Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 4120

Version 4120 firmware for the Volkswagen RNS 510 and the Skoda Columbus has been released.

  • Voice Control (requires microphone – see Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control)
  • NEW Faster navigation and user interface
  • NEW Automatic illumination control
  • NEW Enhanced destination input
  • NEW hold down the setup button for 30 seconds and get the following menus: FM, AM and the new VERSION INFO (map version and type, hw and sw versions)
  • NEW Compass
  • NEW POI- see Volkswagen RNS 510 Maps POI – New Features with firmware 3xxx
  • NEW Languages – Arabic,  Russian, Turkish and Polish
  • Speed Limit Display
  • Stability Improvements
  • Faster Startup (this has been improved on 2720)
  • Display OPS and RVC at the same time
  • SDHC 32 GB Support (HW04 and above)
  • Display Off on extras tab
  • Climatronic control if approriate climatronic fitted
  • Clock display if RNS 510 swtiched off
  • Excluded roads (under route options)
  • GPS coordinates entry
  • Additional adjustments for video
  • Larger RVC screen with transparent menus at the side

Units that can be upgraded include (still being compiled may not be 100%)

  • All D and later versions.
  • 1T0 035 680 C (1T0035680 C) from software version 1000, 800,  900, 1100 , 2660 and 2700 to version 3810.
  • 3T0 035 680 A (3T0035680A) to version 2704.
  • 7F0 035 680 (7F0035680) to version 2700.
  • 7E0 035 680 (7E0035680) to version 2700.
  • Revision B and C units can be upgraded however there may be issues (A units may be upgraded but not recommended).

Revision B and C revision units

These units will become SW revision D after the upgrade however when coding the unit using VCDS you will receive the error
“Coding Rejected, Error 31: Request Out of Range”
Before saving the new coding manually add a 10th byte (00) at the end before pressing “Do It” as per the example below

9 byte coding (B/C SW revisions):

10 byte coding (D SW revision):

Warning! This upgrade will not create the new partitions required for the new POI system if you upgrade from 1xxx/2xxx. Upgrading from 3800-3910 is required so the new partitions are created.

Warning! 7L6 Touareg RNS 510’s are no longer supported since version 3870 due to the Touareg being fitted with the RNS 850. Version 1200 was the last version factory loaded on the 7L6 units with a hardware revision B.

Warning! There is a remote chance of you ‘bricking’ the unit, this is a fraction of a percent but it could happen! The process takes around 60 minutes.’

Warning! There are a small number of users where the RNS 510 does not know where it is after it’s been powered on, details of the previous location are kept in the unit but at this stage there is no pattern to this problem.

Warning! There are a small number of users where the RNS 510 display has a dim backlight after upgrading. See the post “Volkswagen RNS 510 Backlight Dim after upgrading Firmware” for more details.

Warning! Users with cars MY07 and earlier may experience power drain issues after the upgrade. See the post “Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RCD 510) power drain issue” for more details.

Warning! Users with the Skoda UHV bluetooth 1Z0 035 729 B (1Z0035729B) may want to delay upgrading the firmware, there is an issue with the RNS 510 no longer displaying the phone book and/or the call details but signal strength etc are visible for some phones. A HTC Diamond for example worked fine before the update but only partially afterwards however an iPhone 3G worked fine before and after. This is not a problem with the 1Z0 035 729 D (1Z0035729D) Skoda UHV bluetooth kit. The MFD functions as per normal with phone book and last calls listed correctly. Android 2.1 phones work fine with the update.

Note! Test/Setup Mode. The firmware can allow access to enter test/setup mode without Vagcom/VCDS access see Accessing the Setup Menu on the RNS 510 head units with firmware later than 1100. The procedure for entering the test/setup mode for those with Vagcom/VCDS is slightly different as well. To enter the test/setup mode when the RNS 510 is operating press and hold the setup button, keep holding it when the radio menu appears and shortly after the test menu appears . I had to reboot my unit after coding it but it may be possible a power cycle is enough.

Note! Failure (Gateway Error 202) You can downgrade back to 1100 by inserting the 1100 firmware and rebooting the RNS 510 (Setup + eject + info).

Download Firmware Upgrade

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Download Repository

Version Information from VERSION.TXT

Software Loading CD for CP2 based units

CdTreeBuilder version 3.06 is used.

#CD:P 0 0 5 . 5 4 1 . 9 0 1

#Project: VWRNS
#Author: SaRo
#Steckbrief: C_EU_16.120_t2 C10/C12/C6

This is a SWL CD for VW delivery.


#Integrationphase: Delivery cw22/12 C10/C12/C6-samples
#AppsBuild:C_EU_16.120_t2 C10/C12/C6


16 thoughts on “Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 4120”

  1. Hi guys.i am using a RNS510 for Touareg part number 7L6035680 without A , B ,C,D. HW h73 and SW 0423. i want to get to 3810. tried FW1100 ,278x and 3810 update and didnt work. I got the Cant check HW vers error. What is the correct order for me or what should i do ? Thanks

    1. Hi THeodor, Did you get the problem solved?
      Ive got the exact same unit, and have bought 2016 V13 maps but need to update firmware but not sure which one to install, can you help?

  2. can i use this firmware for skoda columbus
    my columbus part number 3T0035680A
    SW-VERSION 2724
    SV SW-VERSION C_EU_9.242_t500

  3. I upgraded my firmware to 3810 from 2720 and now the skip forwards and backwards and mute button on the steering wheel don’t work – right hand drive as I live in the UK. It’s a Golf 2009 and the unit is 1T0 035 680 C. The upgrade is fine otherwise. Can anyone shed any light? Many thanks.

  4. Hallo, i tryedto update the skoda Superb 2009 Columbus to 4120, the screen went RED after that is not start enymore, cane somebody help me what to do

  5. Hi guys,
    I need help. There is 3TO 035680 A HW:06 SW:2724 on the block but when on the screen I see this: 3TO 035680 B HW:06 SW:3894.
    Skoda Octavia A5 2008, Columbus from Passat.
    I have to update firmware because I have some problem with this version now.
    So, I need help that which version I have to burn.

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