Volkswagen RNS 510 Hardware and Software (firmware) Versions

HW Vehicle: 0xC001 – HW Radio: 0003
1T0 035 680 (1T0035680)
1T0 035 680 A (1T0035680A)
Firmware version (when hardware last produced): 1200
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 1200
Firmware version (modified releases): 5238

HW Vehicle: 0xC201 – HW Radio: 0004
1T0 035 680 B (1T0035680B)
Firmware version (when hardware last produced): 1300
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 1300
Firmware version (modified releases): 5269

HW Vehicle: 0xC801 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 C (1T0035680C)
Firmware version (when hardware last produced): 2660
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 2840
Firmware version (modified releases): 5269

HW Vehicle: 0xC801 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 D (1T0035680D)
1T0 035 680 F (1T0035680F)
1T0 035 680 G (1T0035680G)
1T0 035 680 H (1T0035680H)
1T0 035 680 J (1T0035680J)
Firmware version (first and last release when manufactured): 3970 to 5269
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 5270
Firmware version (modified releases): 5270

HW Vehicle : 0xCA01 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 D (1T0035680D)
1T0 035 680 H (1T0035680H)
1T0 035 680 J (1T0035680J)
Firmware version (first and last release when manufactured): 4120 to 5269
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 5270
Firmware version (modified releases): 5270

HW Vehicle : 0xCC01 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 D (1T0035680D)
1T0 035 680 H (1T0035680H)
1T0 035 680 J (1T0035680J)
Firmware version (first and last release when manufactured): 4120 to 5269
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 5270
Firmware version (modified releases): 5270

HW Vehicle : 0xCC01 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 L (1T0035680L)
1T0 035 680 P (1T0035680P)
1T0 035 680 Q (1T0035680Q)
Firmware version (first and last release when manufactured): 5218 to 5269
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 5270
Firmware version (modified releases): 5270

HW Vehicle : 0xCE01 – HW Radio: 0006
1T0 035 680 T (1T0035680T)
1T0 035 680 R (1T0035680R)
1T0 035 680 S (1T0035680S)
1T0 035 686 G (1T0035686G)
1T0 035 686 E (1T0035686E)
1T0 035 686 F (1T0035686F)
Firmware version (first and last release when manufactured): 6270 to xxxx
Firmware version (unmodified releases): 6270
Firmware version (modified releases): 6270



Original Hardware Release

C3/C4 Part Numbers

  • 1T0 035 680 (1T0035680) – Manufactured 05/2007 to 11/2007 – C3
  • 1T0 035 680 A (1T0035680A) – Manufactured 12/2007 to 05/2007 – C4


  • New Memory Interface

C6/C7 Part Numbers

  • 1T0 035 680 B (1T0035680B) – Manufactured 05/2008 to 10/2009 – C6/C7


C8/C9 Part Numbers

  • 1T0 035 680 C (1T0035680C) – Manufactured 11/2009 to 05/2011 – C8/C9


  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • Larger Fan
  • Faster Processor
  • LED TFT Display
  • Support for 2TB SDXC cards

C10/C11/C12 Part Numbers

  • 1T0 035 680 D (1T0035680D) – Manufactured 06/2011 to unknown – C10
  • 1T0 035 680 E (1T0035680E) – Manufactured 06/2011 to unknown – C11 (Factory part number)
  • 1T0 035 680 F (1T0035680F) – Manufactured 06/2011 to unknown – C11 (Spare part number)
  • 1T0 035 680 G (1T0035680G) – Manufactured 06/2011 to unknown
  • 1T0 035 680 H (1T0035680H) – C12
  • 1T0 035 680 J (1T0035680J)


Manufactured CW45/13 onwards

  • New GPS chip
  • 40GB SSD Hard Drive

C14 Part Numbers

  • 1T0 035 680 T (1T0035680T) – RNS 510
  • 1T0 035 680 R (1T0035680R) – RNS 510, EU West V10 Maps
  • 1T0 035 680 S (1T0035680S) – RNS 510, EU East V10 Maps
  • 1T0 035 686 G (1T0035686G) – RNS 510 DAB/DAB+
  • 1T0 035 686 E (1T0035686E) – RNS 510 DAB/DAB+, EU West V10 Maps
  • 1T0 035 686 F (1T0035686F) – RNS 510 DAB/DAB+, EU East V10 Maps

We use the term CW for Calendar Week but an interchangeable term is KW for Kalender Woche in German – both will be seen used on various sites. CW45/13 is Calender Week 45 in the 2013.

Part Numbers:
xxx xxx 680 – Europe / Australia / Russia / Africa
xxx xxx 681 – Japan
xxx xxx 682 – China
xxx xxx 684 – USA / Canada / Mexico
xxx xxx 686 – DAB/DAB+

47 comments to Volkswagen RNS 510 Hardware and Software (firmware) Versions

  • Presario

    Hi, if someone need the maps Europe V10, here can download
    Hola, si alguien necesita los mapas de Europa V10, se los puede bajar de aqui.

  • PSQ

    I have a 2013 VW Beetle (EU) with the 6R0 907 530 F CAN Gateway. Which RNS510 revision will be the best for my car?
    Thanks for the response.

  • Lorenzo

    what’s the real difference between 1T0 035 680 T, R, S or 1T0 035 686 G, E, F? Only that the T and G don’t come with maps preinstalled? I mean, if I buy any of these TRS (or GEF for the DAB version), can I still install the maps of my choice?
    Thank you

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  • Aak

    How can I find out what Hardware I have in my Golf 6 (Dec 2010)?

  • josi

    Good FAQ, but C14 units have 30GB SSD for non-DAB versions and 32GB SSD for DAB.

  • Lastest version RNS is 3C8 035 680
    HW: H26 SW:6270
    Date of production: 05.2014+ (15MY)

    Request information about HW upgrades.

  • alex

    it says 1T0035680A Firmware version (modified releases): 5238 in the first part of the list above. Does that mean that 1T0035680A will work with 5238? Because it also says only D and above can use it…

  • Art

    I have 1T0 035 680 B RNS 510 module – tried installing 5269 version… after installation couldnt get my RNS510 started. Drained my battery immediately …. was acting up a lot…. i have downgraded it to 4020 custom version – works fine since.

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  • arcadelt

    Just out of interest, why aren’t the C12 part numbers 1T0 035 680 L (1T0035680L), 1T0 035 680 P (1T0035680P) and 1T0 035 680 Q (1T0035680Q) listed in the C10/C11/C12 section above?

  • Frank

    Hello…i,m Frank…
    i have a Vw Golf 5 with a Siemens vdo RNS-510 and by number 1T0 035 680 A..HW:H04 SW:1000.. Where can i find the swl-cd for this type..
    I have also the 1DIN CDCD charger (6pcs) HW:0006 SW:3705.
    Wath do i Need to make these play again becouse i loved the way itt sounds..
    You may always contact me by mail..

  • Pablo

    I have a C12 1T0035680Q.
    SW 5270
    HW H10.
    Is this the latest firmware?
    Fitted RVC which is not working properly and want to make sure the firmware is not the problem

  • garjulian

    I have an RNS510 rev A. I want to update, In this page you say that there is a modifi version for this unit, “Firmware version (modified releases): 5238”, where can i download this version.

  • John

    Has anyone come across part number 3C8 035 686B? I am told this is a very new version of the RNS 510 DAB SSD unit but I can’t find much online to confirm or disprove it either way.

  • hi everyone, i have rns510 with HW:H03 and Sw: 0900 and i want to update it but i don’t know what is the last firmware i need .
    please if someone would help me

  • Wael

    Hi… i need to find an image to burn to disc… that contains North Africa streets…
    Thanks for answering

  • Teddy

    same, i have rns510 with HW:H03 and Sw: 0900, what is the last firmware that I can install ? Thank you!

  • Hello everyone, please tell me what part do I owe? Is it an original…or a clone? 1T0 035 686 without any letter at the end… HW: H09, SW: 5238.
    I would also like to know if it has DAB or DAB+
    Again, why wouldn´t it be any letter after 1T0 035 686 ??

  • MoSi

    Hi all,
    i have just received a used RNS510 with following data:

    Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe ein gebrauchtes RNS510 mit folgenden Daten erhalten:

    Delivery part Number: 1T0 035 680 R
    HW Version: H10
    SW-Version: 5238
    HW Vehicle: 0xCC01
    HW Radio: 0006

    with a HDD instead of a SSD drive installed.
    hier ist eine HDD anstelle einer SSD Festplatte installiert gewesen.

    I thought that if i get an R-Version it would have a SSD drive installed
    Ich hatte gemeint wenn ich eine R-Version bekomme ist dort von grund auf eine SSD installiert, siehe obige angaben!

    Could this be?
    Ist das möglich?

    Could someone tell me if have received a cloned RNS510?
    Handelt es sich hier um eine geklonte version?

    Gruß MSI

    • David sives-rutherford, the DAB reception will NOT work with the FM antenna from the back window…because it’s working on other frequencies. I believe that the american Passat B6 model has an external antenna (where you can replace with a shark tail with DAB), while the european model (as mine) only have the back window AM/FM aerial. On my model I have an after-market DAB aerial, which pretty much sucks in Madrid. In Romania we do not have DAB service available. I found an original active DAB/DAB+ antenna in Germany, with 170-180€. I´m not gonna buy that!
      By the way, can anyone help me with a VIN number from a Passat or other car which comes with original RNS 510 and DAB/DAB+ ? This is the only way to find the suitable aerial.

  • Cesar

    Hi guys, I got the version 3c0035684P, H21 and SW 5378, I can’t find nothing about this version, looks like only has maps for Mexico, can I update the firmware with the 6xxx version? with this the maps will be also updated for USA ? Thanks in advance

  • david sives-rutherford

    i have a passat 2006 b6 model with new canbus q model, im looking to buy a rns 510 Part number:1T0 035 686 E – HW30 SW6270. I think this will fit okay, it comes with a dual fakra to single converter, my question, what does the HW30 mean and also will the dab radio work on my existing ariel which i believe is in the back window ? anything else i need to worry about ?

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  • MoSi, depending on where you bought the RNS 510 from, you could have been tricked…meaning that people change the SSD with an ordinary HDD and then sells them 🙂
    If it has just on SD card slot and the upper right button is a star, then it is an original.

  • Marcel


    I have a 2012 Passat with a RNS510 H modell. From your list above this should be a C12 which should support up to 2TB SDXC. I now tried a 128 GB but my 510 cannot read it. In the internet there are not much information about the SDXC support of the 510. Mainly I just found this side. Does anybody has used a SDXC with success? Do I need a special software version for the support (I have 3970 at the moment)?
    Thank you

  • Just got a 2013 VW Passat TDI SE. I have the mono bluetooth audio issue on the non navigation stereo system.
    Can anyone guide me on how to update the firmware. I am out of warranty and would rather not take it the dealer.

    Part Number 1K0035180AF
    HW Index H04
    SW Index 0007
    SW Version 20120210A
    Bootloader version 3.00
    HMI XML KW45/2011 NAR…

  • nani

    please i have this Rns 510 1T0 035 680BX HW/H11 SW/1200. i want to update it, but i don’t know what the latest version.
    my question does anyone can tell me what the right and latest version i can do for this rns.
    thx all

  • steve lim


    I’ve got a RNS510 audio unit and only booting to LOGO screen and nothing else
    I was trying to update the unit with all different versions like 2xxx ,3xxx and SWL recovery.

    The main issue is I never succeed or completed software upgrade as error message is occurred during a processing of update..
    which is 010302 software loading error

    Is there anyone can point me where should I start?

    The parts number is 3c8 035 658

  • joe

    are any of these res 510 firmware updates for North America?

  • Bob

    HI everybody,

    i had problems with updating Firmware and then not starting Unit too, (i have a old C Version) I had tied so much Versions but no Luck.
    The one that helped me out with updating to the newest Firmware, including proper coding for all extra Funktions with my Golf V 2008 is available here:

  • aniello68

    good moning friend what have firmware navigator for skoda columbus
    hw h02
    sw 0764

  • Ash

    i have a jap RNS510 and need to change this to Australian is this possible. If not then what software can this unit take and also if needs any tweaks or mods. Dont want to go aftermarket cos i love the current stereo.part number is 3C0 035 681 A HW:H03, SW: 0151. Continental. Please help

  • jinno

    Hello, I do not know English well. I can not understand everything well. I support google translator and i need your help. Please tell me, I want to make sure. Columbus code number 3T0035680S from SuperB Skoda 2015 will work seamlessly with my Skoda Octavia Elegance from 2011? My stolen navigation had code number: 3T0035680C.

  • Sko66

    I have a Tiguan YM11 with RCD510 that I am thinking of replacing with a RNS510. I have found one RNS510 1T0035680S that I am thinking of to buy, but what is this “HW Vehicle” and “HW Radio” that is mentioned in the list above for C14 (and all other modells too)?
    Will the RNS510 1T0035680S work in my Tiguan? Or do I have to look for an older model due to the vehicle HW? And where can I, if necessary, find the vehicle HW number?
    I have also been thinking of if there will be an Tiguan shown from above in the screen when I connect a trailer to the car. From where is that Picture created? I do not want there to be a Picture of a Transporter or Golf or Passat shown on the screen after replacing my RCD510 🙂

  • Julian

    Will this run on audi mmi g2 ?

  • niko

    Hi, Ive made the firmware update for 1T0 035 680 B it was 2days ok, but after that it came the same problem wit boot loop restart. Can someone suggest what can that be?


  • John

    I have a VW Tiguan 2012 can I fit RNS510 3C8 035 680

  • Philip Woolgar

    Hi, I have an RNS 510 SW Version 3978 Map Version HDD 7690. I have been Given a CD with Maps Version 13 when i got the car but I have no idea if this is the version already installed or if it is an update? Anyone help? Thanks Phil

  • Hamzazinho2001

    I have Rns 510 3CD035682
    What firmware can i do to update
    Help please


    Hi all!!
    My VW Passat has a RNS510 with these details:

    Delivery PN: 1T0035680R
    HW-Version: H23
    SW-Version: 6276
    Active Map: Western Europe
    Active Map Supllier: Navteq
    Map Version HDD: 8048

    I’d like to listen to DAB+ radio stations but can’t finf information about what i need : a SW upgrade or an external module or antenna?

    Please help me.

  • SHIV

    hi Nico have you fixed up the loop restart problem or nt ,thanks

  • Zac

    I have a 2014 VW Jetta TDI, Australia. Current Versions:
    Delivery: 1T0035680L,
    HW-Version – H09,
    SW-Version: 5269,
    Map Version HDD: 8035.

    Based on the article the latest I could upgrade to is 5274. Has anyone tried 6276?

  • MichaelP

    Hey guys. I tried to update my RNS 510 to 5269, it got stuck a few times in the “Setup Software Loading Application” screen, I reset it a few times and it went to a black screen. Now it won’t start. I can’t remove DVD or do anything. It can be fixed or it’s dead? Thanks in advance.

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