Adding DAB/DAB+ support to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others

Adding DAB+ support to Australian Volkswagen Golf Mark V and VI, Jetta, Passat and other similar models is reasonably straightforward with the introduction of new (albeit difficult and expensive to source) headunits. DAB and DAB+ are available on all models of the DAB RNS 510 headunits and will work in any country with DAB and DAB+.

The version tested to work here in Australia is the 1T0035686C  (1T0 035 686 C) with a Hardware Level of HW:09 and running software level 5238. This unit is a stock RNS 510 with LED screen, 40GB hard drive and is the latest available model from Volkswagen at the time of fitting in late 2013.

There is another version which is the 1T0035686D  (1T0 035 686 D) and the difference between them is that the C version has Western European maps installed and the D version has Eastern European maps. Be aware that the versions of firmware prior to 5238 are buggy.

You will need to fit a suitable DAB/DAB+ aerial to your car to pick up DAB/DAB+ signals, there is a new FAKRA connector on the rear for this signal and the existing aerials are used for FM and AM.

Adding a DAB/DAB+ aerial to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others


19 thoughts on “Adding DAB/DAB+ support to the Volkswagen Golf Mark V & VI, Jetta, Passat and others”

    1. Standard head units don’t have DAB support. DAB head units don’t all have DAB+ support. A new head unit is generally required and for DAB+ support recent hardware and firmware is required. More details will be posted soon when I get time.

  1. Mav! Hows the updates coming? Will the new 686D version have DAB+ support? How can you tell which have DAB+ or just normal DAB?

  2. Hi Mav! Thanks for your updated info and help. I just went ahead and bought a 1T0 035 686 D with 2014 year “D” version,
    2013/2014 Hardware HW: H10 and 2014 Software SW: 5270. I’ll post in due course my outcome. Cheers mate

  3. My VW Scirocco was built in June 2013 (MY14) , and i *think* my RNS510 is the right one – it has a sticker on the rear of the unit which says 1T0 035 686 C and it states 30.05.13 on the sticker ( which is presume is the build date of the head unit ) . It has a Hardware Level of HW:09 and came with software level 5238.

    It already has DAB , so – is it simply a case of upgrading the firmware to 5269 in order to activate DAB+ ?

    I’ve got the 5269 ISO – dare i try it ?

    1. I responded to your other post but it shouldn’t be a problem to upgrade but should already have DAB+ enabled. I’ve tested 5238 in Australia but we only have DAB+ so I can’t test how it operates if you have DAB and DAB+ available.

  4. Hi, if someone need the maps Europe V10, here can download
    Hola, si alguien necesita los mapas de Europa V10, se los puede bajar de aqui.

  5. Hi, i am wondering if there is a update for the DAB/DAB+ – DIY
    Because i want to do a FW update (5269 – 5274) for my RNS510, 1T0033568F, H61 and i noticed in the specs that it supports the DAB option.
    And here in the Netherlands we also have DAB and DAB+ so i’m willing to give it a shot 😉

    Hope to hear from you guys and maybe girls if there is a update on this great DIY and idea

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