Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 5274

Version 5274 firmware for the Volkswagen RNS 510 and the Skoda Columbus has been released.

  • Voice Control (requires microphone – see Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control)
  • NEW DAB+ Support (from 5xxx)
  • NEW DAB Support (from 4xxx)
  • NEW Radio Text (from 4xxx)
  • NEW Faster navigation and user interface
  • NEW Automatic illumination control
  • NEW Enhanced destination input
  • NEW hold down the setup button for 30 seconds and get the following menus: FM, AM and the new VERSION INFO (map version and type, hw and sw versions)
  • NEW Compass
  • NEW POI- see Volkswagen RNS 510 Maps POI – New Features with firmware 3xxx
  • NEW Languages – Arabic,  Russian, Turkish and Polish
  • Speed Limit Display
  • Stability Improvements
  • Faster Startup (from 2720 onwards)
  • Display OPS and RVC at the same time
  • SDHC 32 GB Support (HW04 and above)
  • Display Off on extras tab
  • Climatronic control if appropriate climatronic fitted
  • Clock display if RNS 510 switched off
  • Excluded roads (under route options)
  • GPS coordinates entry
  • Additional adjustments for video
  • Larger RVC screen with transparent menus at the side

Units that can be upgraded include (still being compiled may not be 100%)

  • All D and later versions.

Download Firmware Upgrade

Warning! There is a remote chance of you ‘bricking’ the unit, this is a fraction of a percent but it could happen! The process takes around 60 minutes.

Warning! Users with cars MY07 and earlier may experience power drain issues after the upgrade. See the post “Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RCD 510) power drain issue” for more details.

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Download Repository

Version Information from VERSION.TXT

Software Loading CD for CP2 based units

CdTreeBuilder version 3.06 is used.

#CD:P 0 0 5 . 7 6 4 . 3 0 2

#Project: VWRNS
#Author: MaGo
#Steckbrief: C_EU_13.274_t2 C10 / C12

This is a SWL CD for VW delivery.

#Integrationphase: Delivery cw45/12 C10/C12-samples
#AppsBuild:C_EU_13.274_t2 C10/C12

43 comments to Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 5274

  • Hi Everyone!
    I Have 1T0 035 680 Q (1T0035680Q) HW Vehicle: 0xC201 FW 5238
    I Would like to update it to 5274. It’s possibile or I’ve to use 5269??

    Thanx a lot

  • kenzy

    its working good thanks .

  • Julie Singh

    Can someone tell me when the 5274 Columbus updated version was released. Thank you

  • what is the difference between this and 5228?

  • wiciu

    Will this firmware run on my RNS?
    Does DAB/DAB+ work on it?

    My RNS version:
    dpn: 1T0035680L
    HW-Version H03
    SW-Version 5269
    HW DAB 255

  • Ramy Ghorab

    I have updated my RNS510 to this version and now no integration with the MFD and also DYNaudio logo disappear what can I do , I don’t have a VGA-Com cable.

  • Björn

    I updated my Skoda Columbus (Superb Combi with SoundSystem) with this firmware but I lost my sound. Can anybody help me to recover this?

  • justin

    I just updated to this newer firmware and the GPS things that I am in germany..! to be fair the car is in the garage so there is no gps signal but is this the famous issue that I have heard about and I will need to run a new firmware update or just a simple fact that the car has rebooted to zero and doesn’t know where it is at the moment till it gets the first signal? Going to be annoying if it always thinks its in germany on every start

  • Miguel Angel Martin

    Hi, my data is :
    dpn: 1T0035680D
    HW version: H41
    SW Version: 4020
    HW Vehicle: 0xC801
    HW Radio 0006

    Can I upgrade to this version (5274) ??

    Thanks in advance

  • I upgraded my firmware to 3810 from 2720 and now the skip forwards and backwards and mute button on the steering wheel don’t work – right hand drive as I live in the UK. It’s a Golf 2009 and the unit is 1T0 035 680 C. The upgrade is fine otherwise. Can anyone shed any light? Many thanks.

  • Rene

    Hello, I have installed the Version 5274 on my RNS 510 in a VW Passat Variant from 2009. I have the problem now, that I can’t install POI’s, this option is grayed out. The display in the center between the speedometer and tachometer don’t show me longer my navigation option and the compass. Another problem is the sound option,I can no longer regulate between front and rear speaker. I hope that any buddy have a solution for my problems.

  • Shark Man

    Hello, I have updated to 5274 but now I miss some options like: Navigation info / Compass at the display in the middle of tachometer and speedmeter, the audio option to change from front to rear speaker and I’m not able to add some personal POI’s because this menu option is grayed out, I need help what can I do, many thanks to all
    Regards Rene

  • The Beast

    Updated from 3810 to 5274, no problems at all, everything works fine.Also updated to map version 8195 v.12, all is working perfectly, thanks. 🙂

    HW-Version: H41

  • Mike

    After upgrade my Optical Parking System doesnt work anymore. How can i fix this?

  • Korneliu

    Hi.. I have a Skoda scout 2012 with the RNS510. I would like to know if this update would work for me.

    Delivery part number 3T0035680E
    HW Wersion H61
    SW Wersion 3984
    Active Map West Europe Navteq
    Map Version HDD 7690

    Please advise!

  • Damien LORAND

    Hi Rene and Shark Man, I have a VW Passat Carat from 2012 and have exactly the same “problems” than you.
    I think that the options are not included in this firmware, and it seems to be the same problem with the 5269 version.

    Sad but at least the RNS run faster 🙂

  • Rene

    I can live that I don’t have longer the navigation view in the middle but what I’m really missing is that I cant change the audio between the front and rear speaker. Is it possible to make a downgrade to a firmware version which have this option?

  • Anthony

    I have RNS 510 C

    Control Module Part Number: 1T0 035 680 C
    Component and/or Version: RNS-MID
    HW: H42
    SW: 2720

    Can I put 5238 or 5274?

    Thank you

    • Hello Anthony,

      1. “Everyone can use firmware 5238 and newest maps -> You can always use firmware 5238 on any device from 2005 to October 2013 (with HDD). *Hardware C3-C12*.”
      2. “Who can use firmware 5274? -> Hardware C6-C12”

      I updated successfully to 5238 without any problem. Now I am planning to update to 5274 but that is working only to versions C6-12. But I don’t know where to find the original Control Module Part Number.
      The problem is after I updated to 5238 the part number updated too and now it shows me: 1T0 035 680 L (which is not the real one, everybody who update to 5238 will see this part number in secret menu *hold SETUP 5 sec*).
      I see yours is: 1T0 035 680 C – Where did you find it? Is there any way to find out without taking the unit out?


  • Tazmi

    I just updated to this version (5274) by josi and everything is perfect! Fast installation (about half hour), no errors. Before I had 5238 but very unpleasant (navigation not accurate ,and cannot memories last destination, not even home address). Now everything is fix and my rns 510 is fast and stable. Thanks guys!

  • PaaKWAS

    Hi i bought a Golf 6 but the radio is locked and efforts to have it unlocked have failed. Wondering if an upgrade would allow me to enter in a new pass code? Pleeeease help

  • salve vorrei sapere a quale versione potrei aggiornarla
    n dispositivo:5G0035819A

  • Niall

    Hi all,
    Not sure where the best place to put this is………

    I am currently running with the following specs…
    HW. version – H02
    SW version – 4120.

    I have some issues with ignition, steering wheel control, and sat nav connection issues, and also recently noticed battery drain (needed a few jump starts lately)
    Would anyone know if it may be due to the FW i’m running? Or the FW combination with the old (I think) hardware?

    Thanks very much,


  • Guilherme

    Does This work on the RCD 510? I can’t find the update for RCD 510 anywhere

  • JC

    Will this work with an RNS 510 part 3C0035684F HW-Version H59 and SW-Version 2625?

  • vbaskoff

    I have successfully updated my RNS 510 H61 1T0035680F from stock 3970 to 5274 (SW5274_mtv.iso). MFD and steering wheel buttons remain working working, no additional codding was performed after update.

  • andrei

    she have a maps included?

  • Can anybody tell me here how to access the new DAB+ feature. To me my system looks exactly like before. I also saw that the POI feature in the setup menu is grayed out. I had planned to upload the speed control warning database into my GPS, but without the POI option this probably won’t work. Has anybody an idea on how to ungray the POI menu?

  • I solved the POI issue. It ungrays once you insert a SD card containing a .db3 database in a folder called PersonalPOI.

    But my 2nd attempt to upgrade to 5274 failed again at the point where the GATEWAY is supposed to upgrade. 5269 went through without an issue.

    It can’t be the 5274 image either, because I downloaded two different ISO-files and compared them using UltraCompare. Both files are identical. I also verified the CD after burning the 5274 image onto it. Nonetheless the update process fails after hanging for about 30 minutes in the GATEWAY 0% part of the upgrade process. The error message then says:
    SWL Error
    Error – RADIO – Library load failure.

    Anybody else having the same issue? My hardware is a revision C11 from the year 2011 with a version 3970 originally installed. Upgrading to 5269 first didn’t help. 5274 failed at the same point. So I had to re-install 5269 again to get my GPS up and running again.

  • Merkitys

    I had same problem, stuck at the GATEWAY 0% upgrade, when trying the original image of 5274. Reverted back to 5269 for a while (which was still an upgrade because I started with 5238). After a long though I decided to give it another go and now with the ‘update modified’ version of 5274. It went through without any problem. Device is: 1T0 035 680 P

  • hani

    haw can i download software for 1t0 035 680 B, HW:H02, SW:0800 ?

  • Derek

    Same here – hangs at 75% overall 0% gateway with 18 mins left shown. Unit is F H55 originally on 3890.

  • Derek

    5269 worked as reported above. After upgrade steering wheel controls inactive but came back either just by switching car off/on or when I fired up VCDS (seems less likely). MFD not working – needed VCDS re-coding Byte 7 bit 7 (BAP) in 37-Navigation. I think it was a bit more confusing than that however as I think this bit was correctly set. I “think” I had to unset, re-set RNS510, then go back in and set the bit again and re-set (by reset I mean pressing left and right arrows and mic button). I can’t be quite sure of this sequence as I also went into CAN gateway to check that was all OK. I don’t think in the end anything had changed (which makes sense).

  • Aluz

    I have
    1T0 035 680 F (1T0035680F)
    but(didn’t seen this combination in any of the lists)
    HW Version: H61
    HW Vehicle : 0xCA01
    HW Radio: 0006
    Original FW: 4120

    so I assume i have C12
    Will this FW work without any problems?

    Thx for confirmation.

  • Albion

    I have 1T0035680F rns 510 hw 61 sw 4120. tried to update to 5274 did’t work at all gut stuck at gateway error 202 tried recovery key but lost audio media radio . So i tried to install sw 5269 and after update id changed to 1T0035680P worked great got back radio audio media steering wheel functions works great but keep in mind it is Highly Risky to update rns 510 if it works fine Please don’t do it it is not worth it you don’t get a ton of new features with update so stay away from updating or go to a dealer it is less risky thanks guys i hope you fix you issues like i did.

  • ozi

    When i put the fw cd in my rns 510 it shows wrong cd/dvd. I push three buttons (eject+info+setup). Then device reboot and begin reading the cd.
    But i had black screen for a long time and then i had white screen. And the device rebooting itself several times with always white screen. Nothing works no sound no buttons working, the fw cd is in the device and cant take it out. PLS Help, is my rns 510 broken?

  • Kris

    I’ve an RNS 510 that I would like to upgrade to FW 5274 + Map v15
    HW H06
    SW 2680
    HW Veh 0xC801
    Map version 7074

    Is it possible to upgrade to this versions of FW and map without problems ?

  • JFN

    Have Columbus/RNS510 3T0035680A upgraded to 5274 modified FW. The System info shows 3T0035680G and is working. In my case I retrofitted the Columbus on a Skoda Octavia VRS MY07 Pre Facelift. My car have Skoda Sound System with 12 speakers and a DSP/Amplifier Model SK35-DSP part number: 1Z0035456. I try to avoid the draining Battery problem and I upgraded my Gateway to a 1K0907530Q, reprogramed with VCDS with no fault codes. But the Columbus still drains my battery, even with the new gateway. I tried with a 7N0 Gateway and drains battery, applied the 5270_sk_fix and and drains battery, and the 1200_gw_all doesn’t solve my problem. I had the same problem under 5238 modified and under 5269. Any idea?

  • JFN

    Have Columbus/RNS510 3T0035680A upgraded to 5274 modified FW. The System info shows 3T0035680G and is working. In my case I retrofitted the Columbus on a Skoda Octavia VRS MY07 Pre Facelift. My car have Skoda Sound System with 12 speakers and a DSP/Amplifier Model SK35-DSP part number: 1Z0035456. I try to avoid the draining Battery problem and I upgraded my Gateway to a 1K0907530Q, reprogramed with VCDS with no fault codes. But the Columbus still drains my battery, even with the new gateway. I tried with a 7N0 Gateway and drains battery, applied the 5270_sk_fix and and drains battery, and the 1200_gw_all doesn’t solve my problem. I had the same problem under 5238 modified and under 5269. I do a bridge between radio fuse and another free leaded fuse, but the Columbus only start when I press the power button. I tried connecting a RCD510 1Z0035156F and yhe battery drain issue dissapeared, so the problem seems not to be related to the gateway. Any idea? Can be the DSP? Is it possible to code this DSP/Amplifier? I can’t see any option.
    Address 37: Navigation (J0506) Labels: 1T0-035-680.clb
    Part No SW: 3T0 035 680 G HW: 3T0 035 680 A
    Component: RNS-MID H42 5274
    Revision: AB001001 Serial number: SKZ6Z7K6245095
    Coding: 080200000101000000
    Shop #: WSC 73430 790 12345
    VCID: 34670FDA9779F3BE40B-8061
    Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 1K0-907-530-V3.clb
    Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 Q HW: 1K0 907 951
    Component: J533__Gateway H16 0202
    Revision: H16 Serial number: 2700K08A060173
    Coding: E9817F065002022302
    Shop #: WSC 06314 123 12345
    VCID: 356132DE5C03EAB6775-8060
    Address 47: Sound System Labels: 1Z0-035-456.lbl
    Part No SW: 1Z0 035 456 HW: 532 226 800
    Component: SK35-DSP 4 1000
    Revision: 4 Serial number: 00026544
    Coding: 0000000101
    Shop #: WSC 73430 790 00000
    VCID: F2EB49C2EDED3D8E127-80A7

  • mustafa

    I updated from 5238 to 5274. everything’s works very good. nothing to code. also the music on my hdd is not removed. on 5238 my unit was very slow. on 5274 its much faster. I have also pdc and ops that works also perfect. I am very happy with this fw update!

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