW is providing a true USB standard interface it will charge the BB.
    It will not charge the BB at the same rate as a BB USB charger.

  3. Hi there,

    I´m looking for a MDI interface kit to install at my 2010 Passat equiped with RCD 510 head unit. I guess it should be installed at glove compartment, isn´t it? Do you have the prices and web store to place the order?

  4. I suspect I have a defective MDI and I’m trying to swap it with a known-good one. It’s the CD changer housing type, and I’m trying to remove it from the housing. In the text above, it says

    “To remove the CD Changer housing to make the MDI easier to mount (Glovebox for example) remove the two T20 screws and then press down on the two clips on the unit to release it.”

    I got the screws out, but I’m not sure what they mean by two clips. The MDI is still solidly in there and won’t budge a millimeter, and I don’t see any clip. What’s next?

  5. Dear friends,

    Any of you know where can I find instructions to install this MDI?

    I have a Jetta 2008, with a RCD-510 and I just bought a MDI to put in the center console.
    I’ve heard that I have to change on the original connectors.

    Unfortunately in Brazil this accessory is not available and there’s no specialized people to do this.

    Thank you very much!


  6. i have a 2012 vw jetta with the short mdi cable in the glove box. it works great with my ipad2 but the ipad dose not fit in the glove box so you have to leave it a longer mdi cable made or an extension cable so i could lay it on the seat? i tried a cheap extension cable and it dose not work.

  7. I did the wiring as follows and when i connect my ipod it say device connected but i cant browse through the music nor select the mdi from the aux. It charges the ipod but no music.

    im using a rdc310 with a mdi Part Number 5N0 035 341 B

    can anyone help?

  8. Mabe i’m to simple but the only question I really have as I look at these wiring kits Not particularity this one.. where do the 2 open end wires get hard wired to? everything else seems pretty straight forward one plugs to the RNS510 one to the MDI done.

  9. No I never got an answer, however I did buy (1) MDI box and a pigtail to attach a device and another pigtail that looks similar that plugs between the harness and the head unit. There were no additional unterminated wires.

  10. I just tried to connect a USB drive to the Media In port between chairs. I can see MP3 songs on the RCD310 but I do not hear any sound. What is wrong?

    1. It’s possible that the MP3s are recorded in a format that the MDI cannot playback. I would try some other MP3s and see if those work.

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